Fashion Guide: Best Tips for Choosing Plus-Size Mother of the Bride Dresses

Finding a dress suitable for a wedding requires a lot of time and consideration, especially when looking for mother of the bride dresses. As the bride’s mother, you are expected to dress in a way that will make you stand out. Finding a dress as the bride’s mother may be easy, but when you are a plus-size woman it may need a lot more effort. This is because only a few fashion outlets cater for plus-size formal dresses for weddings. But not many understand that style has nothing to do with size because every body type is beautiful.

However, those are not reasons enough to not be able to find a dress that perfectly suits your style. If you feel like it is a difficult decision to make, this article will be at your service! Making it easy for you to make the most suitable selection.



Plus Size Mother of The Bride Dress Guide

When picking a dress that most suits you, it is always easier to do so when there is a guide in place which will help narrow down your approach.

It is essential to embrace your body when dressing up. Whether it be your thighs, legs, or chest. This becomes a lot easier when you accept your body. Many women struggle with accepting their shape, which will have an amazing impact on your confidence. Finding your style is not just about covering up. It is about embracing yourself and wearing whatever you desire. Define comfortability in your own way. Let your outfit speak for you. When picking mother dresses that will suit you, the word too much is far from existing. Because nothing is ever too much.

Whether showing a little skin, wearing long-sleeved dresses, sequins and sparkles or wearing a glitz and glam showstopper to pair with fabulous heels and accessories, you can be Ever Pretty in anything you desire!


1. Make sure the dress fits well and does not cling too tightly or hang loose; it should fit comfortably and look flattering.

  • Simple Plus Size Lace Evening Dress with Half Sleeves

This is a beautiful free-flow dress fit for an Ever Pretty mother of the bride. It has an elegant lace top with a rounded neckline. It is also lined with a silk waist ribbon that defines the skirt and accentuates the waist. The waist ribbon also adds loose pleats to the skirt, which sits nicely on your curves.


2. If you are unsure what color to choose, opt for a neutral color like black, navy, or beige that will flatter all skin tones.

  • Elegant Plus Size V Neck Fishtail Evening Dress for Women

Are you looking for a dress to wow the crowd? This is an Ever Pretty fishtail evening gown which is also a bump friendly dress. It is a perfect plus size mother of the bride dress, with short lace sleeves and a V-neck, which enhances your chest area. It has a variety of colors, such as black, navy or beige, which will compliment your skin well. The elongated fishtail skirt will refine your waist and curves giving it the finished look you deserve.


3. If you need some arm coverage, opt for a long-sleeved dress or one with a cape.

  • Plus Size V-Neck Shiny Puff Sleeve Evening Dress for Women

With this sassy and classy evening dress, you will definitely be Ever Pretty! This dress is also perfect if you’re pregnant, as it is a bump friendly dress. The dress is long sleeved giving you some arm coverage and suitable as a mother dress. It has a beautiful shine which will enhance your skin, and a high slit for you to show off your shoes and sexy leg and thigh.


  • Plus Size Deep V Neck Lace Bodice Long Flowy Evening Dress

Nothing makes you feel elegant and sophisticated, like an evening gown with a cape to finish the look. The Ever Pretty, deep v-neck lace bodice that allows you to show a little less skin is a suitable plus size plus size dress formal dress for a wedding. Not only that, but the dress is also made to sit beautifully on your curvaceous body! Giving you a look that is flowy and delicate.


4. If you want to look menopausal, choose dresses that show your legs.

  • Sparkly Plus Size Prom Dresses for Women with asymmetrical hems.

Nothing says, “Wow!” like a unique Ever Pretty plus size dress. It has all the glitz and glam and reels you in, giving you all the reasons to wear it. The sparkles on the dress compliment and bring dazzle to your skin. Paired with the Ever Pretty, asymmetrical skirt, which allows you to show some legs, giving you a youthful feeling.


5. If you have got the bride’s approval and made sure to choose a dress that matches the theme of the wedding, you can, of course, choose something eye-catching — like sequins.

  • Women’s Maxi Long Sparkly Plus Size Evening Dress with Sleeve

This Ever Pretty sequin dress is perfect as a mother of the bride dress. The sequin on the dress moves down the sleeves, designed to make you look dazzling, giving you the shine you deserve. The dress’s skirt, with its maxi look, makes you look elegant and gives you confidence.


6. Jumpsuits are also an excellent option for moms who do not like dresses.


There are a variety of chic, elegant and sassy jumpsuits that will have you feeling Ever Pretty. Just because you are a plus-size woman does not mean you cannot wear a jumpsuit. If you want to cover your arms, options cater to your preference. It is surely an outfit you can rock, whether it is sparkly or simple.



When you are the bride’s mother, picking a suitable plus size dress is not an easy task. It is understandable, that picking a beautiful dress when you are a plus-size woman is twice as hard. But our suggestions are premium quality, elegant designs, and the “superhero” moment you need! But remember, comfortability is what you ought for it to be. Why would you not be in love?

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