5 Tips For Choosing a Summer Bridal Bouquet

A wedding day is usually one of the most important days in a bride’s life. Usually, human beings undergo three major transitions in life, but weddings have a way of bringing different cultures together in harmony. A happy day must be completed by the right bouquet, which best comes after choosing the dress. For a summer bridal bouquet, contextualizing the weather is a priority. A bride must watch out for these tips when choosing the bouquet.

1. The wedding themes


The wedding theme is probably the only consultative part of the entire ceremony. As the bride and groom talk about the theme, colors, and wedding centerpiece, ideas begin to surface. This offers an excellent opportunity for the wedding planner and the bride or groom to brainstorm over the flower arrangement and a bouquet that best complements the setting. Transcendence must remain the order of the day because this is a memorable occasion and the beginning of a journey to which both parties must consent, even in the slightest expression such as choosing a bouquet. Summer bridal bouquets and wedding dresses must complement each other during theme development.

2. The dress


A traditional wedding dress gives brides immeasurable options for bouquets. Summer bridal bouquets and summer bridal dresses should be designed in consideration of the summer heat. With an increase in the population of women seeking non-conventional wedding dresses, the choice of a bouquet has become slightly tricky. For instance, a dress with several details should be toned down with warm-colored flowers and a small bouquet. Should you decide to go big, for instance, in a ballroom dress, it is often advisable to have a cascading bouquet. Furthermore, one should choose a bouquet that they can comfortably carry and throw without toppling over because of the dress type. Arguably, the power of the dress cannot be underrated.

3. Season


Weddings happen in different seasons, but most organizers see a liking for the fall period. Often, trees are shedding flowers and leaves, and this makes the environment picture perfect. Since the environment is flowery enough, a minimalist approach to the bouquet is needed. This means that the couple will go lower on a bouquet budget in the fall compared to the summer season. Also, seasons significantly affect themes and color-coding during weddings. In essence, the different seasons dictate how colorful an event should be, yet the bride must be happy before the occasion begins. In summer, the bridal bouquet and dress should be picture-friendly because at this time, flowers start blooming everywhere, and the sun makes people photogenic.

4. Personalization and personality


A bride’s personality influences the type of bouquet she chooses. Personalities lead to the personalization of the entire event. When a bride is extrovert and extremely bubbly, the possibility for choosing a glamorous, expensive, and exotic bouquet is high, yet the reverse happens to a reserved introvert. The rationale is to radiate flamboyance, which usually manifests through the colorful, and occasionally expensive bouquets. A good way of choosing a variety of bouquets is to look at the catalog of royal bouquets. This will make you choose based on personalities and event personalization.

5. Relevance and significance


Human lives are characterized by sporadic changes. Often, the inability to adjust pushes one closer to irrelevance. Therefore, attend weddings and immerse yourself in social media to see the emerging trends on bouquets. This eye-opening mission is not for the faint-hearted because the temptation to settle on a variety of options is very high. As such, have self-discipline, consult widely and pay attention to the previously covered areas.

Beautiful Bouquet options for you

· Modern Romance Boho Vintage Bouquet


This hand-tied bouquet achieves elegance in rustic style. The color coordination for the summer bridal bouquet and dress creates a settling experience and a serene atmosphere for a stylish garden or beach wedding.

· Boho style outdoor


This asymmetrical summer bridal bouquet is created to attract attention. The combination of floral and mixed foliage draws attention to the bride and the minimalist summer bridal dress. The dress is best for a reserved coupled doing an outdoor wedding.

· Traditional bouquet held by hand


This summer bridal bouquet, also known as the posy bouquet, is a seasoned classical style that never fails. Since the summer bridal dress is white, the bouquet takes a different trajectory adding life to a bright day during a beach wedding.

· Colorful bridal bouquet


This colorful piece is a crescent bouquet that borrows ideas and materials from nature. The colorful summer bridal bouquet is best suited for a slightly toned-down summer bridal dress during a garden wedding.

· Bride’s hand


This simple summer bridal bouquet exemplifies classiness and astuteness. The minimal summer bridal dress is a perfect outfit for a bride walking down the aisle on a beach with countable guests.

· Boho style on the background


Brides rarely go wrong with boho style on simple summer bridal dresses. Paired with a simplistic attitude, the combination of colorful dried flowers works best for a garden wedding and guarantees a perfect photoshoot.

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