Here at Ever-Pretty, we can’t get enough of sequin dresses. This trend instantly takes any look from cute to high-fashion – what could be better? But don’t worry, this look isn’t just for evening gowns and cocktail parties: you can totally incorporate sequined dresses into your wedding party in a way that’s sophisticated and glamorous. Whether you’re looking for an eclectic look or classic glamour, there’s a sequined bridesmaid dress that’s perfect for your vision. Not sure how to get it right? Keep reading for our tips on how to pull together a shimmery, sequined bridal party look!

 sparkling dress color palette

Color Palette

To rock a sparkling dress without overwhelming the wedding party (or outshining the bride on her big day), we suggest going for a trendy and timeless neutral tone. Rose gold, blush, champagne, or taupe are all perfect shades for a dazzling bridal party – and perfect tones for bright accents, like colorful bouquets or bold lip colors.

purple sparkling dress 

silver sequined dress

Mixed Materials

If all-over sequins feel a little too bold for your wedding party, consider a mixed-material dress for a refined and eye-catching look. For a fairy-tale, dreamlike feel, pair sequins with a tulle element – or go for a more structured fabric and sleeved sequins for a sophisticated and romantic ensemble. 

 three sequin dresses

Play with Patterns

Just because you’re wearing sequins doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with different textures and patterns! We love the unique and gorgeous ways sequins can be styled in these bridesmaids dresses. From flapper-esque to contemporary chic, there are endless ways to rock sequins for an eclectic and memorable wedding party. 

red gradient sequin dress

green gradient sequin dress

Make It Your Own

The best part about your bridal party is how one-of-a-kind and special they are to you, so why not showcase that with their attire? We love the idea of letting every bridesmaid rock a dress that’s perfect for her unique taste, and it makes for some incredible ensemble photos. Try sticking to a similar color palette for a group look that’s dynamic but not chaotic.

gold sequin dress

 green sequin dress

Sequins are classy, romantic, and of course absolutely dazzling. Whether you’re going for a glamorous evening affair or a rustic daytime wedding, there’s a way to style your bridal party in sequins for a look that’s gorgeous, timeless, and styled for your unique wedding look. Want to make your wedding unforgettably stylish? Browse our collection of sparkling sequined bridesmaid dresses here at Ever-Pretty to find something perfect for your big day.