Be the Belle of the Ball with the Best Winter Formal Dresses

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The Winter Formal Dress Trends

Winter formal dress trends lately capture elegance with a contemporary flair making it ideal for those seeking the perfect long dress for winter formal events. These dresses showcase sumptuous velvet, sheer details, and body-hugging silhouettes. The evening and formal dress trends lean toward long dresses that are both chic and keep you warm during chilly winter nights. 

For a winter formal dress palette, the deep and rich hues take the win. Dark green, deep blue, and slate gray capture the essence of the season. These colors offer a sense of mystery and a touch of flair. Complemented by champagne, mauve, and timeless black, these colors create a rich tapestry of options for formal winter dresses. Barbie pink and fiery red inject bursts of vibrancy and playfulness which gives a diverse range of choices for the trendy individual.

Innovative accents like feathers and fur embellish hems, sleeves, or necklines tend to add drama and whimsy to these formal winter dresses. Asymmetric necklines, daring slits, and unexpected cutouts infuse a modern edge into class silhouettes that cater to those seeking a unique look for their winter formal events. 

The emphasis on sustainability is more so this year than ever with more designers incorporating eco-friendly materials into their collections. These ethically sourced textiles and recycled fabrics cater to individuals seeking both style and conscience in their formal winter wear, allowing a responsible yet elegant choice. 

From plush velvet to subtle sheer details, these winter formal dresses offer a range to cater to diverse tastes, allowing you to make a statement at any formal gathering. 

6 of the Best Winter Formal Dresses + Styling Tips

Layout of winter clothing and accessories for women

Prepare to turn heads in the finest selection of winter formal dresses 2023/2024 has to offer. These six exquisite dresses embrace the season’s vibe with luxurious velvet, sheer details, and elegant silhouettes. Enhance these dresses with accessories such as bold earrings or a faux fur style. Play with textures by adding embellished clutches or metallic heels. Consider layering with a tailored coat or an elegant shawl for warmth without compromising on style. These winter formal dresses are poised to leave an unforgettable impression at any event. 

The Halter Neck Velvet Dress: A Head-Turner

Halter Sleeveless Bodycon Shiny Belt High Slit Velvet Evening Dress

The Halter Neck Velvet dress stands out as an ideal choice among blue winter formal dresses. As a long winter formal dress, its velvet fabric and deep blue hue perfectly capture the essence of the trends dominating winter 2023. 

When styling this piece, you want to emphasize its elegance with silver accessories to complement the rich tones of the dress. Add a small clutch to keep the attention on the dress. Elevate the look with statement earrings that accentuate the halter neckline. Decorate your wrists with statement bracelets and fingers with eye-catching rings to further enhance the outfit’s sophistication.

Complete your look with strappy or open-toed heels in a neutral or metallic tone to elongate your silhouette, completing a cohesive and sleek appearance at any winter formal event. 

The Halter Neck Velvet dress, featuring its graceful silhouette and blend of trend and style, promises to captivate attention and make a memorable statement at any formal occasion this winter. 

The Shimmering Lilac Dress: A Stunner with a Statement Neckline

Shimmering Strapless A-Line Pleated Back-Laced High Slit Evening Dress

The Shimmering Lilac Stunner dress stands out among dresses for winter formal events as it showcases the beauty of lilac while boasting a captivating statement neckline. The dress aligns perfectly with the season’s emphasis on rich color and intricate details. Its captivating lilac hue balances effortlessly with the trend for purple tones prevalent this winter. 

To elevate this piece further, choose silver accessories that complement the dress’ ethereal shade. Enhance the statement neckline with a bold statement necklace that accentuates its charm without overwhelming the dress. For a more balanced look, opt for simple rings and bracelets to add subtle elegance. Then pair it with statement earrings that frame your face delicately to complete the look. 

Don’t forget to put on a pair of strappy or open-toed heels in a neutral or metallic tone, allowing an elegant finish. The Shimmering Lilac Stunner is a promising piece that will make a striking impression at any winter formal event. 

The Barbie-Inspired Asymmetrical Dress

Asymmetrical One Shoulder Long Sleeve Sequin Bodycon Prom Dress

The Bodycon Barbie Pink dress is a standout piece perfectly aligned with Winter 2023/2024 trends, showcasing the resurgence of the body-hugging silhouette, and featuring the bold and playful Barbie-pink hue. This dress adds confidence and contemporary fashion, giving off a vibrant and vivacious energy fitting for the season. 

When styling this statement piece, choose accessories that complement the bold color. Choose warm or cool-toned jewelry that balances the vibrant pink, adding depth and enhancing the overall look. A simple necklace elegantly accentuates the neckline without overshadowing the dress while statement earrings add a touch of glamor which draws attention to your face. For footwear, consider edgy booties for a trendy appeal or strappy/wedge heels for a more refined and sophisticated look. Both choices enhance the bodycon silhouette and elevate the outfit’s overall style.

The Bodycon Barbie Pink dress, styled with warm or cool-toned accessories, will make a memorable statement at any winter formal event. Its vivacious hue and sleek silhouette radiate confidence and playfulness!

The Plus Size Long Sleeve Champagne Dream Dress

Plus Size Long Sleeve Sequin Front Slit Bodycon Evening Dress

The Champagne Bodycon dress offers an inclusive option among plus-size winter formal dresses. Its body-hugging silhouette and elegant champagne hue cater to diverse styles and sizes, while embracing the season’s emphasis on luxurious textures and rich, warm tones.

This long-sleeved winter formal dress celebrates femininity with its bodycon trend allowing both elegance and comfort. Pairing it with warm-toned accessories enhances its understated glamor. A statement necklace adds a touch of chicness to the neckline while a simple pair of earrings maintains a balanced look without overshadowing the dress’s elegance. Add subtle rings with a hint of sparkle to complete the look. 

The Champagne Bodycon dress, suited for plus-size figures and featuring long sleeves, would be complemented with strappy or open-toed heels - leaving a refined and chic statement at any winter formal event.

The Sapphire Blue Sheer Sequin Dress Showstopper

Sparkly One-Shoulder See-Through Long Sleeve Sequin A-Line Homecoming Dress

This Dark Blue Bodycon dress with sheer details stands as a stylish option among short winter formal dresses. This dress perfectly encapsulates modernity and style that aligns with the season’s emphasis on rich colors and intricate designs. 

The dress complements its dark blue shade with sheer details that add a touch of elegance. When styling this striking piece, you want to choose cool-toned accessories that harmonize with its deep hue. A small clutch or crossbody purse in a complementary shade adds functionality while emphasizing the dress’s elegance.

Add a simple necklace and rings to add that subtle sparkle without overpowering the dress. Include statement earrings that draw attention to your face. Finish with a pair of strappy, chunky, or open-toed heels in a similar cool-toned shade to emphasize the silhouette and maintain the dress’s sleekness. 

The dress’ fusion of dark blue richness, body-hugging allure, and delicate sheer accents ensures a standout presence at any formal evening you’ll attend. 

The Black Velvet Dress of Your Dreams

Embroidered Sequin Velvet Bodycon Formal Evening Dress

The Black Velvet Bodycon dress emphasizes elegance among black winter formal dresses. It captures the essence of winter trends with its timeless black hue, velvet fabric, and flattering silhouette. It aligns perfectly with the season’s emphasis on rich, opulent fabrics and classic yet modern style choices.

When choosing accessories, learn towards more warm or cool-toned accessories that balance the depth of black. A small clutch complements the dress’s sleekness while offering practicality. 

Accessorize a statement necklace to add flair, statement earrings to frame your face, and minimal wrist accessories to complement the piece. For footwear, any open-toed shoe complements the dress’s versatility, allowing you to personalize your look while maintaining the sleekness of the fit.

This Black Velvet Dress, when paired carefully with selected accessories, ensures a bold statement and a lasting impression at any winter formal event. 

Celebrate in Style with the Best Winter Formal Dresses

The formal trends this year offer an array of winter semi-formal dresses and formal winter wedding guest dresses. There’s a perfect dress to match every style, preference and occasion, from luxurious velvet to captivating bodycon silhouettes. Ever Pretty’s collection stands as a testament to these trends and offers a wide range to cater to diverse tastes and needs.

Discover your perfect winter formal dress with Ever-Pretty, whether it is a plush velvet bodycon, the captivating dark blue stunner, or the timeless black elegance - there’s a dress to enhance your celebration in style. Find your ideal winter semi-formal or formal wedding guest dress from Ever Pretty’s Winter 2023 collection. Choose elegance, choose Ever-Pretty, and make a statement at your next event. 

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