Cocktail Dress Trends Guide 2021

Most of us have been desperately waiting for this year’s events to enjoy a great party night and choose the perfect attire for the occasion. New dress trends are surprising but exciting, we must confess: from minimalism to transparency and volume, you can choose the style that best adapts to your preferences. Whether you need a cheap bridesmaid dress for prom or a fancy dress for a party, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve been analyzing this year’s collection and we promise you they will melt your heart! We’ll introduce you to the hottest cocktail dress trends and after that, we’ll present some dresses for you to choose your favorite. Continue reading to find out more.

Top 6 Impressive Cocktail Dress Trends 2021

Party events are always special and exciting but choosing the correct outfit can be a bit stressful sometimes, especially when you don’t know what the trends are and you’re not sure what your style is. Because we know learning about the trends is important when choosing a dress for a special occasion, we’ve been doing some research to help you! Check the list and decide which trend is the one for you!

1. Minimalism


Although most of the cocktail dress trends are impressive and stunning, minimalism is always the joker of the game. If details such as volume or shine are not your favorites, then simple dresses will surely make you feel comfortable. The good news is it’s a trend this year!

2. Volume as the protagonist


Interesting enough, dresses with a specific zone having volume is a big trend. Looking for an eye-catching cocktail dress? The volume will do the job perfectly! Depending on your body type, you can get an advantage by adding volume to your arms, bodice, or waist.

3. Transparencies


Only for the boldest women! Dare to show some skin with this fabulous trend! Cocktail dresses that show parts of your waist or arms, for example, will surely make an impact!

4. Floral pattern


Who said flowers are for the day? You can wear them at night! It’s the queen trend of cocktail dresses this year. You can wear a cocktail dress with lovely flowers that will make it look expensive!

5. Open backs


A classic that’s always too sexy to not like it! I mean, this is always the answer if you want to make sure you look sexy.

6. Spaghetti straps

Gorgeous young woman in silky spaghetti strap dress sits on stairs

Speaking of sexy…! These beauties always add a sexy note to any dress and all of us love that!

Our favorite 6 Cocktail Dresses for You

Now that you know what the most beautiful trends of 2021 are, take a look at this! We’ve created this cocktail dress list from our Ever-Pretty store to guide you and save you the research to help you look fabulous under your budget, so keep reading and choose your favorite!

1. Delicate Minimalist Cocktail Dress

Speaking of minimalism, look at this beauty! If you’re the type that doesn’t want to catch too much attention on your prom night, this cheap bridesmaid dress can be a great option. With a subtle color and simple style on the front, the back is the protagonist with delicate straps.

2. Sexy Open Back Volume Cocktail Dress

Still subtle and simple, but with volume. A perfect balance, right? The dress features a subtle V-neckline, a high-low style, and a crossed back. All in all, it’s perfect for those who don’t want to show too much but still want to keep it simple.

3. Sexy Cocktail Dress with Transparencies

We talked about transparencies before, and we’re sure you were reading! This beautiful dress combines a sexy style in a modest design, allowing you to show some extra skin without losing the style. It features a V-neckline and spaghetti straps. I already want this one!

4. Bold Short Cocktail Dress with Flower Print

If what you’re looking for is something more complex and full of details, this short dress can be your ideal choice. It features a crop top, an open back with crossed straps, and some transparency in the bodice. A great option for prom, isn’t it?

5. Delicate Fitted Minimalist Cocktail Dress with Volume

Another good option if you want to keep it simple but with some details, this mini dress will have all eyes rolled on you, that’s for sure. All you’ll be showing is your legs, so worry not! The ruffles on the side add a special touch with great volume. This is perfect for girls with a small bodice and bust.

6. Stunning Cocktail Dress with Open Back

Ready to show some back skin? This is your opportunity, take it or leave it! This beautiful dress is simple and subtle on the front, taking all of the attention to the back with beautiful delicate straps crossing from side to side. This dress is a great option if you’re looking for a sexy yet cheap bridesmaid dress!

We’ve introduced you to this year’s trends on cocktail dresses and we’ve shown you some of our favorite selections from Ever-Pretty. Now it’s your time to decide: which one will you choose? No matter what decision you make if you follow our tips you’ll be covered. Just get dressed, put on some makeup, and get ready to rock the night and have all heads turned on you!

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