Complete Guide for a Beach Wedding 2021

Are you considering a beach wedding this 2021? I bet we’ve got you covered. How incredible it would be to start off a new chapter surrounded by the sounds of the ocean while basking in the sunny skies, don’t you think?

After a whole year of dealing with a pandemic, having to stay indoors, restricted, and confined to a face mask, having a relaxed dream wedding can only hit better. Whether you decide to have a destination wedding or you decide to stick to a beach near home, if you intend to have a fun-filled wedding splash proper planning cannot be ruled out.

What is the Best Time to Have a Beach Wedding?


Season of the year and weather conditions are huge factors when it comes to beach weddings. You wouldn’t want to be caught up in the heart of a storm while eagerly saying your vows. The ideal time of the year to have a beach wedding will depend on where you live and the weather. Generally, spring and summer are great. Make sure these seasons are good in your area: is it possible that there will be a storm? Or a hurricane? Is it comfortable to be out for long in the heat? These questions are extremely important when picking a time for your beach wedding.

Be sure to get specifics when it comes to each season. Ask questions and research on each weather extremity in your set location. You wouldn’t want to have to cancel your wedding, disappoint your guests, and waste resources due to something that could have been avoided. Making sure about the weather will also help you select the appropriate beach wedding dress.

Tips for Choosing a Perfect Beach Wedding Look

When it comes to picking a perfect look, everything has to do with your choice of outfit, whether it is a casual beach wedding dress or a formal one, your choice of shoes -whether they are customized or they are regular heels or wedges, the material of your dress and your hairstyle.

· Proper hairstyle:


Wearing your hair down can be a really tempting option while picking a hairdo for your wedding. If you are really inclined to let your hair down, hire a standby style who would ensure to put it back when it gets all up with the wind. If not, a simple updo would be best. Not only is it ideal during windy days, but it can also make you look classy and elegant.

· Ditch the veil:

For a more traditional feel, ditching the veil may not be ideal but on a windy beach, a long veil can be a huge nightmare. This can be avoided by simply sticking with simple fascinators instead, either a veiled fascinator or a flower fascinator.

· Picking the ideal footwear:


Heels plus beach sand can result in a terrible experience, especially if you have to move around a lot and you keep having your heels sink into the sand. It’s best to go for simple wedges to complement your look rather than going through such punishments.

Picking a proper wedding gown:

Dreaming of having a Cinderella ball gown at your beach wedding isn’t the smartest choice. Here are few things you need to consider when picking a wedding gown:

· Dress length:


Imagine having to drag your dress along with you to get comfortable while trying to take pictures. Totally exhausting! When picking a perfect beach dress, flowing gowns shouldn’t be your top priority. But if you’ve always dreamt of rocking a flowing train bridal dress, you could opt for dresses with detachable trains.

· Pick a comfy fabric:


Not all wedding dresses are made for all locations. Pick a wedding gown that is both stylish and comfy. If your wedding is going to take place during a period of heat, pick a light, fresh fabric to avoid overheating. For sand ceremonies, chiffon, lace, and charmeuse fabrics are highly recommended.

· Consider your style:


Although simple styles are trendy for beach weddings, that doesn’t mean you should be limited to that. You must not go for a trending look. Just pick a style that suits your body figure perfectly and is equally convenient for a sand ceremony. Understanding your figure’s merits and demerits can go a long way in aiding your decision. Whether you’re considering a luxurious look or a simple but elegant look, go for a dress that simply highlights your curves.

Top 5 Beach Wedding Dress Ideas For You

With all these previously stated tips in mind, picking a wedding dress can seem really tack, but worry not! We’ve got you covered. Here is a list of the 5 top elegant wedding dresses for beach wedding ideas.

1. Elegant Maxi Lace Wedding Dress with Ruffle sleeves


Made of delicate breezy lace fabric with comfy ruffle sleeves. It features a low V-neck which creates a dreamy fairy princess illusion. The dress is both simple and classy, very convenient for a beach wedding.

2. Deep V-neck lace sleeveless wedding gown


This deep V-neck lace bodice sleeveless gown is suitable for the majority of body types. It fulfills your dreams of rocking a flowy tulle in a lighter version. This dress is made of embroidered lace and is a good pick for a beach wedding.

3. Casual Halter Fishtail Wedding Dress


Like most dresses, this fishtail gives off a classy and elegant vibe. It graced with a laced sheer neckline with Spaghetti straps. Its sexy criss-cross allows you to show off some skin.

4. Off Shoulder A-line Mermaid Evening gown


If you’re seeking a simply stylish look, this gown is a top pick for you. Its main accent is the stringy sled off-the-shoulder bodice and its mermaid floor-length design. This mermaid wedding gown is extremely sexy and perfectly suitable for a beach wedding.

5. Elegant Deep V-neck A-line Tulle Wedding Dress


A-line lace V-neck Tulle dresses always look delicate. The short ruffle sleeves and the V-neck back give the gown a stunning look. It’s adorned with floral embroidered lace. However, this dress is lightweight and suitable for a beach wedding.

With the right dress and a calm sea breeze, how romantic would it be to say your vows to your loved one? Now that you know what details to prioritize while picking out the dress, this would only make this task as smooth and fun as possible.


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