Everything You Need To Know About Black Wedding Dresses

When it comes to the color of a wedding dress, most people’s first impression is white. Actually, white wedding dresses only became the standard when Queen Victoria wore her white wedding dress back in 1840, she encouraged a lasting tradition for Western bridal fashion. Before this, any color was acceptable for a wedding dress, most brides chose the color according to the wedding theme, or just wore their favorite color.


It is the 21st century now, what the Queen is wearing in her wedding is no longer so important. Yes, white (or cream, ivory) wedding dresses are classic and traditional, but it is definitely not the only choice for brides. You could go for any color you want, especially you are in the pursuit of something unique.

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Today, we will talk about black wedding dress which has become a trendy wedding dress color these years, more and more brides are breaking tradition and saying yes to black wedding dresses, this flattering inky hue is undeniably alluring and ideal for fashion-forward brides.

1. What Does It Mean To Have A Black Wedding Dress?

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In color psychology, black means mystery, power, elegance and sophistication. Black is a positive, empowering color and this is also the reason why black is often the color of option for people who is in position of authority and power. For black wedding dresses, they are the unexpected color for but elegant and high-class; for the bride who chooses a black wedding dress, it symbolizes your refusal to bow to traditional norms.

If black is your favorite color and represents your personality well, or you just want to wear black, then take back control and go for a black wedding dress! This is your big day!

2. Advantages Of Black Wedding Dresses

  • Black wedding dresses are friendly to any complexion, figure, hair color or age.
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Black is a classic and flattering color, we believe that most people already have some little black dresses in your wardrobe, black hue of dresses goes for a distinctive taste and self-expression. In some special events, when you don’t know what color to wear, classic black is always a safe choice for most people, if you think black suits you well, we believe that you’ll fall in love with black wedding dresses too!

  • Take amazing photographs with black wedding dresses.

Black is an unexpected color for a wedding dress, and the unusual black wedding dress is the biggest reason to take amazing photographs to let your unique taste and personality shine! Especially if you are going to have an outdoor wedding, such as a rustic wedding, garden wedding, beach wedding, a black wedding dress is sure to help you to make a memorable fashion statement!

  • Black wedding dresses are versatile that you can wear it again after your wedding.
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Compared to traditional white/cream/ivory wedding dresses, a huge advantage of black wedding dresses is that they can easily be worn again after the wedding day, especially if you choose the black style with clean and structured silhouettes, you absolutely can wear it to some special occasions again!

  • Make your wedding more memorable.
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If you wear a black wedding dress on your big day, it’s highly possibly that you are the only one in your circle of friends to make such a daring choice and you are sure to stand out. If you’ve got a loud personality, turn it up now!

3. Top 5 Black Wedding Dresses Ideas

Most people don’t know the black wedding dress trend until Vera Wang debuted a series of black wedding dresses at a runway show in 2011. And it seems to become popular recent years, especially among celebrity brides: “90210” actress Shenae Grimes wore a Vera Wang’s black wedding dress when she married Josh Beech in London. And singer Avril Lavigne married Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger wearing a custom black wedding dress by Monique Lhuillier, she is a big fan of black as she also carried a bouquet of black roses in her wedding.

If you’re planning to wear black wedding dress on your big day, we’ve gathered 5 wonderful ideas to give some inspirations for you!

  • Black Lace Wedding Dresses
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Lace is a classic fashion element in most weddings, it is elegant and romantic. When lace plus black, the effect is much more pronounced. There is evidence to show that black can very much be a festive color, especially when combined by gorgeous floral embroidery. If you’re looking for a dreamy and romantic wedding look, we suggest you consider sheer floral lace on the back of the dress, or on the sleeves to highlight your features and make you like a delicate piece of artwork.

Whether you choose a ball gown, a sexy mermaid dress or a flowy A-line dress, you can be sure that black lace will be a right option that make you look truly radiant.

  • Minimalist Style Black Wedding Dresses
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If romantic lace and flowy trains are not your style, if you are searching for simplicity, take a look at minimalist style black wedding dresses which is perfect for modern brides. A simple and clean silhouette in black looks superior, complete the stunning wedding look in red lip and simple accessories. As we see many red carpet look in this way, minimalist style black wedding dress is surely befitting you and you’re sure to catch everyone’s eye in your big day!

  • Short Black Wedding Dresses
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Whether it is a mini, tea-length or even a high-low design, short wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular among modern brides. If you like a more casual and special wedding, we suggest you go for a short black wedding dress as it is so cool and comfortable!

  • Gothic Black Wedding Dresses
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Black wedding dresses are absolutely the best choice for a gothic wedding. If you are looking for a gothic look for your big day, we suggest you go for a black wedding dress with elements such as long sleeves, thick lace or some heavy fabrics, and don’t forget to wear a black veil to complete the entire gothic look.

  • Black And White Wedding Dresses or Other Colors
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If you hesitate to choose white or black wedding dress for a long time, why not go for a black and white wedding dress that maintain a sense of tradition while showcasing your special taste and style.

Of course you can choose other colors and black, such as black and golden wedding dress for a luxurious and stunning look; black and red wedding dress for a striking and unforgettable look; for a winter wedding, try black and blue wedding dress to make a magical and romantic look; black and purple wedding dress easily achieve a bold yet feminine bridal look. All of these color combinations provide the perfect match for your big day.

4. Where To Buy Black Wedding Dresses?


We have to admit that black wedding dresses are not overly common and may not be stock in regular bridal stores. If you decide to wear black in your big day, we suggest you call the bridal store to ensure they have black wedding dresses, or you can buy them in online stores which have more choices.

Black wedding dresses are here and they are here to stay. Choose what you like and make your wedding unforgettable, all eyes will definitely be on you!

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