How to Style a Classic Trench Coat

As everyone knows, a good trench coat is timeless addition to our closet that we’ll wear for years to come. And the most classic color of trench coat is an earth tone color like khaki or camel! However, many people would argue that earth tone trench coats are not friendly to people with dark complexions as it can make them look listless. Is this really the case? No! Today I will show you how to style a classic trench coat to make you look more vigorous and chic. Let’s check it out!

1. Pick white as a transition

The easiest way to achieve a vigorous but not too obvious look when wearing a classic trench coat is to pick a white layering piece. No style restrictions, a white T shirt, a white blouse or white sweater are all ok.

2. Colorful accessories make you standout

Of course you can layer colorful clothes underneath a classic trench coat. However, a large area of colorful cloths usually means easy to make mistakes. So I prefer to suggest adding some colorful accessories, such as a pair of colorful shoes, a colorful beret and a colorful silk scarf.

3. Belt it

Oversized clothing is super hot these years. When it comes to oversized classic trench coats, I suggest go belted if you are petite.

4. Pair with dresses or skirts

If you want to try a more unusual style when wearing a classic trench coat, then forget your trousers! Dresses and skirts neutralize the trench coats’ tough vibe and help you to build a both cool and interesting look.

5. Show your skin

Last but not least, remember to show your skin when you wearing a classic trench coat which makes you look more vigorous. Such as tying up your hair, opting for a low collar layering piece or just show your legs.

That’s today’s introduction about how to style a classic trench coat. Are you planning to wear your trench coat in a new style? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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