Stay Stylish and Comfortable During Pregnancy: The Ultimate Maternity Clothes Buying Guide for 2024

The pregnancy period is a delicate period for women, so It’s important to feel comfortable in one’s clothing. While doing this, you can also stay stylish with cheap maternity dresses. During this period, women experience physical discomforts such as back pain, sore muscles, and pain in the breast, so wearing maternity dresses is important. In this article, we’ll be giving you a comprehensive guide to buying maternity clothes in 2024.


Maternity Clothes Basics

Pregnant woman packing bag for maternity hospital at home, closeup

It’s not easy to choose maternity clothes since there are many factors to consider, but don’t worry, we’ve done that work for you. In the next section we’re going to see what’s important to consider when choosing the perfect maternity outfit.

Overview of types of maternity clothes

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The difference between regular clothes and maternity dresses lies in the formation. Unlike regular clothing, maternity clothes are often made up of stretchy materials and have an easy and fast access to your breasts. You can find almost any piece of clothing;

  • Maternity bras
  • Maternity underwear
  • Maternity trousers
  • Maternity shirts
  • Maternity shoes

Factors to consider when buying maternity dresses

Pregnant Woman in a Store Dressing Room Holding Maternity Dress. Mother to be changing her wardrobe due to body transformations

1. Length

The right maternity dresses are the ones above knee length. They are comfortable. You can also try out maternity summer dresses. 

2. Body Size

Pregnancy often changes a person's body size. The baby bump size should be taken into consideration when selecting maternity dresses. Doctors recommend loose fittings, to prevent complications because putting on a tight-fitted cloth can lead to poor blood flow.

3. Style

Irrespective of whether you’re getting expensive maternity dresseses or cheap maternity dresses. You need to consider your style of clothing because that's what makes you stand out. 


Essential Maternity Clothes for Every Wardrobe

Pregnant woman is packing suitcase for maternity hospital getting ready for childbirth. Happy young mother with travel luggage of baby clothes at home. Preparation for newborn birth during pregnancy.

Let’s see the characteristics of each maternity piece of clothing:

1. Tops and Shirts

partial view of positive pregnant model with wavy brunette hair wearing white shirt, crop top and pants isolated on grey background, maternity style concept

There are various maternity T-shirts and tops. Ranging from basic T-shirts to dressy blouses, they are all made from soft and stretchy fabrics that aid easy body movement.

- T-shirts: Maternity T-shirts are made of extra stretchy and breathable material. This is used to accommodate the growing belly and provide comfort during pregnancy.

-  Blouses: Various styles of maternity blouses include button-ups, wraps, and peasant-style blouses. Maternity blouses are most especially comfortable in the chest and belly areas. They are adjustable at waistlines because of the baby bump.

-  Tank Tops: We have the basic tanks, racerback tanks, and camisoles. Tank tops are designed to provide ample coverage to the chest and belly areas while still being lightweight and breathable. They mostly have a built-in bra that helps to give extra support to the breasts.

2. Bottoms

Clothes for pregnant, black pants with high waist isolated on white background, pregnancy concept

Maternity bottoms are designed to accommodate the growing belly while providing comfort and support. Below are examples of bottoms:

Maternity Jeans: A good pair of maternity jeans with an adjustable waistband is a lifesaver during pregnancy. You should pick jeans with stretchy denim because they can accommodate your growing belly.

Leggings: Maternity leggings are made to be comfortable and versatile. They can be dressed up or down and they are perfect for layering under dresses or tunics.

Skirts: Maternity skirts are of different styles and from different materials. Some are made from stretchy cotton, denim, and flowing fabrics like chiffon and silk. It also has various lengths. There are mini skirts and maxi skirts based on one's preferences and body size.

3. Dresses

Beauty Pregnant Woman . Pregnant Belly. Beautiful Pregnant Woman Expecting Baby. Maternity concept.Look for styles with empire waistlines or wrap designs that can accommodate a growing belly. Below is a list of maternity dresses:


Sheer Off-Shoulder Double Skirt Maxi Maternity Dress- Maxi Dresses: These are long dresses that reach your ankles and sometimes get to the floor. An example is the Sheer Off-Shoulder Double Skirt Maxi Maternity Dress. Click on the link below to view the collection of beautiful Maxi dresses.


Sweetheart 34 Sleeve Floor-Length Lace Maternity Dress- Lace Dresses: These are delicate clothes made of fine threads of cotton and they have a lot of holes. An example is the Sweetheart 3/4 Sleeve Floor-Length Lace Bump Friendly Dress is a good sample. Click on the link below to view the collections.  


Ruffle Off-Shoulder Bodycon Maternity Dress- Bodycon Dresses: Women that like tightly fitted dresses, can refer to bodycon dresses. This maternity dress is made comfortable for pregnant women as well as showcases their curves. A good example is the Ruffle Off-Shoulder Bodycon Maternity Dress. Click on the link below for collections.


4. Outerwear

young beautiful pregnant woman in warm knitted marsala outfit on cozy autumn walk, outdoor lifestyleThere are many options of outerwear when it’s chilly. Examples include:

- Maternity Coats: These are designed to help keep the body warm. They are often stylish, and they have adjustable panels or ties that help to provide comfort.

- Jackets: Maternity jackets come in a variety of styles and materials, from denim and leather to lightweight bomber jackets. They mostly have stretchy fabric or adjustable panels to provide comfort.

- Cardigans: Some are made of cozy knit while some are made of lightweight cotton. Maternity cardigans have long lengths providing coverage to the belly.


5. Maternity Undergarments

Pregnant woman admire herself in the mirror standing in beige lingerie at home bathroom

A pregnant lady can't do without undergarments that support the belly and make her feel beautiful at the same time. Below is a list of necessary undergarments:

- Maternity Bras: As the breasts grow and change during pregnancy. It's best to get comfortable maternity bras that provide support.

- Maternity Panties: They often have a higher waistband which helps to prevent the elastic from inconveniently the belly.


6. Maternity Accessories

closeup pregnant woman on third trimester dresses bandage on belly. Orthopedic abdominal support belt

This can help provide support and comfort during pregnancy.

- Maternity Belts: They often have adjustable straps for comfort. Some maternity belts have extra padding or support to target specific areas of discomfort.

- Maternity Support Bands: It gives support to the lower back and hips. The bands are used for the hip, and they mostly have adjustable straps.

- Maternity Tights: They have a higher waistband and stretchy fabric to accommodate a changing body. Some tights have compression that would help to improve circulation and reduce swelling.


Beautiful photo of pregnant woman in white dress in sunlight of sunset at natural park. Close-up of pregnant woman with hands on her belly. Concept of pregnancy, maternity, expectation for baby birth.

It's important to stay stylish and comfortable during pregnancy because it helps boost self-confidence, prevent complications, and improves one's mood. Always look out for the kind of maternity dresses you'd like to get. It's best to consider outings while choosing a set of maternity dresses and loosely fit maternity summer dresses are simple and one of the best options. 

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