Spring Clean Your Closet

Oh, the annual dilemma – you’re dying to shop the newest spring arrivals but your closet is overflowing. Time for some spring cleaning! If you’re new to the challenge and a little daunted – or maybe even a seasoned spring cleaner looking to shake things up – we’ve come up with our best spring cleaning tips to make some room in your closet and refresh your space for the coming season. Plus, when you’re done, you can look forward to filling it back up with the latest spring trends. Let’s get started!

Make Your Room a Blank Slate

Starting with a clean space keeps you from feeling overwhelmed with clutter during the actual cleanup. Vacuum, sweep, make your bed and dust off any surfaces you might need to set things down on so you feel organized off the bat. Then when you’re ready to lay everything out on the floor, bed, etc., you won’t have to worry about getting anything dirty or losing track of any smaller items.

Set a Mood

Make it fun by putting on your favorite playlist or podcast. Need someone to hold you accountable? Invite a friend to keep you company so it doesn’t feel like a chore.

The Age Old Question

The easiest way to determine what’s a staple and what’s no longer useful is by asking yourself, Have I worn this in the last year? If the answer is no, you probably won’t be wearing it next year, either. Besides special occasion dresses, most items that get a no can be set aside to be donated or sold.

Take Out Everything

The key to a successful spring cleaning is starting with a completely empty closet. Pull every item out and start to separate your clothing into yes, no, and maybe piles on your bed, floor, or wherever you can best take stock of your wardrobe. Pro tip: keep the maybe pile as small as possible to make your cleaning take less time. Once you’ve made your piles, make some fast choices on the Maybes.

Put It Away

Hang up your Yes items with care. If you’re starting fresh, you might as well start tidy. Hang items in an order and format that’s intuitive for you. Group by color, material, or style so that getting ready in the morning is a breeze.

Invite Your Friends

On to the No pile! The best way to get rid of items that are in good condition is by giving them away. Why not to friends? Open a bottle of wine and let your pals take their favorite pieces from your no pile, then donate or sell what’s left. That way, you know your clothes will be getting some love and you’ll be doing something nice for your favorite ladies in the process.

The Final Step: Treat Yourself

When you’re all finished with your spring cleaning, snag something from your wish list – you deserve it! Don’t have something in mind? Check out the latest styles from Ever-Pretty for sundresses, cocktail dresses, and more to find something gorgeous and on-trend to start your spring wardrobe off right.

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