Winter Wedding Guide: Best Color Tips for Your Winter Bridesmaid Dress

Some people say that winter is the best time of the year. Fluffy white snow, warm fireplace, and cups full of hot cocoa. If you also like the beauty of winter, then it may be your wedding season. Winter is here, and if you have plans to get married in the winter, it’s time to prepare for your winter wedding.


The first thing you need to take care of is the bridesmaids. After all, they will be there for you on your big day. But have you considered what color dresses they should wear?

As the fashion trend of bridesmaid dresses changes from year to year, it can be hard figuring out which color is the best for your bridesmaid dresses. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of our winter favorite colors for you. So you can feel confident choosing one that will look great on your winter wedding day!


Before you opt for a winter wonderland wedding, please read our guide. This article has tips on bridesmaid dress colors that will help make this decision easier!

Winter Wedding Bridesmaid Dress Color Guide

Let’s go beyond the dull winter wedding dark palette. There are so many sophisticated colors to consider for a luxe winter wedding! Think about warm cream and blush tones, fresh mint and teal, or dazzling silver and gold. And you can never go wrong with a classic black & white.

1. Navy blue bridesmaid dress


Navy blue is a classic color and easy to go with. White bride gown with navy blue bridesmaid dresses always looks amazing in the snowy landscape. So it is perfect for winter weddings.


You may not have considered using navy blue for bridesmaid dresses, but this classic hue is taking center stage and we can easily look elegant by wearing them. Whether you choose a classic style or a stylish cut, navy blue is a simple way to add a peculiar touch to the aesthetic of your bridesmaids. The best part is that it is a color that will always exist, so there are many styles to choose from, depending on your pursuit.

Whether you want tight-fitting satin or charming chiffon, we can meet your needs with navy blue.

2. Sage green bridesmaid dress


Winter bridesmaid dress colors are typically a darker shade, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some light hues into your bridesmaid dresses.

A festive color that will brighten up any winter wedding, green is perfect for bridesmaids who want to add a pop of color. From rich hunter greens to light pastel shades, there’s a green dress for every style and personality.

Our favorite winter bridesmaid dress color is sage green for 2022! Sage green is a color that has been popular for weddings since the 20th century. The reason behind this might be because sage adds to the beauty of winter by creating an attractive contrast with white snow, blue sky, and brown earth. Then, it also goes well with red roses which are often used.

Sage green bridesmaid dresses are perfect for the cold weather and will make you look radiant. A sage green bridesmaid dress is a perfect choice for winter weddings. The sage color has been trending in fashion lately, and it’s no coincidence that sage is an ideal shade for winter weddings as well.

Sage green bridesmaid dresses are perfect to complement different shades of blue and even pink wedding themes. Vibrant, green bridesmaid dresses bring to mind fresh botanicals and foliage. It’s a perfect match to the snowy white wedding.

If sage green isn’t your favorite color, don’t worry! Many other colors complement sage well such as dusty blue or burgundy.

3. Dusty blue bridesmaid dress


If you’re looking for a less common color, dusty blue bridesmaid dresses are also a great option for your winter wedding! This color has a touch of antique elegance to it, making your wedding seem even more classic.


Dusty blue is a blue color that is very like serenity. Dusty blue bridesmaid dresses can be worn throughout the year and are especially gorgeous with a chilly winter wedding. It can also be paired with a range of colors such as ivory, blush pink, and champagne! The dusty blue works well with that snowy winter too.

Dusty blue bridesmaid dresses are the perfect way to incorporate more of a pastel color into your bridal party. They are also a great option for brides who want to have a winter wedding with a softer look. Calming and stable, dusty blue bridesmaid dresses display a subtle vibrancy and sophistication in a winter wedding.

4. Burgundy bridesmaid dress


Burgundy bridesmaid dresses are another great option for bridesmaids in a winter wedding. Wine-inspired hues, like burgundy, maroon, and merlot, are extremely popular bridesmaid dress colors for winter weddings. This deep wine color is a lovely choice for winter bridesmaids and will match any holiday-inspired theme.


Burgundy is appropriate with any season and flattering on almost all skin tones. It also works well with other colors like gold, white, or silver to create an elegant look that’s perfect for your winter wedding day!

If you want an elegant, symmetrical look, have your bridesmaids wear identical floor-length dresses in a dark red color. And never forget to ensure everyone is warm on the big day. You can consider wearing a white faux-fur coat or blankets to match burgundy bridesmaid dresses.

5. Black bridesmaid dress


Black bridesmaid dresses are always a safe and chic choice for any wedding, regardless of the season. They can be dressed up or down, depending on the other colors and accessories you choose to pair with them.


A timeless color that can be dressed up or down, black is always a chic choice for bridesmaids.


There is no denying the charm of black bridal party dresses——from classic styles to fashionable and avant-garde silhouettes. It is an elegant and timeless choice for your wedding party. If you want your bridesmaids to wear a unique color, then black might be the best choice for them.

Black is not only stylish and elegant but also timeless. Whether your wedding has a formal or casual vibe, black dresses will complement any style. Plus, your bridesmaids will stay warm in their long black gowns!


Don’t forget to include these winter colors when choosing your bridesmaid dresses! They will look beautiful in any style and are sure to make your winter wedding day even more special. We hope you found this article helpful and that it gives you some ideas on what color bridesmaid dresses to choose for your winter wedding! Good luck with everything else that comes along with planning a winter wedding!



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