Top 5 Wedding Dresses Trends in 2024 Spring

It is a dream of every girl to look awesome at her wedding. As it is considered a big day, she wants to be the center of attention. The beautiful dress plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of the bride. You want to look different and trendy on this special occasion right! So, instead of wearing stereotype dresses why not give yourself a stylish look? Read on for top wedding trends in 2024 and which styles to follow in this spring season. You should also see what cuts are trending in 2024.

Why Spring is A Wedding Season?

wedding-couple-on-the-lakeAre you planning a wedding? Then spring will be the best option, as there are so many things that we love about this season.

After a long and gloomy winter, the sunshine in spring is always welcomed as it will make your soul smile and warm the temperature. In spring, the days are longer and you can have ample time to enjoy the wedding. You need not dismiss the party as the sun will not set in so early.

As the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold. So you need not worry about wearing heavy dresses. You can wear light-weight dresses with pastel colors. The wedding dresses for spring are quite elegant and you will shine the brightest.

Bridesmaid-in-pink-dress-and-bride-with-beautiful-bouquetSpringtime is always joyful and full of colors. Who doesn’t want flowers everywhere on the big day? There is a certain joy in the atmosphere and there couldn’t be any better time to create a bond of love and happiness.

Surely, your guests will be eager to step out of their homes and enjoy your wedding as well. As mostly the colorful clothes are being worn during spring. So if you want a bright and colorful crowd then you must plan your wedding in spring.

The gentle and sweet breeze in this season may bring calmness to your soul. You will feel that the air is filled with love and everything will turn out quite well.

Top 5 Wedding Dresses Trends in 2024 Spring

Are you planning to get something special for your wedding? Then first take a good look at the list of some top-dresses this year. You will get some new inspirations of wedding dresses outfit that is not only perfect for you but quite stylish and trendy as well.

1. Lace Backless Fishtail Wedding Dress

Lace-Backless-Long-Fishtail-Wedding-DressThis gorgeous floral lace wedding dress features spaghetti straps and a sweetheart neckline, which makes it perfect for warmer months. A high slit in front with a tulle mermaid fishtail silhouette adds incredible drama to your big day – one you’ll never forget!

2. Sheer Lantern Sleeves Wedding Dress

Sheer-Lantern-Sleeve-Cold-Shoulder-Wedding-DressThis wedding dress is one of a kind in style, featuring billowy lantern sleeves and an elegant Sweetheart necklace covered with dotted tulle. The skirt features two layers that are crisscrossed at the bottom for added movement when you walk or dance which makes it perfect to wear either indoors or outdoors – just choose your venue!

3. One Shoulder Wedding Dress

Pleated-Bodice-One-Shoulder-Simple-Chiffon-Wedding-DressIf you want to be trendy and stylish at your wedding, then choose something which gives you some exaggeration as well.

This one-shoulder neckline will flatter your upper body and you will feel more confident in showing off your figure in an elegant way. You can glam it with one long sleeve as well.

4. Floral Prints Wedding Dress

Sweetheart-All-Over-Lace-Long-Sleeve-A-line-Wedding-DressInstead of wearing the same old styles and same colors why not wear something different the bold floral prints will be a perfect choice.

Add a burst of color to your classically white dress. These prints will give you a subtle look whether they are in pastel colors or the form of embroideries.

5. Ruffles Wedding Dress

Elegant-Maxi-Lace-Elopement-Wedding-Dress-with-Ruffle-SleevesIf you don’t want a silhouette then a frilly gown will be your perfect choice. You will feel quite different in this unique style.

The ruffles will add dimensions to your mermaid-style dress and make your skirt a frothy look. The equal frills will give you a romantic look as well.

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress?

For most brides choosing the perfect dress for a wedding is quite difficult. Most of the time finding the dream gown can be stressful for you. For this reason, you need to follow certain rules for dressing bride in spring.

  • Find the styles you like

Either you browse on the internet or go through bridal magazines and find styles that appeal to you the most. Compile your favorite dresses in a file and take a keen look at which similarities they have got. Are they voluminous or embellished with laces? Then bring your ideas into your dress.

  • Make appointments in time

Try gowns from different stores and don’t forget to tell them your budget so that you may not worry about it later. Make an appointment with a consultant so that he can help you in a better way to select your dress. Be open with your consultant and surely you’ll get some ideas about your dream dress.

  • Pay attention to the fabric

Well, if you have chosen the color and the embellishments then it is necessary to take a good look at the fabric of your gown. Structured materials like silk or taffeta will not only hold the shape but also smooth your figure. While filmy chiffon is also great to enhance your figure.

  • Keep the season in mind while shopping

It is quite necessary to keep in mind which type of fabric will suit you according to the season. In summer, lightweight fabrics and breezy styles are comfortable. While in winter heavy fabrics like satin or taffeta will be appropriate.

Young-Bride-and-Groom-couple-in-a-blooming-gardenYou can have a trendy look at your wedding this spring. Well, you need to do some research and get your dream gown. It is not that difficult to follow new styles which are both comfortable and stylish as well.

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