Halloween How To : Witch, Jessica Rabbit and Cruella De Vil Costume

It’s officially fall, which means it’s time to start planning your Halloween costume- if you haven’t already. The staff at Ever-Pretty takes Halloween pretty seriously but we thought it’s be fun to show you what our super creative fans and customers came up with as well. While we love Halloween, we don’t love spending a ton of money on a cheesy costume when you can just as easily come up with something way better using what’s already in your closet or an affordable dress that you can wear again and again. Hence, this costume how-to series! The challenge was for each of the participants to come up with a costume using any Ever-Pretty dress of their choosing. We think you’ll love what they came up with and hopefully this will spark some creativity when planning your own costume.

1. Witch Costume

Our first post comes to us from Alexandra Spencer. Alexandra was inspired by our star print top and skirt set to create a witch costume.


A witch costume is one of the easiest to pull off using what is already in your closet; however, that doesn’t mean it has to be basic. There are so many ways to interpret how a witch may look- you could go for a sexy witch costume, a scary witch, or a mystical witch. We love that Alexandra went for a celestial witch look with our star printed skirt. Read on for Alexandra’s own words about how she put this witch costume together:


“I knew I wanted to create a witchy costume look when I saw this dress. It gave off that vibe. I didn’t need to alter the outfit itself at all for this costume. Make-up was my key for creating this look. I went with a smoky eye with copper highlights in the eyeshadow to match with the gold and orange stars in the skirt. I also used highlighter on my cheeks to add more shine. I really wanted my make-up to flow with the fun of the skirt. No witch-y look is complete without a nice, dark lipstick which I think really helped to tie in this look. The dark wine color was the perfect cherry on top. The witch’s hat was from the dollar section at Target but was the perfect accessory to complete this witch-y look.”



Witch hat from Target Dollar Section

Make Up:


Urban decay naked smoky eyeshadow palette

Colors used: combust, armor and password

Meech and Mia copper loose eyeshadow

Urban decay Cosmic eyeshadow

Sugar arch arrival brow definer in 02 taupe Tom

Ciaté London starstruck eyeliner

Doucce maxlash volumizer mascara


Morphe highlighter in high impact

Smashbox photo finish foundation primer

Hey honey trick and treat cream concealer in natural tone

Pūr-lisse BB tinted moist cream in Light shade


Maybelline Midnight Merlot Lipstick


You can shop Alexandra’s look below.


2. Jessica Rabbit Costume


Our next Halloween costume how to is brought to you by Jacqueline Embler (@jayquille90). Jacqueline was inspired by our off shoulder sweetheart dress to create a Jessica Rabbit costume. Jessica Rabbit is one of the most iconic sex symbols of all time- and she’s a cartoon! She has inspired countless costumes and parodies over the years; who can forget Heidi Klum’s epic transformation. Read on for Jacqueline’s own words about how she created this costume:


“Now I love Fall. It has always been a fun time of year for me. Fall is full of great flavors, cooler weather, and I get a break from some horrible bugs.

With Fall also comes Halloween. I used to love trick-or-treating as a kid and trading candy with my siblings. As I’ve gotten older and am responsible for my own costumes, I try to make it as cheap and versatile as possible, while also remaining comfortable. Ever-Pretty has plenty of dresses to make into costumes, but they go back to being dresses, or vice versa. This year, I took my Off-the-Shoulder Sweetheart Neckline Dress and turned it into a makeshift Jessica Rabbit costume.

I simply cut a slit in the side up to my upper thigh. I am a 34 DD, so I left the straps attached to the dress. I simply safety-pinned them to the inside. (If I’m going to a party to go dance, I would need those straps or I’d be flashing everyone). Again, I’m all about versatility and I like to be comfortable. I’d rather have fun dancing than worry about looking like a perfect Jessica.

I wore some of my favorite heels, as they are very Jessica-style. I am comfortable in them and they gave me the height I needed in the dress.

As for the gloves, I am pictured wearing some dish-gloves. My real ones haven’t quite arrived from online. They were $9 on Amazon.

My makeup was simple. My usual foundation and eye-liner, but with purple eyeshadow. I wore my all-time favorite lipstick, Lipsense. This stuff is a must. I put it on before I go anywhere and it won’t budge.


It doesn’t smudge, get on my teeth, or fade when I eat. It’s perfect for a night out doing Halloween festivities.

I just re-colored my hair last week, as my old red was fading. I usually rock this hair color.

All this to say, it was an easy Halloween costume for me to pull off. It’s comfortable and was fairly inexpensive. And again, versatile. I still have a beautiful red gown to wear for fun events, just now, it has a little added sexiness with a high slit.”

You can shop Jacqueline’s look below.


3. Cruella De Vil Costume

Cruella De Vil from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians is one of most feared villains of animation. Our next Halloween How To , brought to you by Alexandra Dilworth (@alexandrapdilworth), will show you to how to create a fabulous Cruella De Vil costume using a little black dress and some classic accessories. Read on for Alexandra’s take on how she created this look:

Cruell- De-Vil-Costume

“Halloween is by far my favorite holiday! I love the myths, lore, and legends that surround this day: witches, bats, ghosts, ghouls, and… puppies?

About 2 months ago, I went to this estate sale with my mom. I struck gold for just $10! The previous owner of this home had a rare taste in clothing, shoes, and jewelry. Casually perusing the huge rooms filled with numerous items that had been hardly ever worn, appeared this amazing Alfred Dunner quarter-sleeve, fluffy, white, faux-fur coat. I knew that I’d never seen anything like it and wouldn’t likely get another chance at it — so, I purchased it immediately.

As soon as I heard about Ever Pretty’s Halloween-inspired giveaway, I knew that I absolutely had to find a dress which would go with that coat! There were some necessities — I’m tall, so it had to be midi or floor length; black, sleek, and ideally off shoulder (really trying to emanate the cartoon-version Cruella). I was in luck – Ever Pretty’s Sexy Off Shoulder Midi LBD is the perfect main piece for a rocking Cruella DeVille look.


Next, I needed some of the true Cruella accoutrement: red satin gloves, heels, a 20’s era cigarette holder, and some truly unfortunate hair coloring. All of these items were easily found on Amazon or I already had them.

1. Xuhan – 15″/ 21″ Long Flapper Evening Opera Satin Gloves for Women Elbow Length 1920s

2. Utopiat – Audrey Hepburn Long Extendable Silver Cigarette Holder 1920s Party Halloween Costume Accessory

3. Mofajang – Hair Wax Dye Styling Cream Mud, Natural Hairstyle Color Pomade, Washable Temporary (White)

4. a.n.a. – black heels bootie

I don’t wear a lot of make up generally, so I had to mix and match some of my basics, with some random makeup that I found. For my make-up, I used:

1. Almay – liquid liner in 221 Black

2. Sugar – stroke of genius heavy-duty kohl in 03 Green Light

3. Maybelline – rocket volume express waterproof mascara in Black

4. It cosmetics – brow power universal eyebrow pencil in Universal Taupe

5. Mellow – matte lipstick in Candy Floss

6. Chella – ivory lace highlighter

7. Urban Decay – all nighter waterproof longwear liquid foundation in Shade 1.5

8. Victoria’s Secret – eye shadow quad in Bellissima”


You can shop Alexandra’s look below.


4. Cotton Candy Princess Costume


Our 4th and final costume how to comes from Courtney Sulzberger. For her costume, she decided to create a magical cotton candy princess costume from one of our pink dresses.

Read on for how Courtney created her cotton candy princess look below:




  • Costume
    1. Cut 2 pieces of tulle big enough to wrap around your waist twice.
    2. Cut 2 additional pieces of tulle big enough to around your waist once and long enough to match the length of your dress from your waist to the bottom of the dress
    3. Once you have the dress on, use the first 2 pieces of tulle to tie a bow around your waist. Style the bow so it is fluffy, yet looks professional. Pin the excess tulle from the bow inside of the wrapped around piece around your waist.
    4. Take the additional 2 pieces and pin around your waist. Tip: Don’t make the tulle look perfect. The tulle should look somewhat messy and be uneven at the bottom of the dress. Either use scissors to add edges to the bottom of the tulle, or scrunch pieces up within the wrap around your waist.
    5. For the cone, fold the 8×10 white paper into a cone and secure it with clear tape. Bunch the cotton balls into the cone. For the top of the cone, use double sided tape to create a larger grouping of cotton balls. Tape this grouping to the top of the cone.
  • Makeup & Hair
    1. Blow dry your hair and use the necessary styling tools to tease it. Tip: The bigger, the better!
    2. Once hair is teased, put your hair into a top bun and continue teasing it. Secure it with bobby pins as needed
    3. Once hair is up, use pink coloring spray on the top of your head and (most importantly) your bun. Tip: Wait to spray paint your hair until your bun is secure. There’s no need to use spray paint on parts of your hair that no one will see!
    4. Once hair is completed, add your tiara of choice!
    5. For makeup, I recommend getting fun with it! I was able to used some glittery pink/purple eye shadow, a pink matte lipstick and some fun blush for this costume. This is the perfect excuse to get girly and break out the makeup that you’re not always able to use.




“I love this costume because it’s simply, yet whimsical! While it may have started out as a normal cotton costume, adding a tiara felt like a great personal touch to make it my own. I always add tiaras so this was the perfect accessory for my cotton candy costume. The cotton balls acted as a great prop to carry around and throw into the air – felt like pink snow! The dress was so comfortable and tulle had such a strong effect, that it was great being able to turn only a few supplies into such a cute costume!”

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