Black Friday: The Best Time to Start Shopping for a Prom Dress

Black Friday is coming soon and November is waiting for you with millions of options and websites to choose from: clothes, smartphones, home décor, books, and much more! Get ready to take advantage of this special day and purchase that special thing you’ve been wanting to have for a long time!

What’s Your Plan for Black Friday 2020?


Black Friday is a great chance for many to buy what they need or simply want to buy. The most common Black Friday Plans are:

  • Buying cellphones, laptops, and other technological gadgets. These tend to be expensive items and during this special sale, many people find the perfect chance.


  • Home décor. As this is not something people really need, Black Friday is a good moment to pamper yourself with something you like.


  • Toys. There are thousands of options out there to choose from. Black Friday is a great moment for kids as well!
  • Clothes. This is probably the most common category when it comes to buying items during Black Friday, and dresses are usually much cheaper. If this is your plan this coming Black Friday, keep reading.


Have you already decided to buy your prom dress this coming Black Friday? Well, we are here to help you through the process. You should know that buying your prom dress on Black Friday is an extremely wise decision as you will have plenty of time to get ready and also the prices are incredibly reduced. Moreover, as you will have enough time, any changes you want to make can be easily done in the blink of an eye.

Black Friday’s great sale is the best time of the year to buy your prom dress. For you to be able to make an intelligent choice of dress, we’ve designed this guide to introduce you to the biggest prom dress trends and then we’ll give you some tips so that you can be totally ready for Black Friday. After reading our guide, you’ll be absolutely ready to buy!

The Biggest 3 Prom Dress Trends You Should Know

As always, Ever-Pretty and Black Friday join together to give you the best options for your prom! Here’s a list of the 3 biggest trends when it comes to prom dresses:

1. Glowy V-Neckline Prom Dress with Sequins


Call the firefighters! Because you totally get everyone on fire in this stunning floor-length dress. It features a v-neckline, comfortable adjustable spaghetti strap, a high thigh slit and it’s all covered in sequins. Dresses of this style are 2020 must-have in your closet! You’ll be able to enjoy the night in a comfortable outfit and look sexy at the same time.

2. Elegant Fishtail Prom Dress


If you are looking for a bolder version of the previous dress, this style is absolutely on trend this 2020. It features a double V-neckline, a fishtail skirt, and silver sequins. This is a perfect style if you want to enhance your curves. If you are willing to get a shower of compliments on your prom, then this style is what you need.

3. Elegant Floor-Length Prom Tulle Dress


Make a statement in fashion by wearing this elegant and classy dress for prom. With a sheer round neckline, romantic long sheer puff sleeves, a ruching detail in the bust area, and a flowy tulle skirt, the romantic look is absolutely accomplished. If you are looking for something different yet trendy this 2020, give this one a chance!

5 Useful Tips to Get an Affordable Prom Dress on Black Friday 2020

This section of the Black Friday Prom Dresses guide will help you find the best discount on prom dresses available online. To make a safe and successful purchase, just pay attention to these tips.


  • Do some prior research. Before Black Friday arrives, go online and check what’s available, what’s trendy, what the prices are, and also, make sure you pre-select some interesting websites where you may want to buy your prom dress. In this way, you’ll make sure you’ll be buying a real offer.


  • Check the online store is safe. There are many fake websites out there and it’s pretty easy to get scammed. For that reason, you may want to make sure everything’s OK before making a payment. How do you do that? The most important thing to look for is other customers’ reviews. You can read them on the website and also on the internet. Some social media like Quora will help you get to know better the brand you are purchasing from.


  • Decide what style you are targeting. As you may know, there are many things to consider when choosing such a special dress as a prom dress. Long or short? Tight or flowy? Shimmery or subtle? Bright or dark color? If you don’t want to get lost in the woods while trying to choose the dress, then it’s convenient that you decide all those details beforehand. You can choose faster!


  • Pay attention to the size chart. Although by purchasing your prom dress on Black Friday you’ll have plenty of time to make any changes you may need, making an effort to choose the correct size will really help you here. The less you have to fix it, the better it will look on you. Be careful when clicking on the size. Check what type of size it is (UK, US, EU) and then refer to the size chart to see if it’s correct.


  • Don’t wait until the last minute! Remember, you are not the only one trying to get a beautiful dress this coming Black Friday, so be smart! Try to start your dress hunt early that day. The longer you wait, the less are the chances to get a beautiful, cheap dress that will make you feel the queen of the night.

With these tips for purchasing on Black Friday plus the best 2020 trends for prom, you are absolutely ready to start the prom dress hunt. A huge sale will take place during Black Friday at Ever-Pretty and you’d better start peeping if you want the most beautiful and affordable prom dress! Good luck!

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