Our Favorite Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Wedding

All eyes are on you as you make your way down the aisle on your wedding day, but that doesn’t mean your bridesmaids don’t deserve to shine a little too, right? You probably already know what’s coming, but we’re going to suggest it anyway: sequin dresses.


Whether you mix and match styles or streamline your maids’ look, your girls will be over-the-moon to rock sequin on your big day. Not sure how to get it right?

Keep reading for our tips on how to pull together a shimmery, sequined bridal party look with affordable bridesmaid dresses!


1. Color

Color plays a big role in making sure the whole look comes together and highlights the bride. To rock a sparkling dress without outshining the bride at the wedding, we suggest going for a trendy and timeless neutral tone. Gold, rose gold and silver are all great neutral metallics.


Go with a colored sequin if you’re looking for a more dramatic look- think burgundy or sapphire blue. As a spectacular shade for a fall or winter wedding, burgundy is a vivid color that could make a stunning statement. Sapphire blue is a color that symbolizes wisdom, good fortune, virtue and is often associated with royalty. Matching Sapphire blue bridesmaid dresses with your big day for a modern and bold touch!

a-Fancy-One- Shoulder-Sequin -Long-Evening -Dress

2. Pattern

Whether you go for all over sequins or just a hint of shine, there are endless opportunities to work a little sparkle into your wedding party. A floor length sequin dress adds a dramatic flair whereas a sequined bodice with a chiffon skirt is a more toned-down way to do it.

A romantic vibe is given by the shimmery leave design, which is a perfect choice for people who would like an elegant look, but also delicate details which perfectly show your taste. Even just a hint of sequin detailing at the waist or neckline can add visual interest.


3. Material

Consider a mixed material sequin bridesmaid dress for a graceful and attractive look if head-to-toe sequin dresses feel a little too bold. Pairing sequins with a tulle element will give your wedding a romantic feel.


So gorgeous and opulent, sequin bridesmaid dresses have become a trend which has taken off in the bridal fashion industry with their timeless appeal and glamorous vibes. No matter how you choose to style them, sequins always add an instant pop of drama and timeless dazzle to any look.

Are you loving the look of beautiful dresses as much as we are? Go for ever pretty dresses and ever pretty gowns to perfect your wedding! You can always find cheap bridesmaid dresses but pretty at Ever-Pretty!

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