2024's Ultimate Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress Guide: Dress Dreams for Every Curvy Bridesmaid!

Made the great decision this year? Of course, choosing your own bridesmaid dress is the most important task, however, do not forget about your girls! You probably have an idea in your mind of what you want them to wear, but there are some tips to consider that might make the task easier for you.

When choosing a dress, several factors need to be considered, such as skin tone, body shape, height, etc. Whatever style and colors you have in mind, keep reading to check the tips we are sharing with you and the most popular styles this 2024.

Tips for Choosing Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses 


If you are in the process of choosing your bridesmaid dresses and your girls have very different body shapes, we are here to help you with those in need of plus size dresses.

There are the factors you need to consider


Try to choose one that easily adapts and flatters plus-size girls. A-line silhouette does the job properly.

·Avoid extra volume

Ruffles or details that add extra volume to the dress are not needed and should, in fact, be avoided.

·The neckline is important

There are many options out there, however, the V-neckline tends to look the bust area look smaller. If you have plus size bridesmaids with large busts, this option is perfect.

·Avoid flamboyant patterns

As a general rule, patterns always add volume, especially dots and horizontal stripes. Solid colors will do just fine, plus they always look more delicate and fashionable when it comes to weddings.

·Fabric is important

Avoid rigid fabrics that limit movement. This applies not only to plus size women, but to all of us! At a party, we usually walk around and dance, and we need comfortable fabrics that don’t restrict us.


Whatever you choose, make sure you ask other bridesmaids for their opinion. Although the final decision is in your own hands, you won’t want to choose a dress that makes them feel uncomfortable as part of the beauty lies in how you feel when wearing a dress. You will know what to avoid and what to focus on!

Bridesmaid Dress Trending Elements 2024

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Beautiful colors, sexy fabrics, gorgeous special details and much more! You’ll be amazed at the trending elements for plus size bridesmaid dresses of this year.

1. Long bridesmaid dresses


It might sound obvious, but if you are unsure about the length and want to keep it trendy, then go for the long option. However, try to always prioritize preference. If one of your bridesmaids feels more comfortable in a short dress, then why not combine?

2. Glitter


Let your wedding shine! Shiny bridesmaid dresses are trendy this year, however, this only applies if the party takes place during the night. And remember that bridesmaid dresses should not be more impressive than the bride’s.

3. Sleeves


These are great and offer some benefits, especially for women with large breasts. Ruffle sleeves and thick straps make the bust area look smaller.

4. One shoulder dress


This used to be extremely trendy many years ago and is now coming back. This irregular style provides a beautiful shape in the bust area. Beware, only for bold bridesmaids!

Top 5 Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses from Ever-Pretty

1. Romantic Long Sleeve Chiffon Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress


With a beautiful fairytale-like look, this romantic plus size bridesmaid dress has every detail your girls will need. The transparent long sleeves cover just what needs to be covered, adding a sensual touch to the transparency. The deep v-neckline shapes the bust area beautifully, and the floral applique on the waist adds a special touch. The back is fully covered for maximum comfort.

2. Glamorous Shiny Plus Size Wedding Dress with Irregular Hem


Your bridesmaid’s con look like stars next to you in every picture with this amazing and glamorous shiny plus size dress with sequins in the bust area and a high-low skirt, showing a bit of skin in the legs. This is a great option for a party during the night, especially during summer.

3. Subtle Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress with Tulip Sleeves

Subtle-Plus Size-Bridesmaid-Dress-with-Tulip-Sleeves

If you need a subtle yet elegant plus size bridesmaid dress for those shy women out there, this could be your best choice. The dress features a delicate cape with stone details and transparency that show just enough. The V-neckline is not extremely deep, avoiding showing too much. All in all this subtle and elegant option will be a great fit for those who want to keep it low-profile.

4. Beautiful One-Shoulder Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress


As we mentioned before, one shoulder dress style is back! If your group of women is bold enough, then why not choosing this beautiful dress? The chiffon fabric provides a nice flow when walking and dancing which gives the dress a stunning air.

5. Delicate Spaghetti Strap Plus Size Bridesmaid Dress with Square Neckline

Delicate-Spaghetti-Strap-Plus-Size- Bridesmaid-Dress-with-Square-Neckline

Simple, minimalist, sexy and delicate. This beautiful plus size bridesmaid dress has spaghetti straps, an irregular square neckline and a sexy thigh split. There’s no reason not to choose this beautiful and sexy plus size bridesmaid dress!

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