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The True Cost of Halloween Costumes

The Halloween costume industry is undeniably one of the most lucrative in the United States. Annually, Americans spend over $10 billion to get into the spooky spirit. This staggering figure continues to climb year after year, illustrating the love people have for this holiday.

When shopping for adult costumes, the price typically ranges from $30-$70. This cost surprisingly does not factor in the accessories and makeup. For people who are considering fancy Halloween costumes or long dress Halloween costumes, the price tag can easily feel out of reach. Considering that most of these outfits are designed for single-use; it can become a rather extravagant investment!

Also, many mass-produced costumes are notorious for their low quality and cheap craftsmanship, making them suitable for only a couple of uses before falling apart. This means that these Halloween costumes are not only costly, but since they also require frequent replacement, which feels never-ending and expensive. 

As we embrace the excitement of this Halloween season, it is worth reflecting on the true cost of this holiday that extends beyond the monetary value. We must also consider the environmental toll these disposable costumes bring us. More sustainable and lasting costumes that could be used multiple times and ways should be considered for long-term sustainability and overall better for the environment.

Benefits of Crafting Your Halloween Costume

Why settle for store-bought Halloween costumes when you can craft your own using items you already have? There are many advantages to taking the DIY route when dressing up this Halloween season, especially if you are looking for unique Halloween costumes with dresses or a custom Halloween costume. This option allows for a budget-friendly choice, which spares you the expense of purchasing “once a year” outfits. It also ensures a better fit and comfort throughout the night - no more dealing with “one size fits all” store bought costumes! 

DIYing your costumes gives you the freedom to customize, allowing you to showcase your creativity and bring your unique vision to life - no matter if it’s a fully custom Halloween costume or styling a fancy dress for Halloween. This DIY approach also has a positive impact on the environment by reducing the need to throw away costumes and accessories after one use. 

By crafting your own costume, you own a one of a kind look that separates you from the crowd, establishing your status as the life of the Halloween party. So do not hesitate to raid your closet, embrace the DIY spirit, and enjoy the satisfaction of designing your own Halloween masterpiece

6 Easy, Budget-Friendly DIY Costumes with Halloween Dresses

Are you on the hunt for effortless yet eye-catching Halloween costumes? Look no further. We are here to help elevate your costume game and transform your Halloween look. From elegant gowns to chic cocktail dresses, Ever Pretty offers a variety of options that can serve as the foundation of your Halloween attire. In this blog, we will explore six imaginative and budget-friendly DIY costume ideas that make the most of these versatile womens dresses for Halloween. So, be ready to stand out with these creative and affordable Halloween costumes with dresses! 

The “Formal Apology Costume”

For a clever and easy Halloween costume, the “Formal Apology” is a great way to get started. This idea plays on the concept of a formal dress transformed into a humorous gesture. Start by selecting an elegant Ever Pretty dress, such as our V-Neck Cold Shoulder Floor Length Evening Dress, featuring sequin details for added flair. To complete the look, create a sign that reads “sorry” on a piece of paper using a black marker. Attach the sign to the dress with a string allowing it to hang around your neck. This costume combines sophistication with humor, making it a standout choice for any Halloween event. 

To assemble this costume, you will need:

  •  An Ever Pretty dress with sequin embellishments for that “formal look” (like this one
  • A string or ribbon to attach the “sorry” sign
  • A black marker
  • A piece of paper to create the apology message. 

With these simple materials, you can transform into the life of the party with your unique “Formal Apology” costume. 

Glinda the Good Witch Costume

Channel your inner enchantress and become Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz with the essence of sequin Halloween costumes, all the while choosing a flattering dress for you and your body type. Especially since we all know that the “one-size fits all” Halloween women’s dresses never fit right, it’s better to pick a dress that looks and feels right for you all day (and night) long. 

Start with an Ever Pretty dress, such as the A-Line Short Sleeve Embroidery Floor Length Evening Dress, featuring a sequin bodice and a touch of Glinda’s magical charm. To complete the look, accessorize yourself with a regal tiara or crown to emulate Ginda’s elegance. Hold a wand as a symbol to cast spells of kindness. And finally, you can add matching wings to capture the ethereal vibe of her character. These simple yet elegant additions to the Ever Pretty dress will allow you to embody the enchanting spirit of Glinda and bring the magic of Oz to any Halloween event. 

To craft this look, gather the following items: 

  • An enchanting Ever Pretty dress as your base (like this one
  • A tiara or crown 
  • A wand 
  • Matching wings 

This costume offers the perfect blend of sequin Halloween costumes and a beautiful dress that can be used again later, allowing you to shine as the benevolent Glinda in style and grace.

President Barbie Costume

Step into the shoes of the empowered female President from the Barbie movie with this simple yet creative costume idea. To become President Barbie, begin with Ever Pretty’s Cap Sleeve Sequins Maxi Dress in rose gold, which perfectly captures Barbie’s signature style. 

Complete the look by using a satin President sash showing off the presidential authority. This costume effortlessly combines the charm of a powerful woman’s Halloween costume with the elegance of a flattering, formal dress. Allowing you to embody the role of President Barbie with elegance and poise. 

To bring the President Barbie costume to life, you will need:

Rather than searching through the endless unflattering options of Halloween dresses for women, this simple costume will help you look and feel beautiful with a dress that can be used again in the future - ensuring the embodiment of confidence and leadership as President Barbie. 

Your Favorite Snapchat or Instagram Filter Costume

Embrace the digital age and become your favorite filter! This costume is both creative and fun - all you need is to choose a style of dress or which filter as your base. Then, pick a dress that matches your filter inspiration. For example, the Fancy Shiny Deep V-Neck Above Knee-Length Prom Dress from Ever Pretty is an excellent choice with the Elegance, Gold Hearts, or a Glamour lens. To craft the filter accessories, prepare face paint, face decals, and cardboard or construction paper. Use hangers or a wireframe to give your costume that unmistakable “digital filter” effect. With this idea, you will have a fun twist on something we see (and apply) all the time using a simple Halloween costume dress, allowing you to stand out at any Halloween party on a budget!

To create the “ Your Favorite Snapchat or Instagram Filter” costume, you will need:

  • A Halloween costume dress
  • Face paint or makeup
  • Optional: Face decals
  • Optional: Cardboard or construction paper for the crafting of the filter elements 
  • Optional: Hangers or a wireframe will help you achieve that playful filter inspired look 

This costume is a perfect combination of fashion and digital artistry. Letting you bring your favorite social media filter to life with creativity and flair! 

Morticia Addams

Morticia Addams is a dark and elegant costume idea that is both captivating and effortless. To become the iconic mistress of the Addams Family, start with a bewitching black dress that radiates charm and sophistication. Ever Pretty’s Tulle Bell Sleeve Lace Floor Length Bodycon Evening Dress is an ideal choice for achieving Morticia’s signature look. 

The magic of this costume starts with your makeup artistry and, most importantly, your “positively Morticia” attitude for the night. Create her signature pale complexion, dramatic eyes, and blood-red lips with makeup. Then complete the transformation with long nails to capture Morticia’s iconic allure. With this simple black dress Halloween idea, you will effortlessly channel the charm of Morticia Addams and leave an unforgettable impression at any Halloween gathering. 

To achieve the Morticia Addams look, you will require:

  • A black dress (like this one)
  • Makeup to create her distinct features

This costume is a classic Halloween costume idea allowing you to fully embrace Morticia’s enigmatic persona with minimal effort. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Costume

Transport yourself to the glamorous world of Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s with this effortlessly stylish costume. To fully embody Audrey Hepburn’s iconic character, start with a classic little black dress such as the Bodycon Tie Waist Long Sleeve Ribbed Knit Sweater Dress from Ever Pretty. Elevate the ensemble with classic pearl jewelry, including bracelets and a necklace to capture the essence of the character. Make sure to keep your makeup understated and elegant! Complete the look with an updo hairstyle, mirroring Holly’s signature hair-do. With this little black dress Halloween costume, you will radiate the grace and glamor of Audrey Hepburn’s beloved character, turning heads at any Halloween event. 

To recreate the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s look:  

  • A little black dress
  • Pearl jewelry
  • Simple, elegant makeup 
  • Do not forget to style your hair in an updo 

This costume effortlessly combines the charisma of a little black dress with the timeless beauty of a classic film character, letting you step into the world of Holly Golightly with charm and style. 

Take Your Halloween Costume to the Next Level with Easy DIY Halloween Dresses

Halloween doesn't have to drain your wallet when it comes to costumes. By choosing DIY costumes, you can save money while enjoying various benefits. Crafting your custom Halloween costume allows you to save money, tailor your outfit for a perfect fit, and express your unique style. Also, it is an eco-friendly choice, reducing the environmental impact of disposable costumes! 

For those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their DIY fits, Ever Pretty provides a great selection of Halloween costume dresses that can effortlessly elevate your costume game. From Glinda the Good Witch to Morticia Addams or the timeless Audrey Hepburn, these dresses provide the perfect foundation for your Halloween transformation.

Explore the world of DIY costumes and discover your ideal Halloween costume dresses with Ever Pretty. Unleash your creativity, and make this Halloween a stylish and economical celebration. Don’t miss out and start crafting your unforgettable Halloween look today!


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