Tips for Rocking Beach Sunglasses This Summer 2021

Summer is here with the craziest and most colorful outfits, brown skin, and cinnamon scents. Yet summer is about showing some skin and protecting the most vulnerable features – that is, your hair and your eyes.

We will be talking now about the benefits of wearing women’s sunglasses and their absolute necessity. While our eyes are very delicate, exposing them to sunlight and wind may cause damages in the long term, so high-quality sunglasses for ladies are a must on your list.

Sunglasses are in style in 2021


First of all, healthy is in style. And a healthy vision is essential for driving, as well as all your current activities. But sunglasses have been in style since forever, and beautiful women’s beach sunglasses mustn’t miss from your beach bag.

Your women’s sunglasses will protect your eyes and the tender skin around them and will show your personality and your sense of style. Choosing aviator, wayfarer, or cat-eyes designs for sunglasses will help you not only avoid the formation of future wrinkles but will make for the best holiday pictures on your Instagram.

Investing in a good pair this season is a sure deal, as a well-picked pair will prove useful for the rest of the year too.

Top 6 popular sunglasses styles for you

Let’s check the top sunglasses for ladies trending this summer and see which are the most suitable for your features.

1. Retro round


They have been around since last year, and seem to be holding on for this season as well. Round women’s sunglasses seem to be making the comeback and staying with us. They are for the nostalgic ones with a taste for vintage outfits. Famous brands mixed round women’s sunglasses with novelty details and metallic frames, but ebony still takes the stage and steals the show. Mixing round sunglasses with a polka dots swimsuit will surely do the trick.

2. Colorful rectangles


Another piece of retro fashion making a comeback, this pick for sunglasses for ladies comes in various color options and is most suitable for monochrome outfits and small faces. These are surely among the most feminine women’s sunglasses. And surely, this option is a mood-booster.

3. The cat-eye


For the exquisite and the most pretentious buyers, the angular cat-eye sunglasses for ladies are versatile, being both a tennis court option, one that goes perfectly well on the beach, and also with a more elegant outfit for early cocktail hour. Without any room for doubt, this is a forever shape for ladies. The twist for this season is that lenses are narrower, creating an angular look this summer, with a more dynamic approach.

4. XXL


Yes, there is such thing as the perfect women’s beach sunglasses, and that is the XXL. Extra-large pairs are a tribute to the 70s fashion and are perfectly paired with monochromes, geometric prints, extra-large hats for the beach, and minimalist pieces of jewelry. The advantage of the XXL is that they suit all physiognomies and are a statement item.

5. Aviator


Never out of style, the aviator for women’s sunglasses mixes sporty with elegant and can be used throughout the year with most types of outfits. Placing your bets on a metallic frame in an Aviator pair of women’s beach sunglasses will be a good investment for the rest of the year.

6. Last but not least, the wayfarer


This is for the most adventurous, the daring, and the ones looking to elevate their style. Wayfarer women’s sunglasses come this season with tinted lenses, which make for super chic pairs.

And to be honest, it is quite hard to pick only one style of women’s beach sunglasses for this season, isn’t it?

Tips for rocking beach sunglasses

Choosing the optimal pair of women’s sunglasses will prove tricky, and styling them up is even trickier. Let’s see here the top suggestions from our stylists.

· Make sure to pair the perfect sunglasses that suit your face


This is highly important. Make sure to pay attention to your complexion, highlight your features and pair it with your natural form. A square face shape will be gratified by smoother lines, thinner frames while making sure that the width is a bit wider than your cheekbones. Women’s beach sunglasses for round face shapes should have bold and angular frames and shapes, to sharpen the features, while the bottom should hit just above the cheekbones. The heart-shaped features will be more advantaged by a modified or updated wayfarer. The triangle-shaped face will benefit more from pairs that have a highlighted upper part, and cat-eye frames work miracles for them. Lastly, the oval forms stand out with the help of colorful frames, oversized forms, and interesting textures.

· Tone down your accessories to help your sunglasses shine


It is impractical to wear too many pieces of jewelry at the beach and to be honest, the perfect pairs of sunglasses for ladies don’t need extra details if you want them to take the stage. Lower down other stuff, and let your sunglasses rule.

· Wear them without actually wearing them


Let them hang from your pocket; this is another tip for wearing your women’s beach sunglasses and maximizing their potential.

· Lastly, suit them up


A perfectly matched scarf or turban will help you steal all gazes at the beach when you pair it with your amazing women’s beach sunglasses, so be bold and forget about thinking out of the box – forget there was a box in the first place!

Enjoy mixing and playing with your beach sunglasses, and wear your pair and your tan with pride!

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