Top 10 Wedding Dresses Trends in Spring 2020


New Trends for wedding dresses in spring 2020 is coming! Season after season, new wedding dresses not only delight bride-to-be, but also indicate how bridal fashion is change. Whether you have set a wedding date and begin to search for your dream dress for your ceremony, or just want to peruse, you really need to see the top 10 wedding dress trends in spring 2020, because 2020 is shaping up to be a supremely fashionable year to be a bride.

Traditional dresses got upgraded with trains, while skirts got the upgrade treatment in the form of feathered detailing, and the return of the high-low hemline. It’s impossible for us to choose a favorite, but we’re sure that brides in spring 2020 are someone who is bold, but romantic, refined, but natural. Now, let’s check out the top 10 wedding dresses trends in spring 2020 to inspire your wedding day planning!

The 10 Latest Trends for Wedding Dresses in Spring 2020

1. Dreamy Romance

romantic wedding dress

Romance was definitely in the air at Bridal Fashion Week. Exaggerated poet sleeves channeled the Renaissance era and created a romantic and dramatic look. Weightless, full of movement and totally dreamy, these frothy skirts and sleeves are more photogenic than stiff silk or satin gowns, they can only be described as a Renaissance painting.

2. Bold Wedding Shorts

Have you ever imagined that maybe you could wear a jumpsuit in your big day? 2020 will take you there! We’ve seen some brides take a bridal jumpsuit for a spin as an after-party look, and all of us love it! After many designers showing shorts in the Bridal Fashion Week, wedding shorts must be one of the boldest wedding look in 2020 spring.

3. Soft Green

Vera Wang- one of the most famous wedding brands, showcased a range of soft colors for spring 2020, and highlighting a soft green. Wedding gowns with green motif is perfect for garden weddings especially in spring. If you want to try something special next year, here you get the answer!

4. New Lace Try

lace wedding dress

Lace is perhaps bridal’s safest choice. So it’s a big challenge to reinvent the wheel in this history. Lean into all the new lace options and consider how they’ll best suit your wedding’s setting. For example, macramé and floral laces feel outdoor and effortless, so you can go boho; while more graphic options feel like a modern take on traditional wedding dress.

5. High-Low Hemlines

We don’t feel strange to high-low hemlines, but it feels like almost every collection carried some version of this versatile look this season. High-low hemlines have made waves on Bridal Fashion Week, which means we will see more legs on weddings in spring 2020.

6. Feathery Wedding Dresses

Spring 2020 is all about flairs for the dramatic, the feathery dress trend feels romantic and dreamy! From fully-feathered dress to chic little minis, luxurious but lightweight feathers add a glamorous and feminine touch to any look for the ceremony, rehearsal dinner or after party.

7. Fresh Tier Dresses

In spring 2020, consider tulle layers that feel more cream puff than classic which feels considerably fresh. A-line tier dresses are perfect for brides who don’t take herself too seriously and feel like a modern princess.

8. Timeless Wedding Gloves

Whether in satin or a sheer lace, elbow-length or wristlets, wedding gloves always add that an elegant and romantic vibe to any look. This timeless accessory is regal and period, yet somehow super modern. Try to pair it with a veil, and they’re ceremony-appropriate as well.

9. Royal Style

In spring 2020, we will continue to see the “Duchess Effect” in weddings. Go for high neckline, half or long sleeves and tones of texture which relate to modesty and coverage. This royal style look keeps things concealed and feels high fashion.

10. Minimalism

Minimalism is just like black and white, which means it never goes out of style. If all-over lace, embroidery, trains are not your style, go minimal to the max in spring 2020! Minimalism style means clean line, sleek shapes and architectural elements. It’s worth noting that this look requires impeccable tailoring.

Where And How Do You Explore 2020 Latest Wedding Dresses?

Wedding dress trends have changed year to year. Here are some suggestions to keep pace with the 2020 latest wedding dresses trend.

  • Watch Bridal Fashion Week
  • Read Wedding Fashion Publications
  • Follow Fashion Celebrities’ And Influencers’ Social Medias
  • Go Window Shopping (Local Boutiques)
  • Explore Online Shopping

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