What to Wear to a Summer Wedding as a Guest (Updated 2024)

It might not be a shock to you, but the summer is a very popular time for couples to tie the knot. The weather is warm, people are happy, and some weddings can have a dress code ranging from casual to formal. Why wouldn’t anyone want a happy summer wedding? For most couples, a summer wedding can mean new beginnings or create a more exciting and happier feel for the event. For a guest, a summer wedding dress code can be hard to follow. Making sure you’re not over or under-dressed can really pile on the pressure.

For guests who worry if sunglasses and sandals are out of the question, or whether a cocktail dress will make you stand out in a crowd and have sweat stains visible in wedding photos, this guide will help you decide if your sunglasses are a must, or if you’ll be sweating under a heavy gown in eighty-degree weather. Either way, we’re here to make sure you look your best and are well-prepared to last straight through all the events of the hot and humid nuptials.

What to Wear to a Formal Summer Wedding

When thinking of formal wedding attire in the summer, it is best to keep in mind the location. If the wedding is on a beach you might want to ditch the heels and opt for a dressy flat or possibly a wedge. Keeping makeup light, but striking, the colors you should stick to are light pastels or bright colors that give off the aura of summer.

Dressing in formal attire for a summer wedding is quite like dressing in formal attire for a normal wedding. However, there are a few notable differences. For most weddings, sleeves, glamorous makeup, and heavy accessories are a must. No shopper really pays attention to the material of their gown of choice, as long as they look good in it. You, the reader on the other hand might want to take a second look. Dresses to wear to a summer wedding should be breathable and light whether they are formal or casual. This can be hard to find in formal attire, so the right material is crucial when shopping for a dress. Here are our top choices for the perfect formal summer wedding dress.

1. Shiny Sequin Leaf V Neck Formal Dress

sequin leaf v neck tulle formal dress for weddings

This formal gown is perfect for a summer wedding. A V-neck with breathable sleeves can help you feel cool while its vibrant colors and stylish design will make you look your best.

2. Romantic V-neck Tulle dress


For a sultrier vibe, perfect for a garden summer wedding, this bright red gown is not only breathable but stylish with a fishtail tulle skirt to finish off a classy look.

What to Wear to a Semi-Formal Summer Wedding

Semi-formal attire is the best dress code a guest can ask for from a summer wedding. Although not completely casual, these dress codes tend to have a more relaxed feel than your typical black-tie wedding. You may want to opt for a classy wedge or a dressy flat, but once again, location is everything. Semi-formal summer weddings tend to be held in a more relaxed environment. At these weddings, bold prints are a good choice. A simple dressy afternoon dress or jumpsuit can be the easiest way to be comfortable but still make the dress code. Summer wedding guest dresses can be hard to find even though a semi-formal wedding dress code is a little easier to follow. Here are some of our suggestions for semi-formal wedding dresses.

1. Flirty Red High Slit Dress


A semiformal dress perfect for a beach wedding. Off the shoulder for an airier feel.

2. Daring V-Neck Maxi Dress


For a more playful look, this light chiffon dress can give you a classy look without coming off as too formal.

What to Wear to a Casual Summer Wedding

Wedding guest dresses for summer 2024 should be bright and happy to make up for the year most of us have had. At a more casual wedding, a guest can expect more options. A sundress can be a perfect choice, and the dress code might actually call for sandals or sunglasses. For most casual summer weddings, the bride and groom may allow guests to be more comfortable. Weddings like these have a more free-spirited feel and, in some cases, may even end with the guests barefoot! So, for these weddings, skip the Cinderella updo, and opt for something more effortless, but just because the wedding calls for casual attire, doesn’t mean you can’t look stunning. Shopping at Ever-Pretty can make dress hunting easy for any occasion.

1. Playful Cold Shoulder Chiffon Dress

cold shoulder chiffon dresses for casual weddings

This cute cold shoulder dress is perfect for a woman who wants to give off the impression of effortless beauty. This flattering gown is fit for any casual wedding.

2. Sequin High-Low Deep V Neck Tulle Dresses

Sequin High-Low Deep V Neck Tulle Dresses

This high-low dress is perfect for a casual beach wedding. For a warmer, light appearance this is the best dress for the casual wedding guest.

Using this guide will help any guest find the best wedding dress for formal, semi-formal, and casual weddings. Do remember to keep the location of the wedding in mind, breathable, bright, and vibrant dresses are your best friends. Summer weddings are meant to be uncomplicated and so should your choice of wedding attire.

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