Trend Alert: Simple Wedding Dresses 2021


This has certainly been a tough year for everyone, including those who were planning to celebrate different events and had to cancel or postpone them. If you are one of the thousands of women in the world who were planning to get married and couldn’t do it or you simply planned your wedding for next year in the first place, then this article is going to bring you some interesting information.

There are myriads of different wedding dress styles, ranging from the simplest ones to the most complex and decorated. This article will be devoted specifically to those minimalist, subtle, simple wedding dresses that make everyone fall in love at first sight. If you are looking for a simple, minimalist wedding dress for 2021, then keep reading!

Trending Right Now: Simple Wedding Dresses for 2020 & 2021

In this section, we’ll go through the main minimalist wedding dress trends this 2020 and 2021 for you to have an idea of what’s fashionable these days.

If these wedding dress trends seem appealing to you, then you’re probably a minimalist lover and your ideal dress will be around the corner.

  • Plain fabrics: many simple wedding dresses are usually made with plain fabrics, which means no lace or embroidery. The good thing about these is that you can add any piece of jewelry you love and it won’t look too over-decorated.
  • V-necklines: this one special detail is a characteristic that will be always trendy, and simple wedding dresses can surely include this. The good thing about it? You can show a bit more skin and feel the sexiest bride in the world!
  • Long sleeves: this is especially good during cold weathers in which you need to cover your skin a bit more to feel comfortable. Apart from protecting you from the cold, long sleeves are always elegant and will give you a sophisticated look.
  • Tulle: every bride’s best friend. You want a flowy look? Tulle. You want to add volume? Tulle. You want to have a fairytale look? Tulle. The good thing about this fabric is you can also play with transparencies, which are always positive in a minimalist dress.

If you like any of these trends, then you are probably looking for a simple wedding dress and at Ever Pretty we have developed many options for you to choose from under $100.

How to Style a Simple and Elegant Wedding Dress

There’s something about simple wedding dresses that drives everyone crazy as soon as they see the bride, and let’s not forget to mention the broad range of possibilities this type of dress allows when it comes to jewelry and extra accessories. After all, you cannot add too many decorations to dresses that are already complex, can you? Let’s see how you can style wedding dresses for minimalist brides to look splendid on your wedding day.

  • Put the emphasis on the shoes: if you chose a dress that is simple and subtle, then you have the righteous permission to go crazy with the shoes if that’s what you want. You can have customized shoes done for you and add lace or even pearls. For wilder brides, color shoes are always a good option.
  • Wear pearls: pearls never get old and always give a sweet, dream-like style. You can style your minimalist wedding dress by adding a delicate pearl necklace and even combine it with pearl earrings. If you feel it’s still too little, add a ring with a pearl.
  • Go shiny: if you don’t like pearls, you can opt for little shiny stones, whether they are real or fake. Don’t worry, no one will notice that.
  • Add a bridal headdress: they are super trendy nowadays and they come in every shape and color. You can choose a delicate hairstyle and add a special detail that can contain flowers, pearls or golden/silver stones that will drive everyone crazy.
  • Be careful with the makeup: this can be quite controversial, but if you choose a minimalist dress, try not to go crazy with the makeup. You will always look better if you choose a soft, natural makeup style.

Our Newest Simple Wedding Dresses are all Under $100

Here’s a list of 6 simple wedding dresses under $100 that you will absolutely love.

  • Elegant Simple Wedding Dress with Ruffle Sleeves

This incredibly elegant wedding dress will make you feel like a fairy tale princess as soon as you put it on. It features a low V-neck that perfectly frames the shape of your face and allows you to show off your nicest jewelry. The flowing gauze is layered over a beautiful lace skirt and the charming ruffle sleeves accompany it with elegance. All in all, a perfect match for a simple bride.

  • Sleeveless Fishtail Minimalist Wedding dress

If you are looking for a sexier silhouette, this simple yet sexy wedding dress can be a perfect choice for you. It’s made of classy lace and it features a deep V-neckline and an amazing fishtail skirt that hugs your figure and flatters your looks. Toast for your groom while you wear this stunning dress!

  • Classy Long-Sleeved Simple Wedding Dress

This is a totally classic and modest option if you want to go simple during your wedding. With a breath-taking A-line style, this dress features a billowing skirt and long sleeves made of lace. Made mainly of satin, this amazing dress will give you an elegant and classy air and looks especially beautiful on mature brides.

  • Deep V-neckline Simple Wedding Dress with a Decoration

This sleeveless dress is the queen of minimalist wedding dresses and it even keeps a modern touch. It features a high-low hemline that is both flirtatious and elegant. Made of soft chiffon, the skirt and bodice embrace your figure and the decorative broche finishes the look. You can feel free to show off your favorite shoes.

  • Minimalist Long Sleeved Wedding Dress

With a classic round neckline, this simple yet beautiful wedding dress with long sleeves is a beautiful option for your wedding day. Both the sleeves and bodice are adorned with a diamond-shaped sequin pattern, making the dress modest but elegant. The tulle skirt flows naturally for a fresh look. If you want a classic and adorned look, this dress is a good option.

  • Sexy Lace Mermaid Simple Wedding Dress

If the options above are too simple for you and what you’re looking for is a sexy bride look, then this option can be your perfect fit. This mermaid dress features elastic lace and a sexy high split skirt that will let you show off your legs. The trumpet sleeves give a unique touch and the fishtail shape completes a perfect look.


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