Ever-Pretty Black Friday Sale: Gorgeous Dresses for Every Winter Occasion

black Friday sale 2023

The most wonderful sale of the year at Ever-Pretty is coming soon! Our Black Friday deals offer you gorgeous dresses for all your special events this holiday season, with massive discounts up to 80% off. Keep reading for all the exciting details about our upcoming Black Friday sale.

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  • Black Friday Countdown (Oct 21 - Nov 25)
  • 15-20% Off Stunning Winter Formal Dresses
  • Bestselling Dresses - Shop Early Before They Sell Out!
  • Dresses for Every Formal Winter Occasion

Black Friday Countdown (Oct 21 - Dec 3)

The countdown to Ever-Pretty's Black Friday extravaganza has begun! Be sure to check our site daily from October 21 - December 3 for special sneak peek sales and early bird deals leading up to the big day. These exclusive discounts will get you ready for even more incredible savings on Black Friday.

black Friday sale

15-20% Off Stunning Winter Formal Dresses

Get ready for the winter party season by refreshing your formalwear at amazing pre-sale prices. Enjoy 15% off 2 dresses with code WEE15 or 20% off 4+ dress purchases with code WEE20. Browse hundreds of elegant evening gowns and cocktail dresses in all colors and styles - from slinky satin sheaths to princess ballgowns.

black friday sale

Bestselling Dresses - Shop Early Before They Sell Out!

Every year our classic bestsellers like our red v-neck gown and classic black long formal dress fly off the shelves on Black Friday. Shop now and save big before your favorites sell out!

black friday sale

Dresses for Every Formal Winter Occasion

black Friday sale

No matter what festive events you have coming up, Ever-Pretty has a showstopping winter formal dress for you:

Weddings: For winter weddings, Ever-Pretty likely offers a selection of wedding guest dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and potentially even winter wedding dresses. These dresses may incorporate long sleeves, thicker fabrics, and elegant designs suitable for the season.

Black Friday Sale for Winter Weddings dresses

Cocktail Parties: Cocktail party dresses from Ever-Pretty are likely to be stylish and suitable for semi-formal to formal gatherings. You can expect a variety of options, from shorter cocktail dresses to longer, more elegant styles, all designed to keep you looking fabulous at your cocktail parties.

black friday sale for Cocktail Parties dresses

Winter Formals: If you have a winter formal event to attend, Ever-Pretty's formal dress collection may include gowns and dresses that are not only appropriate for the occasion but also warm and comfortable. Look for long-sleeved, full-length options, and luxurious fabrics that fit the winter formal theme.

Christmas Party: Christmas parties call for festive and often more elaborate attire. Ever-Pretty likely offers dresses with holiday-themed designs, such as red and green colors, sequins, and embellishments. These dresses will help you look the part at your Christmas gatherings.

black friday sale for Christmas Party dresses

Thanksgiving Day: While Thanksgiving may not be as formal as some other events, you can still find dresses in warm, autumnal colors and styles that are comfortable for family gatherings. Think about dresses that are both stylish and allow for that extra slice of pumpkin pie.

black friday sale for thanksgiving day dresses

New Year's Eve: For ringing in the New Year, Ever-Pretty probably offers glitzy and glamorous options. Sequined, sparkly, and sleek designs can help you shine at your New Year's Eve celebration.

black firday sale for New Year's Eve dresses

Formal Dresses: Ever-Pretty's formal dresses collection is versatile and can be suitable for various formal events during the winter season. These dresses are likely available in a wide range of styles, lengths, and colors to match your preferences.

Our Black Friday sale only comes once a year, so take advantage of these incredible savings on our expansive collection of formal dresses and accessories in every style. Shop now for the best dress selection - the longer you wait, the more styles sell out! Discover your gorgeous new looks today.

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