Autumn Wedding Scene Decoration 2021

An autumn wedding is always rustic and charming. Usually, the family of the groom and bride opt for blooming flower décor for a spring wedding. However, flowers can be a part of an autumn wedding scene as well. Picture yourself walking down the aisle and you find the venue filled with textured pinecones, hanging baskets, and autumn leaves. The autumn-inspired decoration looks magical, mysterious, and quite rustic. If you’ve made up your mind to choose autumn as the wedding theme, you’ve come to the right space. We’re going to unravel some ideas for autumn wedding scene decoration.

Let’s dive into the article right away!

Why choose fall season to tie the knot?

Before you dive in, we thought of kick-starting the article with some compelling reasons to tie the knot in the autumn season.

1. Choose anything your heart desires


When it comes to décor for an autumn wedding, you can choose something elegant or playful. There’s no hard-and-fast rule that you have to keep it playful or super classy. If you want pumpkins as a part of the wedding décor, nobody will judge your choice. It’s fall season, my love!

2. Not too warm, not too cold


Winter is about to set in, but there’s still some time. During the autumn season, the weather is pleasant and brides don’t have a tough time without an aircon. A bride spends a lot of money on makeup and an exquisite wedding dress. The last thing she wants is to sweat profusely. The fall season is perfect because it is not too warm or too cold. The guests will be comfortable in an outdoor venue, and the groom will get to take home a happy bride!

3. Brunch weddings are fun


Since the sun goes down sooner during the autumn season, it is easier to plan a brunch wedding. You can have a fun wedding brunch with free-flowing champagne and wine.

4. Unleash the fashionista in you


Brides can get creative with their wedding dresses. The fall season allows you to wear full-sleeved wedding dresses or something with a flattering neckline.

5. Delicious Food & Cocktails


You can keep some autumn-friendly food options and desserts. Pumpkin spiced cupcakes and teacakes sound like a good idea! Let’s face it: guests attend weddings expecting to eat good food, so you must satisfy their sweet tooth. Don’t serve a fall feast to your guests. Warm caramel apples, hot chocolate, apple cider, pies, and anything with pumpkin sounds great as a part of the wedding menu. The wedding day isn’t complete without an autumn-inspired cake. If you’re not fond of pumpkin cakes, ask the baker to create something in apple and cinnamon. Bakers can decorate the cake with berries, pinecones, and other autumn elements.

There are many more reasons for choosing a wedding date in the autumn season. Still, you may have certain queries regarding autumn wedding décor. Keep reading to skim through some fall/autumn wedding décor and venue ideas.

Choose a Dreamy Venue for Your Autumn Wedding

Venue selection should be spot-on! Since you have decided that an autumn wedding is your thing, choose a venue that gives a ‘fall’ season vibe.

To have a dreamy autumn wedding, you can opt for

1. A rustic garden


Garden weddings will have a natural appeal. There will be foliage, falling leaves, and branches. Fall landscaping and cozy fire pits can enhance the overall look of the wedding venue. You will save lots of money if you have a garden outside your home.

2. Barn wedding


If you want a rustic autumn wedding, get married in a barn. These days you can find plenty of venue options. Barns can be booked for a day or even a week. The decorator can include hay bales and a stable design.

3. Indoor Rustic wedding


Choose an indoor venue that has wooden interiors.

4. A rustic appeal


There are many bars and party halls that have a rustic appeal. Add some foliage, ferns, peonies, and pretty lights. These days brides and grooms are going gaga over Edison lights and fairy lights. It gives a rustic charm!

Once you have selected the venue, it’s time to decorate it. Since the autumn season welcomes the nightly sky a little sooner, you can decorate the whole place with some string fairy lights.

We’ve got more ideas for you so don’t hold back and read till the end.

Autumn Wedding Scene Decoration: Ideas, Inspiration & All That Jazz

If you’re in the mood to have a blissful autumn wedding, here are some ideas for you

Color selection

Which colors come to your mind when you think of an autumn wedding? Close your eyes and visualize the perfect colors for your autumn wedding scene decoration.

The crowd-pleasers have to be champagne, burnt orange, beige, gold, brown, and warm metallic colors.

1. Blooming Flowers


Flower décor is also a crowd-pleaser in an autumn wedding. You can opt for dahlias, hibiscus, camellias, ferns, peonies, and roses. If you have access to sunflowers, you can add them to your wedding décor list.

2. Ceremony arches décor


The ceremony arch is the highlight of the wedding. You can ask your decorator to use sunflowers, branches, and falling autumn leaves to decorate the arch.

3. Rustic centerpieces for your wedding day


You can use textured pinecones as centerpieces and place a rustic candle with them. Ferns and autumn flowers like peonies, carnations, roses, and sunflowers look good when paired with ferns. Candles in burnt orange, metallic gold, and beige would look classy at the center. Light it up and enhance the overall look of the flowers and ferns set on the table.

4. Fairy lights & lanterns


Autumn weddings should have a warm color scheme. To create a warm and cozy look, you can add some fairy lights and lanterns. Place large vintage lanterns at the aisle and several strings of fairy lights above the dinner table.

Can you imagine what we imagine? We imagine YOUR dream wedding, which you can beautify with these ideas! Pick a suitable venue for your day and make sure you use the décor ideas mentioned in this autumn wedding scene decoration guide!

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