How to Plan a Backyard Wedding on a Budget

A backyard wedding inspires an instant warm, comfortable, relaxed vibe that is difficult to recreate in other types of venues. If you and your fiancé like outdoors and want an exceptional sentimental feeling for their wedding day, this is definitely your best choice: you can throw an impeccable backyard wedding party without breaking the bank. Your backyard can be transformed into a dream wedding location by being as intimate, romantic, and special as you want, and perhaps above all, it can be on a budget as well.

If you’re considering a wedding in your backyard, we have compiled some essential ideas for backyard weddings on a budget that will help you in pulling together your big day.

Backyard Weddings Have Become a Popular Choice this Year


This year started with an unfortunate global pandemic that has immensely affected everyone’s daily life. While a lot of people who were planning to get married this year had to sadly postpone it, there are some couples who don’t want to let go of their summer wedding plan. A backyard wedding is a trendy option for all such couples (of course, it can be organized in fall or winter as well). This home-grown celebration, compared to other outdoor weddings, is safer, easier, and budget-friendly.

Benefits of a Backyard Wedding


Getting married is a lovely time of your life, irrespective of the venue. If you’re searching for a beautiful place to get hitched, consider all the benefits of a backyard wedding enlisted below.

  • Save Money: Planning a backyard wedding in your own or friend’s home automatically slashes the budget of your wedding dramatically as you don’t pay for the venue, per-person charges, security deposits, and other hidden fees that go with them. Besides that, you will have to rent nearly everything else, however, those don’t outweigh the venue cost.
  • Select Any Date: Since traditional marriage venues get booked up much in advance during the peak season of weddings, a backyard wedding gives you full choice to select any date that suits you and your entire family. This may appear small but is, in fact, a big benefit of a home-grown celebration.
  • Full Control of Whole Space: Traditional marriage venues usually impose strict rules on the renters such as the preferred catering list, following regulations regarding decorations, or to leave the venue at a certain hour. When you decide on a backyard wedding, you have the choice to decorate the entire space as you want.
  • A Short Guest List: Since backyard weddings are naturally more intimate as compared to a wedding in a traditional setting, this is a good reason for keeping a short guest list. If you are worried about the reaction of your relatives on your decision, you can remind them about space being the major limiting factor in this.
  • An Emotional Factor: Celebrating your wedding day either in your own or your parent’s backyard is an exciting way of holding those lovely memories close to your heart.

Backyard Wedding Ideas and Guides

Organizing a backyard wedding reception is trendy nowadays. From formal, elegant look to natural decor and romantic tablescapes, your backyard has unlimited wonderful ideas to offer. For easing your process, we will provide you 10 backyard wedding ideas, which will beautifully inspire your small at-home wedding nuptials.

1. Select a Center


One of the best things about backyard weddings is that you’re already familiar with the area’s positives and negatives. You can pick your favored spot whether due to its visual appeal or sentimental reasons and make that the center of your wedding nuptials.

2. Make the Best of the Surroundings


Make full use of the splendor that naturally surrounds by designing your décor according to the encircling landscape. Charming tablecloths, vases of exuberant eucalyptus, and bare wood elegantly mingle with the backdrop.

3. Affordable Wedding Dresses and Bridesmaid Dresses


As far as wedding dresses are concerned, brings you some of the most gorgeous yet minimalist wedding and bridesmaid dresses for a backyard wedding. All the dresses are delicately designed and can be bought from the comfort of your home.

  • Simple Strapless Mermaid Eloping Wedding Dress

If you’re looking for an affordable and adorable wedding dress, this is the one! The dress is perfect for those brides who want to have a subtle and simple bride look. The mermaid cut of the dress gives it a classic silhouette that will flatter any figure type, curvy or thin.

  • Cold Shoulder Lace High-Low Wedding Dress

This high-low wedding dress is perfect for the bride who wants a touch of elegance and glamour. The lace overlay gives the dress an extra dose of romance, while the cold shoulder detail adds a touch of modernity. And what’s even better? This dress is also super affordable!

  • Chiffon One Shoulder Maxi Long Bridesmaid Dress

If you’re looking for a simple and elegant bridesmaid dress that won’t break the bank, this one shoulder maxi dress is perfect! With its flowing chiffon fabric and flattering silhouette, this dress will make your bridesmaids look effortlessly beautiful.

  • Off Shoulder Ruffle Thigh Split Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaids dresses don’t have to be expensive, especially if you’re going for a budget-friendly backyard wedding. This off-shoulder bridesmaid dress is perfect as it can also double up as your reception gown! The ruffles and thigh split detail make the dress uber-feminine and flattering.

  • Sequin Bodice Sheer Long Sleeves Maxi Bridesmaid Dress

This bridesmaid dress is perfect for the bride who wants to add a touch of glamour into her wedding. The sequin bodice gives this maxi dress an extra dose of bling while also adding curves to your figure, while the sheer sleeves and open back detail give it a flirty edge.

4. Homemade Spread


When it comes to backyard wedding décor, one of the great ways of decorating on a budget is by a garland that is made of your favorite photos. You can organize a table and place homemade desserts, combine different serving dishes, and use your family heirloom linens on it.

5. Organize Banquet Tables


A backyard wedding is all about friends and family. Your wedding reception should be celebrated by gathering everyone in a family-style. The long, slightly narrow banquet tables lay a communal, warm tone, which is usually missed in other seating ways.

6. Displaying Baked Goods


Backyard weddings aren’t complete without serving baked pie – it is the quintessence of grandmother’s kitchen. But don’t forget to include homemade cupcakes and cookies while we are at it. Display these delicious treats on your dessert bar as a homegrown strategy, which will definitely please your guests.

7. Hanging Garden


If you like gardening, the plants and flowers that you have grown in your garden can be simply used here. Some of the plants can be set on the ground while some hung on the roof and trees around. Also, if you want, you may write little quotes on them. All these may look simple but are certainly more meaningful.

8. Include Pets


Another smart idea is to include pets. At-home wedding nuptials offer an ideal environment to include your pets as they are aware of the venue and will not be uncomfortable or anxious.

9. Lighting for the Evening


Strings of single color lightings or twinkle lights, chandeliers, lanterns with candles, a cluster of votive candles, and marquee signs are all pretty ways to bring a romantic mood in your backyard wedding while offering sufficient light for you and your guests.

10. Parking a Cart of Fruity Drinks


Summer backyard weddings cannot go without fruity drinks. To add a touch of the vintage dash, you can try displaying them in a custom-made wagon. Moreover, to incorporate some southern charm, you can fill mason jars with lemonade or iced tea.

We hope our advice will prove helpful and cannot wait for your comments.

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