Curve Plus Size Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

The color with the most star power this season is, of course, burgundy red: a more sophisticated and luscious color than simple red. Symbolizing abundance, burgundy suits most figures but especially curvy ladies with an attitude.

The pandemic has hit us hard, but that is no reason to skip celebrations and avoid those lovely occasions which make us smile. Be ready to add this to your number of motives to accept being a bridesmaid in 2023! Dressing up gives us something to look forward to, plan our outfit, and imagine how you would dazzle everyone on the dance floor.

Tips for 2023 Plus Size Bridesmaids

Yet, some of us might find it challenging to dress up being plus size. But that shouldn't be the case, following some essential tips.

✔ First, you should know your body, with its every curve and best features; it will take you a long way. Nobody actually has a perfect body, so dressing up to emphasize your best parts or those body features you are proud of will always work to your advantage. You should know your measurements, but don’t stick to size per se, as size is just a number, and you will wear different sizes depending on the brand, anyway.

✔ Second, and this goes hand in hand with the later, don't be afraid to show yourself, so don't ever cover yourself up and hide. Wear your body with pride, as beauty stands mainly within your attitude. And you are truly beautiful. Put on that crop top, go for shorter dresses, and show some arms.

✔ Also, invest in quality fabrics. It is better to have a hand of collectible-quality items and not stock on cheap clothes. Cashmere and HQ wool will always look better than polyester. The same goes for fine tailoring, good stitches and attention to details, making the difference.

✔ Fourth and last, don't be shy. Go for colors, go for prints, express yourself, play with various prints, shock a bit, and don't be afraid to show your true colors. Monochromes can work interestingly if you play with fabrics and textures, and combining different fabrics and different colors can make you look like always wearing a designer’s dress. Courage is everything in this department.


The Most Stunning Curvy Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses in Every Style

To exemplify accordingly, we handpicked a wide selection of burgundy bridesmaid dresses for plus-size ladies so as to emphasize the various options out there to wear burgundy with style and grace.

Plus Size Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Plus Size Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses Under $100

Our number one list includes amazing plus-size burgundy bridesmaid dresses under $100. Picking such a timeless piece and saving money for your next city break? Yes, you can; it's all possible.

Plus Size Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses under $100

Price: $74.99

Maxi burgundy dresses for bridesmaid are so in, but this piece has more to it than just plain length; the attention for details is mesmerizing in this item, with creases on the front upper side, cap sleeves revealing and elongating your arms, and a cropped back highlighting the beautiful arch for the back.

Plus Tulle Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Price: $59.99

Our second pick is suitable for spring and summer of 2022, being a more playful burgundy tulle bridesmaid dress. The lovely V-cleavage shows off your goods, while the back crop goes lower. The finishing touch is its beautiful waist bow, completing everything with the airy movement of its creases.

plus size burgundy bridesmaid dresses

Price: $49.99

Next in line, chiffon gives this burgundy bridesmaid dress monumentality and weight, as the V-cuts both in the front and back upper parts produce a truly elegant impression. The simple yet exquisite line of the burgundy maid of honor dress is complemented by the creased cordon to highlight your beautiful hourglass figure.

Off the Shoulder Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Price: $49.99

Presenting now the more laid-back pick of the shoulder ruffled dress, a more summer-y option which would be truly innocent if it weren’t for the side split. This chiffon burgundy bridesmaid dress for curve will boost your confidence, highlighting your elbows and neckline.

Plus Size Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses with Sleeves

Sailing further, let's look at plus-size burgundy bridesmaid dresses with sleeves, more suitable for the colder season.

plus bridesmaid dresses with sleeves

The half sleeves with leaf prints in sequin receive a thumbs up for playing with textures, obtaining an exciting contrast between shimmering and matte. The satin cordon adds to the overall elegant impression. The round neckline of the burgundy bridesmaid dress is quite a good pick for this classic full-length piece.

long sleeves burgundy bridesmaid dresses for curve

A daring piece, you don't actually know whether to focus on the neckline or on the side split. The shimmering fabric and full-length sleeves make for a perfect burgundy dress any bridesmaid would adore.

long sleeve sequin burgundy bridesmaid dresses

Probably the most cheerful of burgundy bridesmaid dresses from today's selection, the V-designs in sequin make for a lovely contrast play between the upper and lower part of the burgundy dress. Both rich and simple, the flowy A-line lower part beautifully dresses your legs. It can serve you as a bridesmaid dress, New Year's Eve, cocktail or premiere dress as well.

long sleeve v neck burgundy bridesmaid dresses for curve

Long lantern sleeves with a cut are the signature of this dress, beautifully completed with the crystal waistline and beautiful V-neckline. Using chiffon in burgundy makes this bridesmaid dress quite pretentious but easily and comfortably wearable due to its airy character.

Long Plus Size Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Since 2022 will be the year for maxi-length formal dresses, a list of long plus-size burgundy bridesmaid dresses is mandatory.

long tulle burgundy bridesmaid dresses

Ruffle sleeves in shimmering tulle, oh my! What could be more festive? The cleavage is quite ingenious, with double layering, exposing the décolletage with certain retention. The burgundy bridesmaid dress is nicely balanced between the lower “nice” sides, leaving the “naughty” role for the upper part.

long cold shoulder burgundy bridesmaid dresses for curve

Another full-length burgundy bridesmaid dress with ruffle sleeves, spaghetti straps for good support and a side split to give it some attitude. Busty curvy ladies will be highly advantaged by this piece so as to allow you to move freely without worrying about things coming out unannounced.

ever pretty long chiffon burgundy bridesmaid dresses

We were more accustomed to empire dresses in heavier fabrics, the reason why this particular chiffon dress with an over-layer in the front and a V-cut in the back surprises us in such a pleasant fashion. Ruffle half sleeves give it a romantic touch.

Plus Size Burgundy Velvet Bridesmaid Dresses

If the color burgundy is the rock star of colors, velvet is the power player in terms of fabric. So check out these two plus-size burgundy velvet bridesmaid dresses for a lasting impression.

long velvet burgundy bridesmaid dresses

Burgundy has the fantastic quality of being quite versatile as a finish note, depending on the fabric designers would use. Burgundy in velvet makes for a sober, elegant and sophisticated appearance. Perfect for formal occasions, this bridesmaid dress will not let you down.

plus size velvet burgundy bridesmaid dresses

The cold-shoulder burgundy bridesmaid dress with spaghetti straps plays with cuts and volumes beautifully. At the same time, the heart-shaped neckline gives a certain Audrey Hepburn look-alike for the exquisite customer.

Tips on How to Choose Plus Size Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

plus burgundy bridesmaid dresses tips
  1. Depending on the season and theme of the party, burgundy bridesmaid dresses can go from playful (in tulle, with ruffles) to intensely elegant (velvet dresses) and romantic (in chiffon, with lantern sleeves) to decadent – with a side split. Choosing the fabric and print depends, again, on whether it is a wedding by day or by night, as you can choose to go matte or shimmering, with or without sequins, overlaying fabrics and playing with contrasts. Full-length is the way to go for the 2023 bridesmaids season, adding a touch of elegance to the whole picture.
  2. You should choose to feel comfortable; a summer wedding will go better for a tulle or a chiffon dress; a garden party requires something less pretentious; a ballroom wedding will most certainly ask for a more heavy or glamorous fabric, so dare to introduce sequin to the picture.
  3. Going for dresses that will not negatively surprise you is smarter; pick a dress your size, make sure it allows you to move and go for one that does not limit your positions.

Top Trends for Curvy Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses in 2023

As we navigated our way through styles and fabrics for burgundy bridesmaids, let’s see our personal picks in terms of thematic dresses for 2023, our very adventurous suggestions, and certainly the ones with the most personality.

classic Greek-style burgundy bridesmaid dresses

Going Classic

Going classic with the Greek-style bridesmaid dress, introducing lovely cap sleeves with creases, and the shimmering glamorous details highlighting the waist. The crop back part of the dress beautifully embraces the attractive figure, showcasing the beautiful back arch and giving the dress a certain comfortable feelings.

long sleeve sequin burgundy bridesmaid dresses

Shiny Sequin

Burgundy and sequin – this must be a burgundy bridemaid dress for the bold ladies out there. Full sleeves and a side split to give it a Bond girl look, as this burgundy dress doesn't need any introduction or other jewelry to make it shine.

plus size v neck burgundy bridesmaid dresses

Deep V Neck

Deep v neck, shimmering fabric reflecting the light, lovely creases in the waist, and a high side split to compliment the burgundy dress and its owner, this bridesmaid dress in burgundy will become an extension of your body and your second skin combining dare and elegance.

plus size high low burgundy bridesmaid dresses

High Low Style

Asymmetry has been a trend for more than 5 years now, so credit where credit is due. This burgundy high low dress is the epitome of contrasts, playing with lengths and fabrics, from glamorous to matte, and introducing a nice wavy touch to the skirt. The over-layer décolletage is a nice bold move, and the full length in the back part, combined with a deep cut, cannot prepare watchers for what will come when the model turns her beautiful face.

So, Where to Buy Plus-Size Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses?

If you are looking for a decent balance between price and quality, the solution with the best quality per value is always going to be, with its wide selection of dresses for all tastes, but especially with picks for curvy ladies not afraid to wear their bodies as they deserve.