Fall Wedding Flowers Guide

If you’re planning a fall wedding, consider which flowers will be in season early on. Choosing wedding flowers by the season means your ceremony will embody the beauty of fall and have fresh looking flowers that will complement another décor. With so many rich colors to choose from, fall really is an ideal season to get married. Here are some of our favorite fall wedding flowers that would make a great addition to any fall wedding ceremony.

Fall Wedding Flowers

Fall colors are inspired by the changing of the leaves. With colors including red, yellow, purple, orange, pink, and brown, there is no end of color combinations that evoke this season’s beauty. The following flowers are all in season for fall:

  1. Asiatic Lily – Blooms in fiery red and orange shades.
  2. Asters – Available in different hues of purple.
  3. Dahlias – Understated and grow in rich fall shades.
  4. Gerbera Daisies – Choose a bright orange Gerbera to complement other fall colors.
  5. Marigolds – Orange and yellow Marigolds are the most common colors of this flower.
  6. Calla Lilies – Commonly white but also come in shades of yellow, pink, and orange.
  7. Rose – A classic wedding flower and suits the season perfectly.
  8. Yarrow – A delicate choice comprised of a head of tiny flowers, red Yarrows are particularly striking.

fall wedding flowers guide

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Combine any of these flowers with stems that will round out bouquets and centerpieces and perfectly complement the colors of fall. Popular choices include Solidago, Wax Flower, Gypsophila (Baby’s-breath), and Hypericum.

Fall Wedding Décor

Once you have your flowers in mind, think about other décor elements that will help complement them. Fall is ideal in that you have so many other decorative options to combine with your flowers to create show-stopping centerpieces and bouquets.

With beautiful fall fruits and vegetables in season, incorporate items like pumpkins, gourds, apples, pears, and pomegranates into your décor. The beauty of nature at this time of year can be harnessed to create something pretty special for your wedding. Fall fruits and vegetables can be incorporated even further into your big day by creating fall-themed desserts and menu elements.

Make use of the stunning range of leaves and foliage at this time of year by creating a ceremony arch that includes these items. Add in branches of red and orange leaves, acorns, greenery, and some of your chosen wedding flowers to your wedding arch. The alter will look incredible and make the perfect backdrop for wedding photos.

By choosing wedding flowers by the season, you provide a starting point for other wedding décor and can incorporate the beauty of fall into your ceremony. We hope these fall flowers give you some inspiration for a perfect fall wedding.

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