How To Style Colorful Trousers in 2020


What you probably don’t know is that colorful outfits have a big power in our minds, they have a great impact on our emotions and feelings right the second we see them.

In these days, the effects of the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) outbreak are devastating and it has been felt all around the world. Many people are starting to feel blue as we have been locked down for many weeks now. Why not trying some colorful outfits to cheer yourself up during these uncertain times?

Today we will introduce how to style colorful trousers to brighten your days! Let’s check it out!

1. Mint Green Trousers

Green is still a hot trend in 2020. From avocado green to mint green, do you feel summer is around the corner? Mint green trousers are the first choice if you are thinking to add a pair of colorful trousers to your wardrobe 2020. Here comes to the question- how to style mint green trousers? Our suggestion is white, black and earth tone colors.

Mint Green Trousers

The best choice is pairing mint green trousers with white blouses or T-shirt. Mint green makes people feel cool, and white adds bonus points which easily make you stand out from the crowd.

Black and earth tone colors are also good choice to pair with mint green trousers. It is worth mentioning that eighth or ninth trousers are better choice when you choosing trousers in light colors, because light colors sometimes make people look boxy compared to dark colors.

2. Sakura Pink Trousers

Pink trousers are always a popular choice among colorful trousers, because most girls like pink in the privacy of their thoughts. Carrie’s classic pink trousers look in Sex and the City left us a deep impression 22 years ago. And now, sakura pink trousers are back on trend again in 2020!

Sakura Pink Trousers

Many instagram influencers pair sakura pink trousers with suit, T-shirt and simple knitwear to balance the sweet vibe of pink. And it’s easy to copy their look in daily life.

3. Ice Blue Trousers

If you still not dare to go for a mint green or sakura pink trousers in 2020 as they are too bold for you, we suggest you try a safe choice- ice blue trousers. Go for a pair of ice blue trouser to replace your classic blue jeans as the first step, we believe that the colorful trousers would brighten your days!

Ice Blue Trousers

The biggest advantage of ice blue is that it can make your skin fair and radiant. So the priority style tips is wearing blue on blue. You could wear some statement accessories to make a high fashion look.

You can also pair ice blue outfits with white accessories, such as white shoes and white bags which could perfectly balance the ice blue in daily life.

Dressing up even though you know you’re not going anywhere can keep your spirits up, and dressing up in bright, colorful outfits can absolutely draw a smile on your face and on those who live with you. Try a pair of colorful trousers to brighten your days now!


Tell us your ideas about colorful outfits in the comments below! You can also check our other articles by clicking here:

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