Trendy Wedding Guest Dress Ideas for Summer 2024

Weddings didn’t seem to allow themselves to be bothered by this pandemic; so since the world is still spinning, we need to get prepared and up-to-date with the summer wedding guest dress trends in 2024, don’t you think?

Since we are guests, we should be polite and not cast a shadow on the bride, but let’s not be too polite and treat ourselves with something nice that doesn’t go over the bridge, of course. These are the 2024 trendy wedding guest dress styles:

· The Fabric Star of The Season


And the prize goes to…chiffon! This is a very versatile fabric and can be mixed and folded into hundreds of models. So a summer wedding guest dress can easily be tailored in chiffon, for a fresh look, but in a dark shade, for a more formal approach to the occasion. Other options include full length, and with some playful details on the upper part, such as a one-shoulder style – and this is a recipe for elegance and sobriety.

· Flowery details are the key


This works wonders, both for regular as well as for plus-size wedding guest dress items; little flowers in tulle or chiffon are amazing, elegant, and feminine. They can complete a monochrome dress like nothing else and can be the signature of the outfit, without any other additional details. You can go for maxi flowers in the upper part and go for a large center piece or little prints or embossed parts on the lower part. You are the architect of your artwork.

· This time, full length is the way to go


Like the usual definition of a formal dress, the full length is to be preferred at weddings. This is not a must, but a preference. It easily adds to the monumental effect for dresses to wear to a wedding and gives a lengthening impression to the outfit.

· Lace remains the princess of the opera


It may be summer, but summer wedding guest dress items shouldn’t miss some lace in their design. Lace is one of the most pretentious fabrics, and since we had fewer and fewer occasions to work runways and launching parties, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to come up with a more sophisticated outfit on a wedding occasion.

· I want to swing from a chandelier


Sia’s tune is perfect for this chapter; chandelier earrings are the way to go when attending weddings, and the brighter, the better; most wedding dresses have a rather clean-cut and simple sober design; and wearing necklaces in summer is not exactly recommendable, since it tends to get hotter; so the chandelier earrings complete the picture and can stand on their own as accessories. Don’t be afraid to go a little further with this trend.

Top 5 Affordable Summer Wedding Guest Dresses for You

We are not the type to lay out some ground rules and leave you hanging. See below our summer wedding guest dress recommendations, for our list of affordable and exquisite dresses to wear to a wedding.

1. Elegant Tulle Long Wedding Guest Dress


This bright and glamorous look plus size wedding guest dress is complimenting a full figure and makes for quite a sophisticated outfit. Perfect both day and night, the full length in tulle with flowery applications is feminine and playful. Pair it with a rather darker shade of lipstick and chandelier earrings and you’ll have nothing to worry about for this wedding. We would recommend going for the burgundy tone, but it is completely up to you if you want to draw attention to the dress or your skin.

2. Beautiful Maxi Long Lace Wedding Guest Dress with Cap Sleeves


The lace details in the upper part of the dress are quite dramatic and of great effect. The folds of this chiffon summer wedding guest dress are stunning, and this is a perfect fit for a bridesmaid. Loose hair and long earrings are perfect, and the gloomier, the better. The signature color for this chiffon is navy blue, yet it is not the only option. The lovely cut in the back is even more stunning than the front part, feminine and exquisite.

3. Impressive Fishtail Wedding Guest Dress with Half Sleeves


These half sleeves are perfect for any formal appearance, and the combination of sequins, tulle, and metallic details are eye-catching. Not to mention the mermaid cut and maxi hemline, to lengthen the figure. These dresses will complement any silhouette and even more for plus-size ladies. It comes in various colors, suitable for all complexions. And this will easily become one of your favorite items in your wardrobe, with its fishtail tulle detail in the back lower part. We recommend wearing your hair rather high and some pearl earrings to go with the dress.

4. Formal Sleeveless V-Neck Wedding Guest Dress


You’d say we are a bit obsessed with chiffon, and you would be right as it is a perfect pick for summer. The airy fabric steals nothing from the monumental effect of the dress; wearing it in dark burgundy or navy blue shades will add to its sobriety and elegance. The V neckline is perfect for all figures and will steal the show. The folds of the dress will make quite an impression on the dance floor. Need we say more?

5. Pleated One Shoulder Wedding Guest Dress


This summer wedding guest dress is the playful sibling on the list, and the one-shoulder design makes it seducing, elegant, and revealing a bit, but not nearly enough. The hanging part on the shoulder-less side is elegant and resembles Greek goddesses from the temple of Artemis. The pleated chiffon in the upper part is perfect for any bra cup and compliments the waist. This backless item will never go out of style, and we are sure you will be trying it on for size when you find yourself in front of the mirror, for a one-woman-fashion show.

We hope that our suggestion of dresses to wear to a wedding will help you make your pick for the next big event!


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