Top 5 Must-Have Trendy Velvet Dresses For 2024

Winter isn’t coming; it’s already here. Cold nights, warm socks, chocolate mocha and rice puddings by the fireplace are the hits of the season. But which is the rock star in your wardrobe during cold nights when you still want to be making an appearance? It is, of course, the lovely velvet dress, reuniting elegance, grace and comfort within a single item.

Check out below for the velvet dress trend 2024, to see which are the color trends, occasions and velvet dress styling tips for the season.

Back from the future, the velvet dress of the 90's is here to stay


As fashionistas would say, velvet dresses have been and will always be the height of sophistication. For this reason, you will find a large EverPretty velvet dresses collection for all purposes, while our primary goal is to bring out the femme fatale within you.

Yet, unlike most fashion trends, the velvet dress has never tired of making an appearance, any given season we would be talking about. This item (which should be written in capitals) embraces the figure, caresses the skin, attracts all gazes and provides a timeless sense of style. Nothing can be more elegant than the combination of velvet, stilettos and Chanel no. 5, throwing you back to the La Dolce Vita or Casablanca movies. And if Lady Di had chosen velvet for her red carpet appearances, we should know better that this is a timeless piece.

Trendy velvet dress colors for 2024


If you are daring enough to choose velvet for your dress, you should be keeping an open mind when it comes to velvet dress color trend 2024. Not that black velvet (yeah, like the Allanah Miles tune) isn’t an immortal combination, but you could do a lot better than that.

We would cast our vote for brick red burgundy, together with a classic red lipstick – an outfit that, of course, can be worn for formal occasions by night; seeing Khloe Kardashian rock her dress with loose hair, wide earrings and a Jessica Rabbit attitude really left our imagination wondering, convincing us that this combination is a winner.

Next in line comes navy blue, a tone so elegant, formal and exquisite that it will make you feel like royalty all night. Pairing it with pretentious long gloves and glamorous jewelry will complete the picture – as velvet is such an amazing fabric that its richness seems to be able to support heavy accessories without intimidating the actual dress. You’ll never ever have such great fun, like when signing up for velvet dress styling.

Yet, the epitome of elegance will be the dark green velvet dress, and just check Monica Bellucci on the red carpet wearing a dark green royal velvet dress in full-length with a side cut and not needing pretty much anything besides it. Proof enough that elegance and style are timeless and ageless.

Score These Top 5 Splendid Velvet Dresses!

Going further, because we don’t enjoy being all theoretical and no play, see our top 5 picks from the Ever Pretty velvet dresses selection, in our attempt to help you navigate the options which come with a good price per value balance, favoring all you crazy fashionistas.


Number one is a velvet spaghetti straps dress, in a bodycon cut, allowing the amazing velvet, which is a lush rich fabric, to embrace that beautiful figure and show off all your advantages. Proof that velvet is not only for cold seasons.


Number two is a lovely full-length side-cut maxi dress in a baby blue tone for a more cheerful outfit that can easily go for occasions by day. The flat shoulder design and thin straps emphasize arms and décolletage, while the sidecut on the leg adds some sugar, spice and everything nice.


Number three, considering the velvet dress color trend 2024, is an asymmetric piece with full sleeves in dark green, with a vibrant print for decorum. This will work amazingly for a night at the opera or a formal premiere, not needing much besides a very simple yet glamorous pair of ear jewelry.


Sailing further to a more daring item, number four comes in royal navy blue, another full length with a V neckline and a side-cut, but this time rocking the full-length sleeves, which will elongate the figure (if the side cut wasn’t enough). Loose curls and silver strappy sandals may be the only thing you need for your velvet dress styling, in this case.


The last in this line of succession, but the most intimidating and sexy, if you’d ask us, is the brick red burgundy dress, with a cheeky V-neckline, loose half sleeves and full length, having a side-by-side cut that highlights and elongates your neck and arms. Together with loose hair and a bit of a dramatic eye make-up, this dress will light things up for its owner.

Navigating through a wide selection of EverPretty velvet dresses will only help you pick your item for your New Year’s Eve party but an item that will serve you well for future occasions. As you can see, the velvet dress trend 2024 puts an emphasis on elegance, courage and cheekiness.


A blast from the past, the velvet dress is a timeless piece suitable for all seasons, but not all occasions. Velvet is a rich, pretentious fabric which asks for heavy accessories – or, to be more grounded, which allows and can deal with heavy jewelry, but it doesn’t necessarily require much, as velvet can speak volumes for itself.

Going further with the velvet dress color trend 2024, or picking an item and color of your own, just bear in mind that the velvet dress will require an amount of confidence and comfort with your own self. Still, at the same time, it will enhance that confidence and bring out the lioness within you the instant you put the dress on.

So no matter if you go for a mini bodycon, a full-length A-dress or a side cut, just trust yourself, add some mascara and a touch of perfume, and exit that door, never looking back.


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