Accessorizing Necklines Style Guide

So you’ve found the perfect dress, but what about accessories? Add a bit of flair and complete your look with an eye-catching necklace, dainty stud earrings, and more. Not sure what looks best (or if you can even wear a necklace with a one-shoulder dress)? We’re here to help.  The key to accessorizing is balance. Too much statement jewelry can overwhelm a look, but no accessories at all can make an outfit feel unfinished. The best accessorizing emphasizes your look without taking over the spotlight.

Whether you’re rocking a deep v-neck or a delicate sweetheart neckline, there’s a way to accessorize your look with finesse for an on-trend impact. With Ever-Pretty’s incredible selection of dresses in every cut, color, and style, you have an almost endless supply of options for your next night out. From over-the-top statement necklaces to subtle pendant necklaces with a little sparkle, the right jewelry for your dress can make all the difference. So don’t get intimidated by accessories – start by looking at your neckline and following a few simple rules of thumb. We’ve written up a few tips on how to choose the right piece for every type of dress – even that one-shoulder. Happy accessorizing!

Sweetheart Neckline - A  sweetheart neckline is a romantic and delicate cut that's extremely flattering on every body type. Accentuate this open, soft neckline even more by pairing it with a bold pendant. Whether you prefer it choker-style or having it dip a little below the chain, a simple statement piece on a dainty cord is the perfect way to bring a little boldness to this look without overwhelming it. Look for shapes like circles, teardrops or ovals instead of harsher, more angular shapes to match the overall look and feel of this neckline style. 


accessorizing sweetheart necklines


V-neck Dresses – A plunging v-neck is a sexy and striking shape. The best way to coordinate a necklace with a v-neck is to match the angle of the neck. Try a hanging pendant necklace with one focus stone or a longer beaded drop chain to maintain that streamlined, angular shape. We suggest avoiding a rounded, choker-like necklace. Try to stay away from short beaded statement pieces. Something simple that mimics the v-neck shape will accentuate your neckline without taking away from the dress itself. 


accessorizing v-neck dresses

One-shoulder Dresses - One-shoulder dresses are often the trickiest to accessorize, but not anymore! We suggest skipping the necklace and letting this on-trend neckline speak for itself. Instead, add a bit of sparkle to your look with statement earrings and other accessories. Match long, dangling earrings with an updo for a look that’s sophisticated and dramatic. Complete your look with an eye-catching wrist cuff or a set of bangles.

accessorizing one-shoulder dresses


Strapless Dresses - Strapless dresses almost go hand in hand with short choker necklaces, but that doesn’t mean that’s your only option. With a strapless dress, the key is not to overwhelm the open neckline with too many visual details. Keep it simple with a beaded choker or a longer drop chain necklace if you want to rock something a little more unique. If you’d rather skip a necklace, statement earrings are an easy alternative, but don’t combine the two – you don’t want to take away from this lovely and dramatic neckline by over-accessorizing. Try some dainty stud earrings along with a choker for a look that’s both bold and balanced. 

accessorizing strapless dresses


Halter dresses - Halter neckline dresses have a lot of variation, so your accessorizing options can change depending on the cut. Cross-strap halters or those with embellished straps have a lot of detailing that can often be overwhelming with a necklace. However, a simpler halter with a plunging neckline is ideal for a pendant necklace. If your dress sits higher on your neck and includes some visual details near the neckline, go for a pair of larger stud earrings rather than a necklace to showcase this flirty, glamorous silhouette.

accessorizing halter dresses

High Round Neck Dresses – This  elegant neckline has a timeless feel and polished finish, with a neckline that rises up to the collarbone. Let this unique silhouette do the talking and keep your accessories simple and light. We suggest a delicate choker necklace or even skipping the necklace altogether for some striking small accents like a statement ring or sparkling stud earrings. 

accessorizing high round neck dresses

Accessorizing doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here at Ever-Pretty, we want you to look and feel your best for every occasion. Whether you’re heading to a black-tie affair in a sweetheart neck dress or going out for drinks in a plunging deep V, there’s a way to showcase your look with perfectly coordinated accessories. Use this guide to accessorize any dress, any time for a look that’s beautiful, unique, and well-balanced. And if you’re still looking for that perfect dress, look no further than our amazing selection of dresses from formal to casual and everything in between. Build a look that’s gorgeous, glamorous, and as one-of-a-kind as you with the help of Ever-Pretty.