How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Cake

Cutting into your perfect wedding cake on your big day is a delicious experience, but choosing that perfect cake in the first place can be anything but delicious. Choosing your perfect wedding cake is not an easy task because there are so many different shapes, sizes, icing and flavors, that many couples don’t know where to begin. Check out the basic tips below to guide you to the perfect wedding cake:




1. Start Ordering Early


If you wait to order your wedding cake until close to your wedding day, your baker will use just the available ingredients so you will be limited in specialty and uniqueness. If you want a highly customized cake then be sure to plan ahead. Also consider your location- delicate buttercream icing won’t withstand the heat as well as sturdier fondant at an outdoor summer wedding, so once you’ve secured your location, start choosing your wedding cake early.

2. Keep the Budget in Mind


Your wedding cake, like flowers, are one of those surprise expenses that can make or break your wedding budget. The cost of a wedding cake is dependent on the size and the complexity of the design. Remember that, sugar flowers can dramatically spike the costs because they are handcrafted and time-consuming. Explore more options and stick with ones that you actually can afford. Such as using real flowers or going with one or two bold sugar flower accents.

3. Get Inspired from Your Wedding Style


Your wedding cake is a part of your wedding, so please make sure the cake is specially made to complete your wedding day. Wedding theme and style, your wedding color palette, your dress, any and all of these elements will get your wedding cake design wheels in motion.

4. Taste and Find Your Favorite Flavor


Your wedding cake should be both beautiful and delicious. Never assume you know the flavors. Different bakeries may have different results for the same flavor, so you need to taste it. Remember you’ll never be able to satisfy everyone so choose the flavor that you and your spouse like best if you hesitate to make decisions. Or you can choose combination of flavors.

To sum up, it takes time and patience to choose a perfect wedding cake. But it is not a so difficult task if you follow our tips above. Happy tasting!

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