10 Trendy Styles for Homecoming Dance 2020

The most exciting part of going back to school is getting ready for the most important dance of the year: homecoming. Many start prepping some months earlier to have it all ready when the day comes. After long, awful months of social distancing and lockdown, many are absolutely eager to let their body loose at this dance at some schools. However, other schools opted for virtual parties. Whatever it is, you probably want to enjoy it.
If you are one of those who are anxious about homecoming and want to get ready, this article will give you several beautiful homecoming dress ideas for you to start prepping your outfit, whether you have the party at school or from home.

Homecoming 2020 Is Around the Corner


(many schools cancel the homecoming due to COVID-19, but some other school still have this plan, or students can have a virtual homecoming just like the virtual prom,)

The homecoming dance is just around the corner and if you haven’t decided what to wear, you are probably taking care of that right now: the dress, the shoes, the purse, the hairstyle, makeup, and every little detail. But, have you ever thought of the origins of homecoming and what this tradition is about?


To start with, the term homecoming means coming home of sorts and it’s a great opportunity for teachers, alumni, and old friends to visit the school ground and experience a memorable night. It sometimes includes a parade or perhaps a football game.


Whatever it includes, obviously the main, big event of homecoming is the dance, which is pretty similar to the prom dance. However, they are different. First of all, they occur at different times of the year since prom is held at the starting point of Spring and homecoming is help during September or October. Secondly, prom is usually a more formal event and the outfits tend to be much more elaborate. Short dresses are perfect for homecoming.

10 trendy Styles for Homecoming Dance 2020

Ready to pick your perfect homecoming outfit? Here’s our selection of 10 trendy homecoming dresses that will blow your mind. You will find a wide range of different styles, fabrics, lengths, necklines, and colors, but we can assure you they are all cheap homecoming dresses that will make you feel unique during the dance.

1. Off Shoulder Retro Homecoming Dress


Want some retro inspiration? This beautifully-designed homecoming short dress will blow everyone’s mind. It features a short, bushy skirt, an off-shoulder neckline, and a beautiful flower design. You can add a belt for a chic look. Fully lined and padded in the bust, you can freely wear it with no bra and feel free on your homecoming night.

2. Cute Deep V-Neck Sequined Short Homecoming Dress


If you are after a princess-like look, this beautiful dress could perfectly suit you. It features a deep v-neckline with a bust covered in sequins, delicate off-shoulder straps, and a bushy tulle skirt. As it’s shiny enough, you don’t need much to complement the outfit: some subtle shoes and big earrings will totally do it. It has a concealed zipper and it’s padded for a no-bra option.

3. Trendy High-Low Tulle Short Homecoming Dress


This gorgeous evening dress is one of our customer favorites. It features a high-low line skirt which gives you the freedom to walk and dance freely, a double V-neckline with a bust full of delicate appliques, and a beautiful belt that embraces your figure. This stunning dress will be a perfect choice for your homecoming dance if you want to look elegant and yet remain comfortable.

4. Glowy V-Neckline Short Homecoming Dress


Get all eyes rolled on you with this absolutely sexy and stunning homecoming dress. Featuring a deep V-neckline, a knee-length flowy skirt, and shiny sequins on the bust that end in neat peaks on the skirt, this dance dress is perfect if you want a sexy and shiny look!

5. Gorgeous A-Line Homecoming Dress


For a more relaxed look, this absolutely gorgeous dress has everything you need including comfort and elegance. It features delicate and sexy spaghetti straps, an A-line silhouette that embraces your beautiful figure and a middle-length, flowy skirt and beautiful patterns on the bust area. It has a concealed zipper and it’s padded to allow you to wear it with no bra.

6. Elegant V-Neckline Paillette Homecoming Dress


Elegant, sexy, comfortable- everything you’re probably looking for to wear during your homecoming dance. Stand out from the rest with this cute dress featuring a paillette bust, delicate spaghetti straps, a deep V-neckline, and a flattering A-line silhouette. With a length reaching above the knee, this dress will make sure you show a bit but not too much. All in all, an excellent choice.

7. Stunning A-Line Short Homecoming Dress


If you want to look cute and feel light and comfortable as well, this adorable dress will do the job properly. It features a halter neckline and an A-line style that properly flatters your figure. The beautiful, catchy aqua color will make sure spring is all over you. With a concealed zipper on the back, it’s padded enough to wear it without a bra.

8. Amazing Homecoming Mini Dress with Spaghetti Straps


Bored of floor-length, dull-colored dresses? Take a look at this sexy hot pink short homecoming dress. This amazing mini-dress features delicate spaghetti straps, an A-line style which easily accentuates your figure, a waist belt at the front for a chic look, and last but not least, the fuchsia color will have all heads turn on you!

9. Sophisticated Deep V-Neckline Homecoming Dress


This wonderful dress is perfect if you are looking for a sophisticated out for homecoming this 2020. It features a deep V-neck and a promising A-line style that absolutely accentuates your most beautiful curves. The delicate spaghetti straps together with the above-the-knee length and the belt-like touch around the waist give the final touch for a perfectly elegant dress.

10. Sweet A-Line Homecoming Dress with a shimmery Skirt


Last but not least, this sweet dress is perfect if you want a genuinely naïve look for your homecoming dance party. It features a deep V-neckline, delicate spaghetti straps, and a flowy skirt covered in shimmery tulle for an extra touch of shines. All in all, a perfect dress for a sweet look!

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