Why You Should Add A Silk Dress To Your Shopping List 2020

When it comes to a silk dress, what’s your first impression? Many of you might love and hate it, right? Love the sexy vibe it has while hating that it has a high requirement of stature. Even so, we still think you should add a sexy silk dress to your shopping list in 2020. Why? Keep scrolling for the reasons, we will show you how to wear a silk dress in style and how to choose a silk dress! Let’s check it out!

1. No Other Dresses Can Take The Place Of A Silk Dress

As light as tulle, as smooth as satin, silk is wonderful fabrics without a doubt. The camisole slip silk dress is the most classic style among all the silk dresses. Silk lingerie-inspired style follows trends for underwear as outwear, and no other dresses can take the place of their delicate femininity.

slip dress

For big events, silk dresses are the classic choice for many celebrities and fashionistas. Nicole Kidman’s sexy burgundy silk dress and the romantic pink silk dress of Dakota Johnson will give you an idea of what we mean.

The green silk dress which Keira Knightley wore in the movie Atonment (2007) captivated fashion fans all over the world. The silk dress moved like shimmering water over her slim body and achieved amazing results.

For our daily life, a sexy silk dress will be a gorgeous choice for a wedding guest. Full skirted styles of silk dress can help you easily stand out at prom night.

2. How To Wear A Silk Dress In Style?

  • The most original way: taking silk dress as sleepwear

A silk dress can make you sexy and pretty at home even when you are alone! If underwear, as outwear, is not your style, then just take it as sleepwear. Don’t care about other people’s judgements, the most important thing is to please yourself.

  • Pair with the right shoes and accessories

Underwear as outwear became popular in the 90s. Only if you pair with the right shoes and accessories, a silk dress can be a gorgeous evening dress!

Of course, you can pair with flat sandals or sneakers for easy everyday and vacation style.

  • Take a silk dress as a layering piece

If wearing a silk dress alone is not your style, then you can try the hottest way- taking a silk dress as a layering piece. We highly suggest you try to pair with a suit that can hide your arms and shoulders when you don’t want to show much skin.

3. How To Choose A Silk Dress?

First of all, you have to know that silk dresses are not only designed for slim bodies. 


Although each silk dress looks almost the same, actually they have different cuts and lengths. A-line silk dresses are friendly to most body shapes. If you want to buy a silk dress as your daily wear, we suggest you choose the length that at the middle of your knee and ankle. Because the short silk dresses look more like sleepwear while the long looks more like an evening dress.

That’s today’s introduction to sexy silk dresses. Are you going to add it to your shopping list now? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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