Maternity Dress Guide 2021

You will probably be a proud mommy a few months down the line, and that’s a joyous feeling. As a mother-to-be, you need to be comfortable and at ease. Your body is probably going through several changes, and you might get mood swings time and again. Let’s not forget that a mother-to-be feels unbearably hot during the summer (and winter) season. That’s exactly why you need maternity dresses (lots of them).

The concept of ‘maternity dresses’ isn’t as new as you think. It has existed since the 14th century. In fact, the first-ever maternity dress was designed between 1600-1750 in the Baroque period.

Every mother-to-be has a different level of comfort, but having an entire wardrobe with maternity clothing can be a good idea. You would need oodles of comfort and something airy to keep your body cool through the day.

The regular clothes you wear can be very constricting, and that’s why we thought of recommending some of the latest and most popular elements of maternity dresses in 2021. Besides this, we have also recommended 5 interesting and comfortable dresses towards the end of the article. Dive in!

Introducing The Trend of Popular Elements of Maternity Dresses in 2021

Maternity wear can be stylish, but the two most essential things women want are support and stretch. The baby bump will keep growing for the next nine months, so you would need an item of clothing that has enough room for the tummy section.

Wearing tight clothing during pregnancy can cause a range of problems, including yeast infection, rashes, and complications related to pregnancy.

As a mother-to-be, you can’t take chances. Put your health and comfort ahead of everything else.

Let’s cut to the chase and introduce you to some of the popular elements of maternity dresses for the year 2021. We’re sure that the trend will continue for the coming years!

1. A comfortable and breathable fabric


The best fabric one could opt for is cotton. It’s easy-breezy and also absorbs sweat. Cotton is also skin-friendly, so you won’t get any rashes or other skin conditions. The last thing you want as a mother-to-be is a range of skin infections. Choose cotton clothing – you will find plenty of options. Cotton dresses are the best for mothers-to-be. We will tell you more about the crowd-pleasers as you move ahead. If you are going out for a party or a social gathering, you can opt for floor-length dresses in silky fabrics. They are airy and quite stretchy.

2. Short sleeves are preferable


In case you need a maternity dress, which allows free movement, short sleeves are preferable. You can opt for puff-sleeves or short sleeves dresses. They look trendy and beautiful!

3. A-line dresses for an easy-breezy feel


A-line dresses give a slimming effect, but they also let your belly breathe. Your tummy will grow sooner or later, so you may need something that can make room for the growing belly.

4.Floor-length dresses


If you are looking for pretty fall maternity dresses, we suggest you opt for a floor-length dress. They are airy and allow you to walk and sleep peacefully.

5.Off-shoulder and tube dresses


Off-shoulder and tube dresses offer free movement. You can also wear them to a party or any social gathering. If you’re a mommy-to-be who wants to set the trend, this option is excellent. A ruffled off-shoulder or tube dress would add some more elegance and femineity.

6.Light and feminine colors


Black absorbs heat, so you might want to avoid it. You can choose mauve, light pink, yellow, peach, beige, off-white, white, and even floral prints. For parties and baby showers, you can choose brick red, wine, indigo, turquoise, or deep blue. It looks surreal!

Recommended 5 Maternity Dresses

As a mother-to-be, you’re already handling a lot of mental and physical stress. That’s why we have recommended the five maternity dresses that will look fabulous on you. We picked these outfits because they’re flowy, feminine, and gorgeous. Take a quick look!

1.V-Neck Floor Length Elegant Short-Sleeves Maternity Dress


An elegant floor-length maternity dress with V-neck looks stellar on a pregnant woman. There is plenty of room for your baby bump, and the puff sleeves are comfortable and feminine. This elegant dress is perfect for women who want to step out for an evening get-together with their families.

The mauve-colored floor-length dress is made of a soft and silky fabric so you will be comfortable through the day.

2.Boho Chic Floral Floor-Length Maternity Dress with short sleeves

Boho Chic-Floral-Floor-Length-Maternity-Dress-with-short-sleeves

Floral dresses look perfect in any season. Whether it’s fall or spring, you can wear this feminine and playful floor-length floral dress with short sleeves. Since it’s an A-line dress, your baby bump can breathe easily and get enough room. The printed cream dress is very playful and is perfect for a mother-to-be.

3. Tie-waist short-sleeves A-line dress


Available in two colors, the tie-waist short sleeves A-line dress falls just above your knee and can be tied towards the girth. The pretty short-sleeved dress is a great cut and looks fabulous for a mommy day-out. Pair this up with comfortable flip-flops or flat sandals. If you wish to accessorize your maternity dress with a bracelet, it will enhance the overall look.

4. Ruffle Off-Shoulder Bodycon Maternity Dress


Mothers-to-be usually opt for a free-flowing maternity dress. Still, nobody’s asking you to give up your bodycon dresses. You can shop for a larger size and let your baby bump feel free. This ruffle off-shoulder body maternity dress is in every mommy’s dream wear. If you have a baby shower or just want to look trendy at a party, this maternity dress is an ideal pick. The purple orchid brings out the color in your eyes and makes you look ultra-feminine.

5. Flare Sleeves Maternity Dress


If you’re in the mood to wear a velvety gown to a party, we suggest you buy this flare-sleeves beauty. It is sexy, comfortable, roomy, and elegant. The brick red color gives out a vintage appeal, and that’s why we recommend this gorgeous piece.

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