Get Inspired With These Oscars 2020 Dresses Reviews

This 2020 The Academy Awards came with great expectations regarding who the winners were going to be. The biggest award in the Hollywood world took place this year for the 92nd time and it was held once again at the Dolby Theatre in L.A, California. Hundreds of famous nominee figures attended the awards hoping to go back home with the iconic, popular and honorable golden trophy.

As always, the red carpet was on fire, full of cinema stars walking on it from one place to another; but let’s be honest, the only thing that we’re interested in here is fashion. With a wide variety of styles, colors, accessories and designers, this Academy Awards 2020 was a delight to the eyes.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what to wear for your next formal party, take a look into this article and peep what the most famous women in the world wore to the Oscars 2020 so that you can have a general idea of what’s trendy this year.

New Dress Trends from Oscars’ Red Carpet

In this section we’ll take a look at some of the best dresses outfit in 2020 oscar red carpet: the ultimate fashion styles were walking along the red carpet at the Oscars and you can’t miss them: some a bit simple and some other absolutely impressive and stunning in every colour and style you can imagine.

1. Sexy One-Shoulder Fitted Dress

Renee Zellweger made a big impression with this stunning fitted white dress that features a one-shoulder neckline and a long sleeve. Although she kept it very simple, the style really emphasized her amazing figure. If you are afraid of wearing white, take her as an example. Looks stunning!

2. Impressive Jewel-Encrusted Silver Dress

Janelle Monáe totally managed to have all eyes on her with this impressive gown which featured long sleeves, encrusted silver jewells and a hood. She was certainly one of the stand-out look with this stunning shimmery outfit. If you are a shimmer lover, this can give you an idea of how it looks!

3. Beautiful Silver Strapless Dress

Scarlett Johansson shone with this silver strapless dress with peaks and a see-through top with silver threads. As for the skirt, it features a long, elegant tail. If you like this color for a dress and you’re not sure about it, see how beautiful it looks on her!

4. Impressive Irregular Maxi Dress

Charlize Theron made an impressive entrance at the red carpet wearing this absolutely stunning maxi dress which features an off-shoulder, curved neckline, a frilly detail around the hips, a deep, sexy thigh slit and a huge, magnificent tail. This dress is a clear example on how black doesn’t necessarily means boring. So if you like black, go ahead and choose a bold style!

5. Stunning Sparkling Caped Dress

Last but not least, Brie Larson wore this stunning floor-length outfit: a sparkling rose gold gown with a thigh slit that featured a cape. Without a doubt, another stand-out look of the Aacademy Awards 2020. The soft pink color makes a great combination with her skin tone!

Inspiration from Hot Stars’ Dresses in the Oscars 2020

Now that you took a look at a few fashionable dresses worn by some of the hottest Hollywood stars in the world in this Academy Awards 2020, you’ve probably grabbed an idea of what’s trendy this year. Go ahead and look at some dresses ideas from Oscar female stars so you can choose your new dress for your next party.

1. Sexy Shiny Long Sleeve Dress


You will feel like a red carpet actress right after you put this sequin dress on: featuring a deep V-neckline and long, delicate sleeves, this night gown makes it a perfect choice if you want to be on the spotlight. The thigh slit gives you a sexy touch without showing too much, and as it is padded, you can comfortably wear it with no bra. Choose it between rose gold, burgundy and dark green.

2. Romantic Off-Shoulder Dress


Want to be in the skin of Penelope Cruz? This romantic long dress features a fishtail skirt and a flowy off-shoulder neckline. Designed to emphasize your curves, this deceptively simple design is everything you’ll need to look romantic, elegant and subtle. Go ahead and buy yourself this beautiful night gown!

3. Stunning One-Shoulder Evening Dress


Looking forward to be the absolute star of the night? This one-shoulder neckline sequin dress will certainly have all the eyes rolled on you from head to toes. The fishtail skirt embraces your figure and together with the flowy ribbon on the shoulder they make a great combination for the perfect night! Choose between navy blue and burgundy. It is padded so that you can comfortably wear it with no bra.

4. Elegant Double V-Neck Maxi Dress


This absolutely stunning maxi dress features sequined tulle with a deep v-neckline both on the bust and back, a fishtail skirt, and the delicate touch of the shimmery leaves all along the dress. If you are looking for some shine but want to keep it subtle and elegant, this may be your one! Choose between burgundy, silver, navy blue, dusty navy, gold, white, purple orchid and black.

5. Delicate Round Neck Evening Dress


If your style is pretty different from the four gowns mentioned above because you like keeping it very simple, this beautiful, delicate dress may be a good fit for you. Sleeveless and with a round neck, this fishtail dress is the queen of simple yet beautiful dresses!


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