Black Friday 2020: How to Get the Most Cost-Effective Bridesmaid Dresses

Black Friday is around the corner and many have been waiting all year for this sale day to come as many items can be purchased at really low prices: electronic gadgets, plane tickets, clothes, shoes, and the list goes on and on.

This 2020 has been a really tough year since the virus has provoked the cancellation or postposition of many events, among them, weddings. One of the most beautiful days in a couple’s life has been postponed over and over again by many people around the world. As sad as this is, if it happened to you, cheer up! Sooner or later, your wedding is going to happen and you need to be ready. This article was specially designed for you to take advantage of the coming Black Friday to select your bridesmaid dresses at really affordable prices!

Black Friday is the Best Chance to Get Bridesmaid Dresses, Get Ready!


If you’ve been surfing the internet to look for beautiful and cheap bridesmaid dresses, then you are reading the right article. There are many options where you can buy from, one of them being Ever-pretty Black Friday will be a great event, don’t miss it!

Before you get started with the selection of your dresses, here are some tips for you to get ready:


  • Have a meeting with your bridesmaids to discuss every detail about the dresses: what they like and what they would not wear at all, etc. You don’t want uncomfortable bridesmaids on your wedding day! After all, if you feel pretty, you will look pretty!


  • Choose the dress style: Sleeveless? Off-shoulder? Spaghetti straps? Ruffles? Check what’s trendy nowadays and let your girls choose the best options for them. If they cannot coincide, it is always possible that they choose a different style each one but the same color.


  • Decide on a budget: this is very important! There are hundreds, even thousands of options are there for you to choose from, so settling a budget beforehand will help you narrow down the options from the very beginning and this will save you a lot of time! So, think of how much you would spend on each dress or how much you can afford, and go from there.


  • Measurements: when you find the right bridesmaid dresses for your girls, you may need to hurry up as Black Friday in Ever-Pretty will be crazy and we could run out of stock. So, to avoid wasting time once the dresses are selected, make sure you have your girls’ sizes. You can ask her to take measurements of their bust, waist, hips, and also height. In that way, you’ll be able to identify their size number faster.


  • Last, but not least, color. I would say this is the most important thing to consider. The color of your bridesmaid dress is a milestone. Your girls may differ with their own opinions, but you can always try to arrive at an agreement about this. If your wedding is happening in a warm season, then you can choose a bright color such as fuchsia, green, pink, and even yellow. It’s going to happen during winter, then burgundy, blue and dark blue are great options.

After having gone through all of these steps, you’ll be absolutely ready for Black Friday 2020. Ever-Pretty will be waiting for your click!

5 Tips to Get the Most Cost-Effective Bridesmaid Dresses on Black Friday 2020

After finishing with each of the steps mentioned in the previous section, you’ll be ready to buy! This section has been designed to give you some tips to shop bridesmaid dresses on black Friday: what to expect, how to choose, how to find the best prices, how to pay, etc.


1. Do a panoramic view. Visit all the websites that offer you bridesmaid dresses on black Friday and check their quality, prices, offers, customer reviews, shipping methods, and restrictions, etc. After doing that, just select those sites that are more appealing to you and adapt to your needs better.


2. Do a prior analysis of prices. This is vital. Sometimes some brands offer you “discounts” that are not real discounts. To avoid falling into this trap, check the stores a few days before Black Friday to see the real prices. When Black Friday comes, you’ll be able to see the real price difference.


3. Check if the site is trustworthy. This is very important as there are many scams out there and you don’t want to end up paying for something you will not receive. To make sure the store you are visiting, it’s always good to read some customer reviews on the website and also outside. You can google the brand, look for it on Quora, check social media, etc. Be careful! Of course, you will find negative comments, but make sure the positive ones are the majority.


4. When looking for affordable bridesmaid dresses, make sure the quality is good. Sometimes cheap dresses are not as good as you might think and pictures can deceive you. How can you know? Easy: again, read the customer’s comments. You’ll always find comments such as “it’s just like the picture” or “the dress is really low quality, nothing like the picture”, etc.


5. Go through your shopping cart before paying. After you selected all the dresses you need, take a look at the shopping cart and see if you chose the correct models, colors, and sizes. If you make a mistake, it could take really long to change the dresses.

And, of course, don’t forget to visit us at Ever-Pretty! This coming Black Friday we’ll be giving many bridesmaid dresses options at really affordable prices!

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