4 Tips for Wearing Wedding Heels without Pain

A wedding day is something that many women have dreamt about since they were little girls. We really hope your wedding is a fairy tale just like Cinderella, but we definitely don’t want you to hobble down the aisle like Cinderella’s step-sisters with glass shoes that don’t fit. Let’s be honest, as wonderful as they are, high heels are not the most comfortable shoes. Is it really impossible to wear heels without pain? Turns out, a pair of gorgeous high heels and pain-free walking aren’t mutually exclusive. Here are 4 tips for how to wear wedding heels without pain. Let’s check it out!

1. Comfort is More Important Than Fashion

Different from wedding dresses, the most important consideration when shopping for wedding shoes is not necessarily fashion, but comfort (of course it’s perfect if you can find both together!). We highly suggest choosing a shoe style and height which is similar to what you wear daily. If you are strictly a sneaker girl, your wedding day is not the time to try 6 inch heels for the first time. Stay within reason. In addition, check your wedding shoes budget and buy the best that you can within your means.

2. Educate Yourself on Your Own Foot Type

If you are one of the lucky girls with perfectly proportioned feet, then shop to your heart’s content! However, if you have either narrower ankles or a wider instep, we suggest you consider open-toed sandals that will graciously allow for adjustments.

3. Break in Your Wedding Heels before the Big Day

After finding your perfect wedding heels, you have to break them in before the big day. Do not wait until the wedding day to slip on those beauties, or your feet will hate you. We suggest wearing your wedding heels for 30 to 60 minutes at a time around the house and practice the kind of movements you will be making on your big day. If you feel much pain after just a few hours, we suggest you consider another pair of heels while there’s still time.

4. Always Prepare a Backup to Change

If you really can’t find a comfortable high heels for your wedding or you must be a slave to fashion, be sure to have a comfortable pair of shoes to change into as the day wears on, such as ballerina flats or sneakers. If your wedding dresses are very full, chances are that no one will see your shoes, so it will not matter very much what you wear on your feet and you could wear sneakers throughout the wedding and no one know.

It should be easier to find your perfect wedding heels after these tips. Happy wedding heels hunting!


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