Tie-Dye Fashion Trend 2020: How to Rock This Style

Tie-dye fashion, which was once known for the classical primary school art and craft stuff, has today become a complete fashion trend of 2020. Tie-dye throws an astonishing haze over your entire wardrobe. It has been officially elevated to a high-fashion ranking and is already suffusing your preferred retailers. Yes, you read it right!

From active wear to loungewear, all kinds of fashion brands are using colorful patterns on their clothing pieces. We have compiled some of the best tie-dye tips along with our favorite tie-dye loungewear ideas that will help those who want to ignore the messy dyeing process and head straight to rocking the look.

Tie-Dye Style is On-Trend Now


Tie-dye style is a throwback to the 70s summer fashion. It has become a big trend in the summer 2020 catwalks and has continued to make a bold statement in the lockdown fashion. The tie-dye loungewear has successfully replaced animal motifs and floras for the summer season’s trend with both shopping channels and Instagram referencing the psychedelic print hugely.

This ancient art form swept the 70s and was a norm for all those who liked flaunting their rebellious free-spirited side. The psychedelic color prints were responsible for a revolution, which conditioned the perception of the youth of that era. It returned to popularity during the 90s and right to the fashion industry’s circular trend, it is again back in 2020 with full force.

Today, the tie-dye trend has advanced, and the print is appearing on dresses, skirts, trousers, and suits with graceful cuts, creating a vibrant virtual charm. Not even halfway through 2020, and it has already become one of the greatest fashion trends of the year.

How to Rock Tie-Dye Style 2020

Do you think that tie-dye is too multi-colored for your style? Thanks to an extensive range of clothing pieces available, from formal wear to casual clothing, and from apparel in simplistic two-tone gradients to bright prints bursting with beautiful colors, this trend is perfect to be worn at any time.

Let us see some of the best tie-dye tips that will help you incorporate the style in your everyday look.

  • Keep it effortless: In case you think the trend isn’t for you, it is better to begin wearing the tie-dye pattern most straightforwardly. You can do this by giving just a touch of hue to your look through choosing an eye-catching garment, and pair it with some other simpler neutral tone pieces. A tie-dye hoodie or shirt mixed with a pair of jeans and your favorite mules or sneakers is a great combination.
  • Smart and elegant: As per conventional fashion, this type of trend does not suit, a sophisticated and elegant look, however, designers are constantly proving that idea wrong, including tie-dye in clothing with more captivating silhouettes and cuts, and with elegant materials like velvet. Try lending a formal but perky touch to your style with a soft gradient shirt paired with a formal suit, or a chic blazer and nice heeled sandals. You will be the center of everyone’s attention!
  • Being colorful: We suggest newbies to wear neutral colors with tie-dye garments, however, if you are ready to up your fashion game, then combine your tie-dye clothing with garments that are in a similar color range as your tie-dye apparel. The result will be remarkable, yet original and fresh (without getting out of balance), which is what’s always required when you are striving for your day to day look.
  • Be creative: If you’re one of those who like to create new outfits, then you can try color blocking and different fusion of prints such as tie-dye clothing with florals, polka dots, and vertical stripes. The only restriction is your imagination, so do not hesitate to look into your creativity.
  • Beautiful dresses and skirts: The simplest and the most classic form of the tie-dye trend is no doubt wearing the prints on sweatshirts and shirts. But tie-dye dresses and skirts are everywhere today, and they bring a lively and fun touch to your wardrobe and style. Try pleated skirts, light dresses, midi skirts, but keep in mind to pair them with neutral tone garments.
  • Surf inspiration: Tie-dye being upbeat and bright, was pretty much made for the summer season. The best is to enjoy the beautiful summer vibes, and spend your day with friends in a tie-dye faded T-shirt, pair of jeans or shorts and comfy sandals. Ideal for a day at a lake or beach!

Our Favorite Tie-Dye Loungewear Ideas

There’s something regarding the textures and patterns of tie-dye which imparts a sense of liberation. Its versatile artsy vibe, colors, and vibrant patterns inject a unique vibe in your daily attire. And when it comes to tie-dye loungewear, it is way ahead in style stakes right now. It can make anyone look good, stylish, and possibly even dressy without much effort.

Ahead we’ve put together some of our favorite tie-dye lounge set for women that are definitely going to bring some elegance and fun to your wardrobe. Take a look.

blue tie dye suit

1. This two-piece pajama set comes in three different styles with T-shirts, pajamas, and a pair of shorts. All the pieces are elegantly tailored in relaxed outlines and from soft fabric for keeping you comfy. You will absolutely love their timeless style and blissful feel.

pink tie dye suit

2. This pajama set fashioned in baby pink and white tie-dye pattern is a perfect way to bring style to your off-duty apparel. Made from a lusciously soft fabric, it features a breezy silhouette, which lends effortless movement while you sleep. It includes pajamas and a pair of shorts with a t-shirt that has all the right reasons for becoming your instant favorite for relaxing, resting, and recharging in.

colorful tie dye set

3. This comfy pajama set with a colorful pattern proves that tie-dye can be super chic and on-trend. Its long sleeves have elastic cuffs and feature an elastic drawstring waist that is adjustable in size according to your need. The pajama set also has a flirty ruffle hemline imparting an effortlessly cool look.

sleeveless t shirt

4. This lovely tie-dye sleeveless shirt combines bright colors and a straight line that will add a relaxed touch to your image and will make you feel completely cheerful. You can combine it with black pants or a pair of jeans.

fashion rompers

5. This trendy jumpsuit in plain colors can be perfectly used at home to relax, as a pajama or even as a comfortable outfit for an informal day out. It’s fresh and sleeveless with a round neck and it has long, wide legs.

short tops

6. This lovely sleeveless top has a tie-dye style in soft, calm colors. It’s short and sleeveless and you can wear it as a pajama, as loungewear and even as a training top for a freer, more comfortable training routine!


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