How to Plan a Beach Wedding on a Budget

A beach wedding is surely the most romantic way to say ‘I do,’ with golden sands, sunshine, and the surf gently lapping to provide a natural landscape beauty that will enhance your special day. Whichever beach and wedding package you choose, your day will hold wonderful memories forever, and just imagine the array of photographs! You’ll be the envy of everyone! So which beach? Many choose the Caribbean and combine it with a honeymoon, however, when the budget is the key factor, there are many fine beaches to consider depending on which country you choose. Beaches all over the world offer excellent locations at varying budget packages and if you search for beach wedding locations you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here’s a list of impressive beach wedding spots.

Within the U.K., Cornwall provides miles of golden beaches and many have wedding venues set immediately above the beach. AirBnB’s can accommodate wedding guests cheaply, however, there’s so much to consider with add-ons such as a wedding arch, chairs decorations, outfits, photography, and catering. You’ll need a marriage license which will cost around $290 in the USA or around £35 per person in the U.K.

Along with a beach permit of around $20, a rough guide on planning a low-budget DIY beach wedding could set you back around $1,200 in lesser-known resorts.

There are numerous websites to explore for beach wedding ideas on a budget, and if you want to take a look at the most beautiful ones,click here.

Did you know that the Dominican Republic and Florida are among the cheapest beach wedding locations? Do check out Pinecone Resort, where a beach wedding for 50 guests can cost around $4,115. A total piece of cake!

Outdoor Beach Weddings are trendy these days!


Whether you choose a large or small beach wedding, one thing is certain: you can be as simple or as extravagant as you want to be, and you won’t have to worry about the pandemic as guests will be outdoors. You’ll need to consider your guests, as most will combine the wedding with a holiday in the location.

Beach wedding locations are a vast topic to research, but one thing is guaranteed, you can do almost anything on the beach, it’s your stage for the day, and you can dance barefoot under the stars at night, or even take a dip in the ocean. And imagine the amazing photo-shoot you can take with your dress in the salty waters after getting married! Certainly, a dream come true.

You’ll be the envy of everyone as getting married on a beach is so wildly different from conventional weddings. Even if you host your ceremony on the beach with drinks and snacks, and then enjoy the main reception at a nearby location, it will be a truly enchanting day to remember. And just imagine visiting the beach again at sunset – just the two of you?

What to Consider When Planning a Beach Wedding


You’ll need to consider access to the beach, have a windproof cover, and ensure shade for high temperatures. Then think about catering if the entire event is to be held on the beach.

Finger food is by far the best option, or maybe have a drinks reception on the beach then move to another inland location for the main reception.

For guests and the happy couple alike, do wear lightweight clothing, be comfortable, and go for flat shoes or have a ’drop-off shoe station’ and go barefoot throughout and collect your footwear on leaving.

It’s worth doing away with a bridal veil as if it turns breezy you may sail away! People usually dress down for a beach wedding, so relax, be free, and enjoy the ambiance.

Offer some cheap fans for the guests; they’ll certainly appreciate them if the weather is hot.

Money-saving tips for your beach wedding


These tips we collected will help you save money and celebrate your beach wedding within a budget:

— Consider tying foliage or palms for the backs of chairs as it can cost far less than flowers. Foliage can be used for table settings too.

— Incorporate elements of the ocean such as shells, and maybe try Boho chic table settings based on a beach theme. You could arrange a tropical beach bar and offer wedding favors again, with a nautical theme. Hiring a swing hammock for the happy couple is pure luxury and they won’t mind you being photographed in it.

— Food is a major expense; however, buffets are cheaper and less formal than a sit-down meal. Wedding cakes can be very costly so think about cupcakes which are all the rage right now and easy to enjoy, plus, you don’t have to be cutting and serving.

— Save money on wedding décor and use the ‘Something borrowed’ rule, as you’ll be amazed at what you get offered and it will personalize the whole event.

— Photography is a major cost so consider using an App that allows you to crowd-share your wedding photography as often the photos will be far more natural than ones taken by a professional photographer. You can invent a hashtag with your and your bae’s names for people to upload the pics and hashtag them.

— Last, but not least, let’s not forget the beach wedding dress. As with most wedding effects, there’s a huge variety of attire beach wedding dresses and you can check for countless options at Ever-Pretty, where you’ll find stylish, feminine, and highly elegant beach dresses to compliment you on your special day. Here’s a list we made for you:

· Princess Beach Wedding Dress


You’ll feel like a princess wearing this stunning delicate lace maxi dress. It has short ruffle sleeves that fall gently over the upper arm and has a deep V neckline. It’s exquisitely feminine and an excellent choice for a beach wedding dress.

· Elegant Beach Wedding Midi Dress

Elegant Beach-Wedding-Midi-Dress

An elegant chiffon A-line midi dress that has a stylish see-through panel of chiffon and lace from the knee down to the ankles. It’s a really stunning and eye-catching dress and perfect for a beach wedding, and a dress you can wear afterward for any other special occasion.

· Romantic Beach Wedding Dress


Pure, simple, and ultra-feminine, this delightful Round neck with ordinary shoulders beach dress will certainly make you feel special for your great day.

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