How to Choose Shoes for Evening Dresses?

Wearing high heels is not the most comfortable option, though they certainly help make your legs look fantastic. Whether you are getting ready for prom, a pageant, or a wedding, you’ll want to ensure that you pick the right shoes. “What shoes can I wear with a dress?” You may ask. Finding the perfect pair of shoes for your gown can be a difficult task. Your dress is going to capture people’s attention, and the perfectly paired shoes will keep them looking.

Finding the best matched shoes for evening dresses requires that you stay in touch with the latest trends in both dress style and shoe style. Trends are continually changing on social media, so it isn’t simple to stay up to date, but with some smart research, you’ll be able to pair your perfect dress with the perfect shoes.

1. Shopping For Your Evening Dress

Shopping for a dress can be fabulous, as you get to decide on color, length, and style. Picking from a wide assortment of colors, from the classics like black, red, black and white, green, pink, blue, to different shades and tones, can be an all-day adventure. Once you’ve found the right color, it’s time to find the right length. Hem lengths are going to go a long way in determining shoes for evening gown wear. Let’s say you buy a solid color dress. The solid color of the dress will give you much more creative freedom with your shoe choices. That will open you up to options like prints, straps, and more.



If the dress you choose has beading, jewels, or prints, you’ll want to ensure that the best matched shoes for evening dresses like these are to keep it simple. Stay with a more simple, basic shoe style. When paired with highly decorated shoes, highly stylized dresses can make the wearer look like a potential addition to the nights’ “Worst Dressed” list. The easiest way to avoid this is by going with a pair of solid colored shoes. That will draw the attention exactly where you want it; on your beautiful dress. If the dress has multiple colors, decide on the one color that you want to pop out and get shoes in that color. If you are still having problems matching your shoes with your evening gown, you can always go with a nude color. Nude will give you the versatility you need.


Now let’s talk accessories. Assuming you plan on adding some jewelry to your ensemble, make sure you pair it correctly. Does your dress have silver? If so, don’t wear gold. Just don’t do it. These colors typically don’t match well, so try your best to avoid them. It’s the same with your shoes. If you have silver in the dress, don’t wear shoes with gold in them.


Colored accessories have their own rules. When you match your shoes, consider the color of the accessories. You can generally be safe matching the shoe to the accessory.

2. Confirm The Shoes Height


If you are tall, high heels can make you feel like a giant among men, leaving your date to stare up at you all night long. If you are into this, then great! If not, think about possibly wearing a different height. There are three heights to consider. Your shoe height, your height, and your date’s height. If you are six feet tall and your partner is five feet five inches, maybe high heels would be the wrong way to go. In fact, a pair of flats may be the best option. Want to make your legs stand out? Wear heels. They will make you look taller while drawing attention to your fabulous legs.

The height of your hem can also be a factor in how high a heel you choose. If the hem is at the ankle to mid-calf, a high heel may be in order. If floor length, use your best judgment.

3. Make Sure Your Shoes Are Comfortable


If your shoes aren’t comfy when you try them on, they won’t be comfy after several hours on the dance floor or walking through the park on a date. If you never wear heels, make sure you pick them up a few weeks before the event so you can wear them around a little and break them in. Blisters are no fun, and trying to recuperate from any damage to your feet is terrible. Bring a backup pair of flats so you can swap out if needed. It will make the difference between going home early and miserable, or staying out with friends late into the night and closing down the dance floor.

Another thing to consider when preparing for the shoe purchase is, what type of night is planned? Are you going to be dancing the night away? Or are you going to be sitting this one out and watching from the comfort of a couch? When answering these questions, you can narrow the scope of your shoe search considerably. Sitting and watching from the sofa is the perfect scenario for a high heel. Dancing the night away is going to be much more fun (and comfortable) if you wear flats.


You should always make sure to pick a dress and a shoe that makes you feel both comfortable and confident. Confidence is an essential part of the night. If you feel uncomfortable from the outset, you’re not going to feel comfortable and confident all night. Make sure to pick the best shoe and dress for you for the occasion.

If you do ask yourself, “What shoes can I wear with a dress?” just follow these tips and you will have a fun, fabulous, memorable night, and you’ll have a beautiful glow of confidence all around you.

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