Top 6 Reasons to Have a Holiday Wedding

The holiday season starts from Thanksgiving until the start of the New Year and it is typically busy with family and friends gathering, gift exchanges, work parties and so on. However, that doesn’t mean holiday wedding is a bad idea. On the contrary, there are many reasons why you should consider a holiday wedding. Read on to see why:

1. Your Wedding Guests Will Be Very Happy


The holiday celebrations create memories for everyone and they will be in a jovial party mood with the holiday spirts and decorations. This is one of the biggest reasons why your holiday wedding will be unforgettable.

2. Most People Are Free or Have a Few Days off on a Holiday


You will have a guarantee that most of your friends and family members will be free and they will attend your wedding if you have a holiday wedding.

3. Most of Your Friends Will Be Staying Local


Many friends from growing up with you may live in another city now, they are likely to be around for a family visit in holiday season if you’re planning a holiday wedding in your hometown.

4. Easier to Remember Your Anniversary


You can easily forget a random date like August 17th or September 22th, but if it’s December 25th or January 1st, it becomes easy for you to remember because you can easily relate and you can have anniversary celebrations such as taking an anniversary vacation.

5. Reduce the Total Cost


Most churches and venues are already decorated around holiday seasons. You just need to take advantage of the seasonal decorations with a few additions to make it your own if you’re planning a holiday wedding in either of the venues. You can spend more on your wedding budget, have a longer honeymoon or have additional details in your wedding.

6. Everyone Loves Holiday Dresses and Heels



Traditional white wedding gowns look stunning against snowy winter backdrops but brides looking for a less traditional look have the best reason to wear that red satin ball gown and those gorgeous velvet heels you’ve had your eye on. Plus guests will already be ready for holiday parties and have plenty of dresses at their disposal to choose from.

How do you feel about a holiday wedding? Tell us in the comments below.

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