Top 8 Fall Bridesmaid Dresses All Under $100 That You Will Love

Fall is great for celebrating weddings for so many reasons! Wanna know why? Just wait a bit and we’ll tell you why!

If there’s a friend’s wedding coming soon and you’re one of the most special characters, keep reading. We’ve selected 8 bridesmaid dress styles, all under $100, from open-back maxi bridesmaid dresses to emerald green bridesmaid dresses in sleeves and one strap bridesmaid dresses. You’ll be absolutely crazy about it then!

What Makes Fall Such a Perfect Season for Weddings

As we mentioned earlier, fall is very special for wedding celebrations for many reasons, starting from the weather to the beautiful decoration possibilities this season offers you. Let’s check the fall season benefits:

· In most places around the globe, fall tends to be mild, making this period of the year not so cold and not so hot. This sounds ideal, right? You don’t have to worry about getting a huge coat that will cover your beautiful dress, and you don’t have to worry about sweating either. You can choose gentle fabrics and even wear long sleeves if you feel like it!


· The colors of fall are simply beautiful. Fall wedding decoration offers many opportunities that are a show to the eyes, combining warm colors in different shades such as reds, oranges, yellows, and browns.

This depends on what part of the world you are in, but supposing fall starts in September for you, then, needless to say, this month starts marking the path to the end of the year, and who doesn’t love that!? September is a beautiful month to start celebrating weddings before reaching the end of 2021.

Bridesmaid Dresses Style Ideas for Bridal Parties

Let’s now get to what really matters: some dress style ideas for you to check and choose the one that best fits you!

1. Open Back Bridesmaid Dresses


Available in more than 7 colors, including purple, dark green, burgundy, pink, and black among others. The availability in sizes is also wide, with more than 10 different options. This beautiful dress with a Grecian style is great for a classic bridesmaid.

It features a deep V neckline, wide shoulder straps with a cap shape, an open back with an elegant triangle shape, and a floor-length skirt. The sequined belt around the waist adds a special touch to the outfit. It’s made with high-quality, low-stretch chiffon fabric, which gives it a natural flow and extreme comfort, allowing you to move freely. The design was exclusively made for the benefit of the feminine shape.

This open-back maxi bridesmaid dress is perfect for any formal occasion, from, of course, weddings, to parties, cocktails, prom, homecoming, and graduation. You can style it with a nice hairstyle like a romantic braid on the open back and add gold jewelry if you want to highlight the outfit.

The dress features a concealed zipper up the back and it’s padded and has linen so that you can easily wear it with no bra.

2. Long Sleeve Bridesmaid Dresses


Available in 13 different sizes that perfectly adapt to every body shape, you can choose this dress in pink, dusty navy, cream, and, of course, the burgundy chiffon bridesmaid dress is the star of the night. Made with high-quality, non-stretch fabric comprising polyester, this beautiful gown was designed for maximum comfort.

The dress features a deep crossed V-neckline, beautiful open long sleeves that show just enough skin to make it look sexy and not too showy, a flowy, floor-length maxi skirt that allows you to walk, move and dance freely, and a sequined waist that adds shine and elegance. The back is fully covered for great comfort.

It includes a concealed zipper on the back and it’s not padded, so a bra can be worn with confidence as it won’t show. Combined with your favorite jewelry and a beautiful purse, this evening dress can be perfectly worn for a cocktail party, graduation party, prom, wedding, or any other type of celebration occurring at night. With this dress, you’ll make sure to have all your eyes rolled on you this fall season! Just choose your favorite color and you’re set!

3. One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress With Flower Applique


This stunning one-shoulder chiffon bridesmaid dress is available in pink, blush, navy blue, and burgundy and you can select any from the ten sizes available, which makes Ever-Pretty a brand that adapts to every body size and shape.

The impressive design features a flattering ruched sweetheart neckline with a draping lower design in the waist area, giving your body a beautiful shape. The one-shoulder neckline is fully covered in flower appliques, adding a special and sweet touch. The back is half-covered, so you won’t have to worry about showing too much. If you decide to buy the pink color, you’ll make sure to look like a true princess at your next party.

The dress features a concealed zipper up the back and it’s padded enough so that you want to wear it with no bra, adding comfort and freedom. The linen makes sure there are no transparencies, especially in light colors. The dress is perfectly designed considering all body shapes, and it’s made with high-quality, low-stretch fabric. This stunning dress is perfect for any formal occasion happening both during the day or night. You can accessorize it with your favorite pair of earrings. Remember it’s not recommended to wear necklaces with one-shoulder dresses!

4. One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress


This fairytale-like dress looks like taken right from a Disney love story. It’s available in beautiful, romantic tones such as pink, purple orchid, burgundy, and white, among other darker options. There are ten different size options for you to feel as if it was perfectly tailored to your figure.

The dress features an elegant style while keeping it classic. With one shoulder that adds a romantic touch and a ruched, fitted bust area with a floor-length lace, this dress is a closet staple any woman would want. Although the bust is fitted, the skirt is wide and flowy, allowing great movement and freedom.

It’s made with high-quality, non-stretch chiffon fabric and it’s perfectly designed to flatter the natural shape. The dress has a lining, a concealed zipper up the back and it’s padded enough to be easily and comfortably worn with no bra. Perfect for those bold women who are proud of their shoulders and back, this beautiful piece can be enjoyed at any type of parties, such as weddings, prom, graduations, cocktails, and much more. Just make sure to complement it with the right pair of should and beautiful earrings! Necklaces are not recommended with one-shoulder dresses.

Trendy Colors for Fall Bridesmaid Dresses 2021

What’s special about fall is that the palette of colors is wide and you can absolutely play with that! Let’s take a look at a few more ideas we selected just for you!

1. Burgundy Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress


Burgundy is a queen color during fall, haven’t you heard? It’s perfect for those who want to stay trendy but yet subtle and low profile. You can also opt to choose this dress in navy blue. Ever-Pretty offers more than ten different sizes so you won’t have to worry about fitting in. We fit you!

This exquisite, elegant dress features a double V neckline, adding harmony to your natural shape and showing exactly what you want. The maxi skirt is flowy and allows you total freedom to move on the dance floor and the ruffle sleeves are great if you don’t feel confident about your arms. Or simply if you don’t feel like showing them! Making a great compensation with the flowy sleeves, the waist is fitted and ruched to emphasize your womanly shape.

The dress is not padded, but you can perfectly wear a bra under it as the back is fully covered and lined. It’s made with high-quality, non-stretch fabric and designed to adapt to all shapes. This beautiful dress is great if you tend to choose long sleeve bridesmaid dresses, as the sleeves will absolutely have you covered. Feel free to add your favorite jewelry, such as big earrings or a delicate necklace. All in all, a great option for any type of party!

2. White Maxi Bridesmaid Dress


Whether you’re the bride or the bridesmaid, this lace dress will surely make an impact! The white maxi bridesmaid dress version of this design takes all the applause, no doubt about it! If white is not your best friend, you can also opt for sky blue, purple orchid, pink, grey, and dusty blue. As regards the size, no need to worry: Ever-pretty has you covered with more than 10 available sizes.

The dream-like dress features a double V neckline with ruffle sleeves, that combined together they draw the eye down, elongating the torso area for a flattering silhouette. It’s fully made with high-quality lace and tulle, which is everything a bride dreams about when selecting the wedding dress! The A-line style and the romantic air make it a perfect choice for celebrations at any time of the day.

This beautiful dress has a concealed zipper up the back and it’s not padded, making it a great choice for women with small breasts. As we mentioned before, it’s designed with the best, high-quality lace and is nonstretch. If you’re looking for a perfect romantic look for that special day, you can absolutely trust this beautiful dress which will do its job whether it’s at your own wedding or a friend’s one, at a cocktail party or any other occasion!

3. Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dresses with Sleeves


What comes to your mind when you think of emerald color dresses? I think of Disney and magic! That’s exactly what this dress represents. If you’re not a friend of emerald green, you can also opt for navy blue and burgundy, and if you’re a fashionable bride, the white version is just for you! More than ten sizes are also available, so worry not!

This beauty features a double deep V neckline, sexy 3/4 sleeves, and a flowy A-line skirt. The upper half of the dress, including the sleeves, is decorated with sequined stripes, adding elegance and glamour. The design looks perfect on both plus and regular-sized bodies.

This stunning emerald green bridesmaid dress with sleeves is made with high-quality. Low-stretch fabric that flatters your figure and allows you to move freely. It features a concealed zipper up the back and it’s not padded, so you can surely wear a bra if needed. This V neckline sequin maxi dress is perfect for any formal occasion that requires shine and glamour such as weddings, proms, and cocktail parties! Make sure you accessorize it with the correct jewelry: as the dress is shiny itself, make sure your earrings, necklace, or bracelets are not too extravagant!

4. Teal Tulle Bridesmaid Dress


Isn’t she lovely? I’m sure Stevie Wonder was looking at a woman in a teal dress when he composed this song because that’s the only word we can use to describe teal color: lovely! Not a fan of the blue shades? You can opt for blush, yellow, burgundy, purple orchid, and much more. Apart from offering a wide palette of colors that adapt to different skin tones, Ever-Pretty also has a wide range of sizes that adapt to every shape and size.

You’ll surely feel like a princess in this teal tulle bridesmaid dress, which features a V-neckline, a square back, a ruched bust area, and a romantic lace around the waist, adding a special touch of elegance. Fully made with high-quality tulle, the floor-length skirt is great for moving freely on the dance floor. The dress comprises a concealed zipper up the back and it’s padded enough for you to wear it with no bra and feel absolutely free. A great romantic option for a wedding, an evening party, graduation, or a cocktail night. You can complement it with a nice pair of sandals and your favorite jewelry!


We hope you can find this Ever-Pretty fall bridesmaid dress trend useful and you can finally make a choice!

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