Throw the Event to Remember with These Holiday Party Style Tips

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The season for festive gatherings has rolled around once again! According to recent statistics, nearly 30% of Americans embrace the holiday spirit by either hosting parties for work, friends, or family.

The True Volume (and Cost) of Holiday Parties

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In the grand tradition of spreading cheer, these gatherings come in all shapes and sizes, but what about the financial toll they take on the hosts? On average, hosting a holiday party can set you back anywhere from $760 to $1000. This cost covers everything from decor to food and drinks that leave your guests wanting more. So, we came up with some ideas to host memorable celebrations without draining your bank account.

Holiday Party Tips: Cutting Costs

  1. Keep it Intimate: The guest list is a significant factor in your party’s budget. Keeping things intimate not only fosters a cozy atmosphere but also reduces the overall cost. Fewer attendees mean less food, less space, and a more manageable gathering.
  2. Stick to Beer and Wine: Instead of crafting a thought-out cocktail menu, simplify your drink selection to beer and wine. Not only is it easier to manage, but it also trims down your alcohol expenses.
  3. Greenery Over Florals: Trade expensive flower arrangements for greenery from your neighborhood or backyard. This adds a natural touch to your decorations and is a cost-effective alternative.
  4. Thrifty Décor: Deck the halls with budget-friendly finds by exploring thrift stores for decor. You will be surprised at the pieces you can uncover!

By incorporating these hacks, you can host a festive gathering that is both budget-friendly and impressive. As an added bonus, casual Christmas outfits can be both stylish and affordable, allowing you to celebrate joyfully and economically.

Best Theme Ideas for Your Next Holiday Party

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Let’s uncover the best theme ideas that will turn your holiday party into an unforgettable event. Whether you are dreaming of a glamorous Hollywood affair, or a nostalgic ugly sweater party, we have got you covered. Discover how to incorporate these themes into your holiday attire, ensuring that your guests not only enjoy the ambiance but also sparkle in style.

White Christmas

White Christmas themed holiday party

What about a White Christmas themed holiday party? Picture the all-white landscape mirroring the freshly fallen snow on Christmas morning. To bring this vision to life, focus on incorporating white and silver color hues into the details of your party.

From linens to lighting, make sure every element reflects the purity of freshly fallen snow. Dangle shimmering icicles to add a touch of frosty aesthetics.

And the dress code is a crucial aspect; so, you want to make sure all the guests are dressed in all white or silver cocktail and business casual holiday outfits to fully embrace the theme of White Christmas.

A Great Gatsby Christmas

Decorations for themed christmas party

Rewind back in time to the dazzling era of the 1920’s with a Great Gatsby themed Christmas party. Decorate your venue with the richness of gold and jewel tones, creating an atmosphere that showcases the extravagant soirees of the Jazz Age. Elevate the ambiance with Art Deco elements such as geometric patterns and bold designs to achieve the Gatsby touch.

For the dress code, make it black tie optional to encourage guests to channel the elegance of the 1920’s. Men can dress in the formal fashion of the era with sleek suits and bowties while women can put on their best flapper dresses or an elegant dress and accessorize with pearls and feathers.

To create a truly memorable party, you can provide party outfit ideas to guests to ensure the embodiment from the Great Gatsby era. With this theme, “A Great Gatsby Christmas” becomes a timeless celebration merging this extravagant time with the warmth of holiday cheer.

Masquerade Ball

Masquerade party

This theme promises a fun and sophisticated twist to your holiday celebration. Elevate the party with a black-tie dress code, but add a touch of mystery by making decorative masks mandatory for all attendees.

Masquerades are the perfect excuse to infuse your holiday party with themes of mystery, romance, and drama. Encourage the guests to express their individual style with intricately designed masks that add a touch of mystique to the festivities.

For outfit inspirations, help the guests with an outfit guide offering ideas on what to wear to the party. The combination of elegant gowns, tuxedos, and creatively crafted masks will set the tone for an unforgettable night. The mysterious and elegant theme will leave guests enchanted by the magic of the masquerade ball.


Hollywood Holiday

Hollywood Holiday Party

Embrace this glamorous era by channeling iconic figures like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor.

The key to executing the Hollywood Glam theme lies in achieving an effortless yet polished look. Embrace a dress code that is black tie optional, encouraging guests to embody the timeless essence of Old Hollywood. For the ladies, pearls and a bold red lip become essential accessories, complemented by evening gloves and small clutches to add a touch of vintage charm.

With this theme, “Hollywood Holiday” promises a night of star-studded elegance as it transports guests to the glamor that defines the magic of the silver screen.

Holiday Style: Matches Made in Heaven

festive glamor outfit

Welcome to the season of festive glamor! As the holiday invitations flood in, the quest for the perfect outfit begins. Whether you are going to an office soiree or a family gathering, find your ideal fashion pairing to ensure you radiate confidence and charisma. From classic elegance to modern chic, our holiday style guide guarantees a dazzling entrance and a lasting impression.

Be the Vision of a Beautiful Ice Queen with the Silver Plus Size Sequin Evening Dress

Silver Plus Size Sequin Evening Dress

Embrace the winter vibes in our Silver Plus Size Sequin Evening Dress, an ideal choice for those who aspire to be the star at any Winter Wonderland soiree. This stunning party outfit allows you to become the vision of a beautiful ice queen as you reflect the fresh snow.

Crafted with a double V-neck and sleeveless design, this long dress from Ever Pretty gives off timeless glamor as the silver hue captures the essence of winter landscape. Adding accessories with faux fur elements such as a muff, coat, or shawl can provide an extra layer of warmth and add a touch of elegance. Be the vision of winter beauty, sparkling under the starlit sky.

Embrace the Roaring 20s with the Feather Lace-Up Mermaid Dress

Feather Lace-Up Mermaid Dress

The glamor of the Roaring 20’s calls for our Feather Lace-Up Mermaid Dress, a stunning and staple piece to showcase the opulence and luxury of the Gatsby era. This holiday chic attire is designed with sequins and feathers reflecting the glamor of the flapper girl.

Channel the spirit of the 1920’s by pairing this statement piece with finger waves, embracing the timeless elegance of the period. To elevate your holiday chic attire, add statement jewelry to capture the festive vibe. Make a statement at holiday soirees with this exquisite piece that combines vintage charm and contemporary style.

Masquerade in Glamor with the Plus Size V-Neck Sequin Evening Gown

Plus Size V-Neck Sequin Evening Gown

This gown boasts a versatile color palette, giving it the glamor appreciated in the masquerade ball. The sequin detailing on the V-neck gown ensures you shimmer with every step you take and capture the point of the festive season. To complete the look, bring out your strappy heels and delicate jewelry to accentuate the gown’s charm without overshadowing its brilliance.

Whether you are dancing the night away or making a grand entrance at a holiday celebration, the Plus Size V-Neck Sequin Evening Gown guarantees you stand out in style. Embrace it this holiday season and create lasting impressions with this enchanting holiday dress.

Channel the Glamor with the Tassel Fringe Off-Shoulder Evening Dress

Tassel Fringe Off-Shoulder Evening Dress

Next, we step into the Hollywood glam with the Tassel Fringe Off-Shoulder Evening Dress - a breathtaking choice for one of your holiday outfits. While Hollywood’s golden era may have embraced minimalism, this dress proves that less can be more.

The body of the dress is intentionally kept simple which allows the tassel fringe to take the spotlight. This unique design element cascades down the dress, creating a mesmerizing movement that follows each step. Embrace the vintage Hollywood look by pairing the dress with long evening gloves, a bold red lip, and the timeless sparkle of diamonds or pearls. Steal the spotlight with a touch of vintage charm that transcends eras.

Stun at Holiday Parties This Season with Winter Dresses for All Occasions

holiday season parties

As the holiday season unfolds, make this one a memorable one by being a stunner at every party with Ever Pretty’s versatile winter dresses. It’s time to infuse fun into your fashion choices and use the festive events as the perfect excuse to get glammed up. From the timeless elegance of long-sleeved holiday dresses to the relaxed charm of casual holiday dresses, our curated collection at Ever Pretty ensures you will find the perfect look for any occasion.

Elevate your holiday wardrobe, embrace the joy of dressing up, and make a lasting impression with fashion that matches the magic of the season. Discover your perfect holiday look today at Ever Pretty - shop now to shine at every celebration.


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