8 Stunning Makeup Looks to Pair with Sexy Formal Dresses

Variety of fashion accessories

The fashion landscape for F/W 23/24 season has entirely new trends from
captivating colors to exquisite detailing. So here are the trends shaping the season’s style!

Did You Catch the Latest Formal Style Trends?

Dress Trends

The color palette for this year’s sexy formal dresses draws inspiration from the richness of nature’s hues. Dark green, dusty rose, deep blue, mauve/purple, and scarlet red are the colors you should be looking out for as the trendsetters of this season.

The style trend coming in is the sleek minimal silhouette as it defines the essence of sexiness, featuring sheer fabric details and cutouts, asymmetrical necklines, and sleeve details.

Accessory Trends

Accessorize these sexy short formal dresses with long gloves extending past the elbow adding a touch of elegance. Statement boots and mid-calf socks add a playful yet attention-drawing vibe to complete the overall look.

You may also channel your inner Parisian with berets and statement earrings to add glamor, letting the pieces complement your overall sensual appeal.

Makeup Trends

Latte makeup which features warm brown tones like salted caramel and cinnamon, as well as cool-tone eye palettes in gray blues and silvers help create mesmerizing looks in this season. On top of that, vampy lips or two-toned lip combinations, in addition to bold, dramatic lashes that frame the eyes will help complete and enhance your makeup look.

For those who are looking to take things to the next level, indulge in goth glam featuring dark smoky eyes and lips with graphic liners. The metallic shine in gold, bronze, rose gold, or platinum just adds an extra dimension to your overall look. 

In the 23/24 season, redefine elegance and sensuality with sexy formal dresses and captivating makeup trends that project confidence.

Makeup Themes to Consider for Your Killer Formal Look

8 killer makeup looks


Achieving that formal look isn’t just about what you are wearing but also the makeup that comes with it. Explore these captivating makeup trends tailored to enhance your elegance for any event, whether it’s a sexy semi-formal dress or a stunning, sweeping long formal gown. 

Dark & Sultry: Focus on creating mesmerizing smokey eyes and utilizing darker shades to add intensity and depth. Highlight your features with a popping contour that defines your cheekbones and structure. Balance the dramatic eyes with a simple, skin-tone glossy lip and complete the look with dramatic lashes. 

Winter Fairy: Illuminate your look with bright, glittery eye makeup can help you achieve this winter fairy aesthetic. Use vibrant eyeshadow such as white, platinum, or champagne liners to highlight your eyes and add sparkle. Lastly, add subtle yet fluttery lashes and balance the look out by using a soft blush and bright lips.

Glitz & Glam: Highlight your eyes with shimmering gold glitter shadow for a luxurious effect. Then experiment with eye embellishments or crystals for added sparkle and layer. Emphasize eyes with bold lashes and a simple liner. Keep the face subtle with minimal contour and blush while letting a glitter lip steal the spotlight.

Timeless Elegance: Make a bold statement with the classic red lip and define your eyes with a clean, sleek-liquid liner for a polished finish. Lastly, highlight your eyes with bold lashes while maintaining a simple, minimal blush for a refined look.

8 Sexy Formal Dress & Makeup Matches Made in Heaven

Crafting an irresistible look for a formal event is not as hard as you think it is. It is about the harmonious blend of makeup and accessories that elevate your allure. Discovering the perfect synergy between your sexy formal dress for women and the right makeup is the secret to creating a show-stopping look that speaks volumes about your style and confidence.

Let’s explore the fusion of stunning formal dresses with makeup that harmonizes easily to set the tone for an unforgettable entrance.

The Greek Goddess Dress

Pleated One Shoulder Long Chiffon Formal Evening Dress


Capturing the essence of a Greek Goddess begins with finding yourself in a formal sexy dress that is both graceful and sophisticated. Embrace the divine look of an exquisite one-shoulder dress that features fluid lines reminiscent of ancient drapery.

You can accessorize with gold jewelry, including statement earrings, a delicate choker necklace, an armband, or decorative hair pins or clips. Complete the look with a gold clutch or small crossbody purse, paired with equally glamorous gold strappy heels.

For makeup, embrace the glitz and glam theme. Start by highlighting your features with shimmering gold eyeshadow, complemented by bold lashes and a simple yet striking eyeliner. Enhance your lips with a gloss or opt for a bold, metallic lip color for an added divine touch.

Mastering the Greek Goddess look seamlessly combines the charm of a formal sexy dress with dazzling makeup that creates an ensemble fit for a deity.

Green with Envy

Women's Stylish Bodycon High-Low Velvet Party Dress


Achieving the captivating “Green with Envy” look begins by embracing an elegant yet subtly sexy semi-formal dress. Envelop yourself in the Elegant Plus Size Bodycon High-Low Velvet Party dress that features a velvet material and a sophisticated high-low silhouette.

For makeup, embrace a dark and sultry theme. Define your features with smokey eyes and bold lashes, perfectly highlighting the richness of the dress. Complement with chic accessories, such as low leather gloves and gold jewelry that feature statement earrings, simple rings, and bracelets. Accentuate your hairstyle with decorative hair pins. Lastly, a faux fur shawl and simple strappy heels to complete the look! 

Effortlessly Chic Dresses

Simple Spaghetti Straps High Slit Bodycon Evening Dress with Rhinestone


Crafting an effortlessly chic aura begins with a black sexy formal dress that embodies timeless elegance. Ever-Pretty’s Simple Spaghetti Straps High Slit Bodycon Evening Dress with Rhinestone is the dress to achieve this refined sophistication.

Accessorize with platinum or silver accents, including a sophisticated clutch and elegant silver jewelry. Jewelry items include statement or dangly earrings, a medium-length necklace, and rings that add a touch of refinement. Layer with a shawl or peacoat for a timeless appeal and complete the look with strappy or chunky heels that radiate chic confidence.

The timeless elegant makeup look will easily complement the dress. Clean and polished features that accentuate your natural beauty are the way to go. 

Glamourous Dress: The Sequined Stunner

Asymmetrical One Shoulder Feather Bodycon Sequin Evening Dress


Embrace the glamor of the evening dress adorned with sequins and a feathered accent for a head-turning look. Elevate the look by adding complementary gold accessories such as simple earrings, a short necklace, and statement rings to add a touch of refinement. 

For makeup, focus on creating smokey eyes and bold lashes that match the richness of the attire. The dark and sultry style will add depth and mystery to your overall appearance. Complete the fit with a gold or black clutch and chic strappy heels. Embrace the extravagance by adding long gloves in gold or black and faux fur or a satin shawl as a finishing touch.

Short & Sparkly Dress

Sparkly Sequin Back Lace-Up Spaghetti Strap V-Neck Homecoming Dress


Starting with makeup, channel your inner winter fairy vibes. Opt for bright, glittery eye makeup with a touch of shimmer, evoking enchantment, and radiance. This sparkly sequin dress featuring a lace up back is the perfect complement to this makeup look to leave lasting impressions.

Elevate the look with striking gold accessories such as a sophisticated clutch and gold jewelry, such as statement earrings, a medium length necklace, and simple bracelets. Rings can also be added to enhance the overall touch. Top it off with a long trench coat and gloves, then complete the look with strappy or chunky heels to showcase chic confidence. 

Plus Size Fairy Plum Princess Dress

Plus Size Sequin V-Neck Long Sleeve High Slit Bodycon Evening Dress


This fairy plum princess look starts with a captivating and sexy red formal dress designed to enhance beauty effortlessly. This evening dress, features sequins and a high slit, is the staple piece for your closet and for achieving this look. 

Here is another dress that will be complemented with the timeless elegance makeup option. Make sure you focus on the refined features that highlight your natural beauty. This harmonizes perfectly with the sophistication of the attire for ageless charm. 

Complete this look with regal accessories including a gold or silver clutch, strappy or wedge heels, and optionally, semi-sheer tights. Cool or warm-toned jewelry can be used with this dress, including a medium-length necklace, statement earrings, and rings. Embody the essence of a fairy princess with a sexy plus size formal dress complemented by accessories and makeup that redefine gracefulness!

A Velvet Dream with Mesh Detailing

Velvet 3/4 Length Sleeve Illusion V-Neck Front Slit Evening Dress


Mesh detailing is best matched with the glitz and glam makeup look. Brighten up your features with shimmering eyeshadow and bold lashes to balance the overall look with the dress. The evening dress from Ever Pretty features a rich velvet fabric and intricate mesh detailing making it the sexy long sleeve formal dress of the season. 

You can enhance the look with refined accessories such as a gold or silver clutch or a small crossbody purse, alongside cool or warm toned jewelry. Add a statement necklace that drapes above the neckline and pair it with earrings and simple rings to elevate your elegance. Complete the attire with a wrap or shawl and put on some strappy or wedge heels. 

A Sleek & Simple Dress with a Statement Necklace

Off the Shoulder A Line Mermaid Maxi Evening Gown


Achieving casual elegance is effortless with a chic outfit centered around a captivating yet relaxing sexy black formal dress. Here, we introduce the Ever Pretty evening gown that features a statement neckline and mermaid floor length skirt. 

Complement this attire with simple yet refined accessories, such as a sleek clutch or small handbag. Then add some cool or warm toned jewelry, including statement earrings, a bracelet, and rings without overpowering the laid-back vibe. For your hair, add subtle, but chic hair accessories to elevate your elegance. Wrap up with long gloves and a muff or an oversized scarf for a cozy, fashion forward twist. Lastly, throw on a pair of open-toed dress shoes that effortlessly combine comfort and style. 

The makeup to complement this dress is the winter fairy look so add some light shimmer and a touch of frosty tones. Embrace the vibes of a sexy black formal dress paired with understated yet refined accessories and makeup. 

Stun at Your Next Event with the Perfect Makeup & Sexy Formal Dress Combos

As the Fashion Week 23/24 season unfolds, we welcome the new trends of makeup and dresses. As the season embraces dark and sultry makeup themes, as well as glitz and glam accessories, Ever Pretty’s collection of sexy formal dresses resonates with these trends flawlessly.

Makeup isn’t just an addition - it’s the final touch to enhance your look! Whether it’s the chic velvet dream with mesh detailing or sleek simplicity featuring statement necklines, each dress finds its harmony with makeup. 

Ever-Pretty embodies these trends, offering a diverse range of sexy formal dresses - from sexy plus size formal dresses to even custom fit options. Discover the perfect match for your next event to radiate confidence and charm. Explore Ever Pretty’s stunning lineup of trendy formal dresses and master the art of combining makeup and attire to captivate on every occasion.


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