What to Wear On a Beach Vacation

How we all dream about an exotic holiday on a beach or about visiting Rome on a warm day! When you say holiday – most of us picture ourselves with a tankini and a Daiquiri in the Caribbean at dawn. Crop tops, loafers, salty chocolate skin, and sunglasses add to the perfect picture of relaxation heaven.

Just in case a beach holiday opportunity comes up, it’s high time we all prepared our outfits for it– ladies, prepare your beach resort dresses! Let’s see here some options for light outfits to make you feel like the queen you are.

Top 10 Outfit Ideas for a Beach Vacation


Feminine dresses, V necks, crop tops, and sensual swimsuits wait to be worn, adored, and highlighted by your figure and style. Here are our suggestions for the post-pandemic season!

1. Bright flowers, electric tones,and chic vibes


Nothing says feminine more than beach vacation dresses in daring colors. Show your personality off with strong colors. Boost the levels of confidence with sleeveless dresses to highlight your arms, with vintage inspirations and a fresh, relaxed appearance.

Go for sandals, or even high heels if you’re in for a late-night party.

2. Feline accents for a hot provocative season


Leopard print is making a comeback to dethrone the snake one. This has always been of the fiercest trends in the book, so why shouldn’t you mix it with some red lips and strappy sandals? Go ahead and try it, because leopard had been such a resurgent and long-lasting trend that it ended up being a neutral tone. JLo and Beyonce rocked leopard print dresses, so will you. Baby, take a walk on the wild side with me…

3. Loose beach dresses for women


You are going to need something relaxed and airy to mix with your swimsuit when you want to grab a quick bite after your trip to the beach or pool. And this is an evergreen piece to help you cool down and recharge.

Long necklaces rhyme with loose-fitted dresses for a chic effect, so don’t be afraid to play with feathers, lace, or chains.

4. Audrey Hepburn at the beach


Nothing says vacation more than a loose dress highlighting your figure with a middle belt in ocean tones. Blue is a must in your beach resort dress collection, wouldn’t you agree? With a neck-piece and a straw hat, this will always do the trick, and not only during the beach holidays. You can give it a twist wearing sneakers, strappy sandals, or low sandals.

5. Bohemian always does the trick at the beach


Here is an option for all relaxed chill ladies, as bohemian screams self-confidence, grace, and love for your body. We present a natural fabric dress perfect to embrace your body, caress your skin in sand-and-waves tones. It is versatile, easy to accessorize – and to be honest, you don’t need anything besides playful earrings and lip gloss.

6. Don’t be afraid to shine and use colors


Mix and play with a bold color dress with a collar-line. Midi dresses also go for dinners on the beach, pool parties, and cocktails, or clubs. Imagine the amazing poses in your holiday photo book with strong colors. Add some extra-size sunglasses and your smile and you’ll leave an outstanding impression on everyone at the table, ladies!

7. Polka dots for the beach


Red and white polka dot dresses are an evergreen fashion trend ever since Marilyn Monroe and scream feminine, playful, and daring. This is a must-have in your wardrobe, both as beachwear and urban-wear that will never go out of style. And if Dolce and Gabbana hit the runway with the polka dots dresses, then we have a winner for the season. Rock this dress (and sandy runway) with polka dots, an electric extra-large beach bag, and flip-flops and your good mood will be contagious. Not to mention that with some high-heel-sandals, you’ll remix and reinterpret and offer another side of the cute girlie polkas.

8. Lines never go wrong


And neither does this dress, with elongating effect and contrasting colors. This dress is perfect for after-dinner bare-foot walks on the beach. Together with XXL earrings and sandals, this makes a good pair, both chic and comfortable. And after the holidays, mixing it with an office or leather jacket goes perfectly with after-hours drinks with the ladies.

9. Ladies in red


Sleeves and V necks are of great effect in red dresses. This is a perfect pick if you are looking for both an elegant and relaxed effect, when you want to look flawless but don’t want to leave the impression that you tried too much. Loose hair and classy sunglasses complement your style and good taste, as a token of appreciation for feminine women all around.

10. Last, but not least, Arabic prints


This never goes wrong, both at the pool or in the club – and we know there’s always a party in the holiday season. Dare to compliment your figure and showcase your legs with this striking dress (or top, if you want to mix it with leggings). Either to cover up after lying in the sun or to tempt someone, this item is unforgettable.

Bonus – the straw hat, glasses, and flip flops


We know you already made your packing list, but be sure not to forget your must-have items for your beach holiday, to go with beach vacation dresses and sensual outfits. Thank you for visiting, and hope you’ll have a wonderful vacation. Share the pics, will you?

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