Ultimate Guide for Fall Wedding Dresses

Weddings are beautiful, and we’re not just talking about the décor or the fancy venue. The dazzling smile on the bride’s face, the happy tears in the groom’s eyes, and the whole idea of two people deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. Let’s not forget the wedding dress! The dress you pick will be based on the season, personal style, and the latest trends. We personally love fall weddings, and that’s why we are here to talk about the latest fall wedding dresses trends.

If you’re a fall wedding bride, this quick post is meant for YOU. Take a quick look at the 2021 fall wedding dress elements and then skim through the list of the top 5 fall wedding dresses for you.

Popular Fall Wedding Dress Elements 2021


You have so much to look forward to – a wedding, a dreamy honeymoon, and a bright future. But let’s focus on the present and find out the latest trends. As seasons pass, trends change. Here are some of the best fall wedding dress elements 2021 you must look forward to.

1. Shoulder capes


In case you’ve got flabby bat-woman arms, shoulder capes will help you hide it. Nonetheless, shoulder capes are not just meant for hiding arms or broad shoulders. They look quite regal, so it’s perfect for the fall season. Usually, women would opt for a train, but this one’s lighter, prettier, and gives a Princess Diana wedding look. You can’t get wings, but you can wear a cape and feel like an angel or perhaps a superwoman.

2. Bare backs are making a comeback


Barebacks have always been in trend. Did they ever leave a fashionista’s wardrobe? We don’t think so! A bare-back fall wedding dress looks stellar on any woman. It’s modern, bold, and sexy. Moreover, you can get your wedding pictures clicked from different angles. A bareback shot looks surreal in wedding books. You can choose a mermaid cut bare-back wedding dress or something with a tulle skirt. Bare-back wedding dresses are perfect for fall weddings, so make sure you choose a good cut.

3. Transformational wedding dresses


These days women are looking for wedding dresses that can be worn time and again. Most women buy an expensive wedding dress and they don’t wear it again. Don’t you think we should embrace sustainable fashion or just reuse what we have in our wardrobe? A transformational wedding dress can be changed and worn in different ways. You can purchase a mini wedding dress and wear a tulle skirt over it. Since the tulle skirt will be removable, you can wear the mini dress to some other event.

4. Long sleeves sheer dress


We’ve always loved long sleeves dresses. They are elegant and come in various necklines like round, sweetheart, V, and much more. We believe that fall weddings should be elegant and charming and that’s why a long sleeves wedding dress is a good choice.

5. High-slit dresses


Let your long legs show in a high-spit dress. It looks good on both tall and short women (as long as you wear decent height heels). It gives a sexy, bold, yet elegant appeal.

6. Cold-shoulder wedding dresses


Women are embracing cold-shoulders because they look visually appealing and allow you to flaunt your shoulder. A wedding dress with cold shoulder and lantern sleeves would look beautiful.

Now that you are aware of the latest trends, it’s time to choose a wedding dress. You will come across hundreds of options that may confuse you further.

In the next section, we’ve prepared a list of the top 5 fall wedding dresses. Take a quick look now!

Our Top 5 Fall Wedding Dresses for You

The list consists of the best options you have out there. You can either take inspiration from them or purchase it. We just want you to own the prettiest fall wedding dress.

1. Casual Lace Chiffon Wedding Dress for Eloping


We’re certain that you won’t elope or run away from your wedding, but a simplistic wedding dress looks and feels good. Some women like to keep it simple and that’s why they can opt for quarter sleeves casual lace chiffon wedding dress. The neckline is netted but has a sweetheart shape towards the bust. Pair it with a pretty veil and wear minimalistic jewelry like a neckpiece and stud earrings.

2. Cold Shoulder Lantern Sleeve Wedding Dress


Brides and grooms are embracing private wedding ceremonies in today’s era. Choose comfort as well as style by opting for a cold shoulder lantern sleeve wedding dress. It allows the bride to enjoy her wedding day instead of focusing too much on a large wedding dress. This one is simple yet fun. You can pair it with a stunning diamond necklace or even real pearls.

3. Long Sleeves Sheer Wedding Dress


A long sleeve cream sheer wedding dress looks very elegant with a deep neckline. Once again, the wedding dress does not have a large train or a huge skirt. It’s an easy-breezy and beautiful outfit, so the bride can stay comfortable through the day. The long sleeve is transparent and the cut of the wedding dress gives a slimming effect.

4. Sexy Plunging Neckline Mermaid Wedding Dress with High Split


Women have already thought about their wedding look, but once they take a good look at this sexy wedding dress, they might change their minds. The plunging neckline mermaid wedding dress has a high split and bell sleeves. It allows the bride to flaunt her curves and long legs. The wedding dress will grab everyone’s attention and the groom wouldn’t be able to resist going on honeymoon. Moreover, the dress would look stunning in wedding pictures.

5. Long Sleeves Appliqued Eloping Wedding Dress


Long sleeves wedding dresses shall never go out of style. This one’s simple, elegant, and feminine. The plunging neckline allows you to flaunt your neckline and collar bone. This wedding dress is perfect for women who wish to enjoy their wedding dress and still look like a total knockout. It may be a simple wedding dress, but the neckline and simplistic beauty will make you stand out in the crowd.

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