International Women’s Day 2020: Self Gift Ideas

This March 8th the world celebrates Women’s Day and we are all used to receiving gifts from the men surrounding us: friend, son, boyfriend, husband and so on. But have you ever thought of buying a gift for yourself? Why wait for someone else to celebrate your day by giving you some beautiful flowers or some delicious chocolates?

Of course flowers and chocolates are beautiful gifts, but you can also go out and choose something you really want, and just buy it for yourself. You may wonder why would I do such a thing? Well, the answer is just because! It’s your day, and you deserve some self-love. Isn’t it there a perfume you’ve been wanting for years, or maybe a pair of leather boots that stare at you from a store window every time you pass by? Well, it’s time to take action! In this article we’ll give you some ideas of women’s self-gifts you can buy for yourself this International Women’s Day 2020.

Self-Gifts Ideas for International Women’s Day 2020

This coming Women’s Day you have so many reasons to celebrate and enjoy yourself that buying something you really want is the perfect way to giving some self-love. Here’s a list of 8 ideas of gifts for Women’s Day you may want to buy yourself.

1. Spa Session


This may sound as a cliché, and maybe it is; but who doesn’t love and enjoy a spa session? Most women nowadays have no time to rest and relax so why not stop and let someone pamper you?

2. A Perfume


As we mentioned before, there’s surely a perfume you love and you’ve never decided to buy, who knows why. Well, find the courage and go for it. You will enjoy every time you wear it.

3. A Book


If you enjoy a good read then this is another good and cheap option. Take a stroll along the bookstore, peep some covers and backs and choose the one you feel you will enjoy reading on a relaxing weekend.

4. Lingerie


This is kind of a taboo topic since many women don’t dare wearing hot, sexy lingerie for themselves. Well, the news is you don’t need to be sharing with someone to put it on. Once you buy yourself some sexy lingerie and wear it on a regular day and see how sexy you feel throughout the day, you’ll never want to stop wearing it.

5. Bag and Shoes


We all know these two are never enough. We love them. We cherish them. There’s never a limited amount we can have. The more, the merrier. Find some courage and go get those leather shoes and matching bag that always stare at you from the store window!

6. A Trip


Taking a trip, no matter if long or short, will help you relax and clear your mind. You can go with your partner or some friends, the important thing is that you choose a spot you like and in which you will be able to enjoy till the last minute.

7. A Wine


If you are a wine lover, you can invest some good money on a good wine to enjoy during dinner or while watching a movie alone or with company.

8. A Dress


Let’s admit it, all women love dresses. Every time we are invited to a party, the first thing that comes to our minds is what am I going to wear? Although we enjoy this part, it can sometimes be really stressful since you have to rush from store to store until you find something that suits you and you like. Well, why not take this chance of giving yourself a gift to buy a beautiful dress for your next party? Having a dress in your closet ready to wear for the next formal occasion will be the best decision you make.

Hereunder we give you a list with some dress ideas you can choose from for your next party. Take a look and start making your choices!

Dresses for Women’s Day 2020

1. Beautiful High-Low Tulle Dress


This sweet tulle dress with a deep V-neck on the front and back with sophisticated sequin appliques on the bust is one of the customer favorites. The high-low shape allows you to walk and dance freely all night without having to be too careful about not tripping over your hem. What’s more, it has a concealed zipper up the back for a comfortable dressing. It’s a perfect fit for almost any occasion: a cocktail, a wedding, an evening party, and any other formal affairs you can think of!

2. Sexy Sequin Evening Gown


This stunning show-stopping dress is completely covered in sequins for you to shine all night long. With a V-neck, delicate straps and an uncovered back, this gown flatters your figure emphasizing your waist. It has a concealed zipper on the back and it’s padded, so you can wear it with no bra. This is absolutely a must have for any formal parties at night. It comes in burgundy, grey, rose gold and navy blue.

3. Elegant Shiny V-Neck Dress


This absolutely gorgeous long sleeve dress is perfect for every evening party. Fully covered in sequins and with a sexy thigh high slit, this deep V-neckline gown will have all heads turn on you. The concealed zipper on the back makes it easy to put it on. You can choose between rose gold, burgundy and dark green.

4. Elegant Lace Floor-Length Dress


An incredibly elegant A-line lace gown that features a sheer black overlay, black lace brocade along the bodice and short lace sleeves: everything you need for a sexy and elegant look that portrays your taste. It has a concealed zipper up the back for an easier dressing and you can choose from burgundy and black.

5. Stunning V-Neck Sequin Bodycon Dress


Last but not least, the star of the night: an incredibly stunning V-neck sequin dress that embraces your waist and flatters your feminine figure. You can wear this at any occasion at night. Choose between multicolor and pink.

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