100 Amazing Homecoming Themes for an Unforgettable Night

Homecoming is undoubtedly among the most awaited nights of the year; however, planning it can be quite a task as there's so much to figure out to make it exceptional and memorable. You might think it's a cinch to plan a homecoming, but when you sit down and ponder about where to initiate, you begin stressing out, don\u2019t you?

The thing is, it doesn't have to be frustrating to prepare for a remarkable homecoming in the first place! So if you are a member of the homecoming planning committee and want to find some fun themes that aren't boring and give the entire feel of the night an unusual spin, this is the right blog for you.

Let's dive into the article to learn about 100 amazing homecoming themes for an unforgettable night - from elegant and chic to funky and creative!

Time travel


If you were to travel back in time, would you prefer to unravel Egyptian mysteries or relish the sophisticated architecture of Ancient Greece? That's what this theme offers! It takes you on a wild yet fascinating ride through time with the regal dress, music, and style!

1. Atlantis


If you fancy doing something unique, transform the room into a Subterranean world of deep-sea creatures, dazzling colors, and shipwrecked remains strewn across the sea bed.

2. Ancient Greece


Have a Greece-inspired homecoming dance choreography with decorations of Philosopher's statues on pedestals and vintage soda to sip.

3. Egyptian Mysteries


Make homecoming mysterious with Egyptian vibes and make a treasure map for all the students to discover; the one who finds it wins in the end!

4. Roman Holiday


Evoke the spirit of Italy in the '50s with the ''Roman Holiday'' film's thematic party, Italian food, music, and wine.

5. Renaissance Themes

Reminisce the exciting and romantic time of the renaissance with gorgeous centerpieces of flowers and jeweled goblets; add a fun touch for students by giving them miniature wooden treasure chests filled with chocolate coins.

6. Medieval Day - Knights, Royalty, Dragons

Transform the lawn into a mystical medieval castle with typical knight gears, majestic torchiere, candle lighting, and green decorations such as balloons and streamers.

7. The Roaring 20's (The Great Gatsby)


For a true Great Gatsby style, opt for a speakeasy entrance, golden balloons, and glammed-up chairs that will have you feeling fancy in no time.

8. The 1940's

via: raymond orton

Recreate the 1940s with multi-colored stringed lights and lanterns, faux hibiscus flowers, garlands, and brightly colored tiki cups; encourage students to wear costumes accordingly.

9. Rock 'n' Roll 50's

Embrace your inner hippie and get groovy on the dance floor with 50's inspired music, rock 'n' roll costumes, singing competitions, and whatnot.

10. Flower Power and the 60's


Transform your school gym into a 60's theme with rock and roll music such as the Beatles; use daisies, love beads, voguish smiley faces, and fun masks for a perfect night.

11. Disco and the 70's


Spin into a good time with a 70's disco theme homecoming; decorate with disco balls, lava lamps, and smoke machines, and wear customized shiny outfits.

12. 90's Day - (Students can reference classic TV shows like Friends)

Recreate the spectacular '90s feels with red carpets, photobooths, 90's inspired dance competitions, and dress codes from movies and TV shows.

Travel around the World

Always dreamt of traveling around the World and still fancying it? We agree traveling, nowadays is a tough row to hoe! Why not travel the world without leaving your school?

This theme covers everything whether it's about reminding you of Paris' rains to Venice's shores, Chinese New year to Arabian nights.

1. Hawaiian style

Create your own tropical paradise with this colorful theme; use tropical flower garlands, inflatable palm trees, tiki torches, and customized beach costumes to enjoy the vibrant vibes.

2. New York City


New York food like hot dogs and New York style pizza slices, Broadway songs, and decorations with New York city posters and maps will make for New York-style HoCo.

3. Paris in the Rain

Recreate the most romantic Paris theme with the perfect photo backdrop with a cardboard Eiffel Tower, string lights, and artificial rain effects.

4. Chinese New Year


Deck out your back lawn in red with red candles and flowers, serve fruity cocktails and traditional Chinese foods, play fun games and watch the fireworks display.

5. Museum (London)


Recreate this fascinating theme with props based on famous paintings like Mona Lisa or some historical wonders; showcase contemporary artworks like a blue whale's skeleton suspended from the ceiling and massive arches.

6. Moulin Rouge (France)


Have a dazzling Moulin Rouge-themed HoCo with rhinestones and sequins, set up interactive illusions, and arrange a dance troupe to create a fun environment.

7. All that jazz (Chicago)


Enjoy Mardi Gras jazz-themed or Roaring Twenties jazz parties; dress up as flappers and mobsters and enjoy a special night of dancing and music.

8. Vegas Baby (Shores of Venice)


Turn your gym into a Las Vegas-style casino with poker chips, card games without money, velvety red background, and loud dazzling lights.

9. Cowboy (Western)


Recreate this retro cowboy theme with longhorn decorations, sheriff badge cookies, cowboy boots, and wanted sign photo booth frames!

10. Arabian Nights


Make homecoming more fabulous with henna tattoo stalls, create nostalgia with plush drapings and magic carpets, and hire fortune tellers and belly dancers.

11. Shores of Venice

Enjoy Venice's beachy serene vibes by creating artificial shore and palm tree accents; enjoy water games and complete the theme with customized beach costumes and sunglasses.

12. Italian Serenade


Enjoy this animated theme with an exotic orchestra, Italian spicy food menu, cocktails, and wine; complete the vibes with hanging tissue grape decorations.

Movie Night


If you're also a movie buff in your family, this theme would be ideal for you as you get to spend a star-studded cinema world in your comfort zone!

1. Alice in Wonderland


Throw this surreal theme party with Alice in Wonderland props, cut-out objects, and flamingo lawn ornaments; add fun with a photo booth backdrop, red velvet cupcakes, and mismatched animated chairs.

2. The Wizard of Oz


Transform your gym into a cornfield with hay bales and scarecrows; make a rainbow balloon arch and arrange award prizes for students with the best-animated costume.

3. La La Land

Throw a swoon-worthy La La Land-themed HoCo with a romantic musical night, glitter stars, white and black decor, and customized cupcakes.

4. Harry Potter

Harness the magic of Harry Potter by dressing up as your favorite character; entice your fellows with floating candles, house banners, Wizard robes, and cupcakes.

5. Lord of the Rings

Plan this epic theme using typical spider webs, decorated miniature bow and arrows, Shire tablescape, and LOTR dessert table.

6. Pirates of the Caribbean


String up nets around the gym; use stripped black napkins and scrappy banners; enjoy Pirates-themed games like Cannonball toss and treasure hunt.

7. Fast & Furious

Rock this action-packed theme with customized car balloons and crazy signs all over the place; add fun with fake cars and a mini-racing zone.

8. Spider-Man

Celebrate your homecoming with this super cool theme using spiderman balloons and cupcakes, a fake spider web with hanging spiders, and spiderman costumes.

9. Superman

Enjoy this fun theme with red and blue lights, superman pinata, logo costumes, cutlery, tableware, and decorations and backdrop.

10. Batman

Use black and yellow honeycomb pom garland, batman caps and masks, signs and wallpapers, and customized t-shirts and hats for everyone to create a memorable homecoming.

11. Avengers

Turn your homecoming into an episode of Avengers with customized favorite color masks and costumes, a lit-up fun photo booth, colorful decorations, and character cut-outs.

12. X-Men

Recreate this X-men superhero theme and turn your dance venue into the pages of a comic book with bright action bubbles and city skylines.

13. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

via: Elena Seiryk

Recreate this animated theme with Ninja turtle pinata, cutlery, and balloon arch; complete it with customized masks, costumes, and photo booths.

14. Toy Story

Make your homecoming vibrant with different alien honeycomb and hanging swirls decorations; try Toy Story customized paper masks and dress up as your favorite characters.

15. Finding Nemo

via: Designs Stock

Try this fun theme with hanging fishes and seashells; arrange an indoor swimming pool with sea fishes and sharks' probs inside it to give it a fun touch.

16. Shrek

Enjoy a Shrekstacular party with props like Shrek lips and ears; decorate everything in green color with garlands, chairs, balloons, banners, toys, and signs. Oh, what about hiring a donkey?

17. Frozen

Take your friends to a fantasy land with this classy theme using an ice castle backdrop, blue-colored balloon arches, character-themed centerpieces, and a fun musical setting.

18. The Little Mermaid


Make the perfect colorful mermaid-inspired party with purple and teal bushels, jellyfish lanterns, tea lights in the dark, twisted paper streamers, and fish cutouts; join the party in mermaid costumes.

19. Aladdin

Celebrate a magical homecoming in Aladdin style with magical background lights and decorations; make genie cut-outs, tassel-adorned drink bottles, and yummy Aladdin cookies.

20. Beauty And The Beast

via: Leonelrochas

Give a dramatic twist to your HoCo party with this theme by making Beast's castle full of enchanted objects; arrange theme-based dance competitions.

21. Lion King

Transform your party space into an exciting safari adventure land with artificial grasses, leaves, tropical flowers, and plenty of wildlife; set up personalized standing character cut-outs and backdrop.

22. Cinderella


Give your venue Disney vibes with this Cinderella-themed party using glass slipper centerpieces, blue and silver balloons decorations, and character cut-outs; enjoy fun games and dance night.

23. Jurassic World

Enter into the fictional Jurassic World with this amazing theme by creating a park packed with dinosaur cutouts and toys, a customized entrance gate backdrop, and related fun games.

24. Jumanji


Take your guests on an adventure with a Jumanji-based theme by decorating with treasure maps and character cut-outs; play games like Jumanji and enjoy background music.

25. Game of Thrones

via: Honcharuk Andrii

Convert your school hall into a medieval era-inspired castle with maps, dragon-inspired lamps, GOT photo booth and props; light up the whole area with candles to recreate this epic theme.

26. Orient Express

via: Filippo.P

Make homecoming mysterious and dark with this exotic theme by converting the room into an 'Orient Express' train and creating ticket booths, posters, and wearing customized costumes.

27. Downton Abbey Tea Party


Celebrate the cozy season with this elegant theme by setting up a tea party table with a vintage collection, fancy napkins, and golden lights.

28. Thelma & Louise


Enter the sci-fictional World of Thelma and Louise with this dramatic theme using multi-colored decorations, dazzling lights, loud music, and contemporary dance.

Fantasy World

What makes this among our top favorite themes is that you get to experience a magical night with a setting that could be straight out of your fave Disney movie! Have a look at these fantastic ideas to create your own Fantasy land.

1. Disney

Turn your venue into a fantasy Disney land with this paranormal theme using snowflake balloons, a metallic streamer backdrop, and miniature characters; dress up as your favorite characters and enjoy an artificial snow fight.

2. Peter Pan


Have an unforgettable party night in the Peter Pan style with silhouettes of the Peter Pan characters flying to Neverland, pirate mustaches, magic wands, and hats; play sandbox treasure hunt.

3. Candyland

Candy land theme map, colorful bar areas, candy-chic centerpieces, Queen Frostine-themed oxygen booth, and giant lollipops will make for a whimsical Candyland theme party.

4. Starry Night


Try this classical romantic theme with lots of hanging stars, lights, and moons on an artificial black sky; set up a blue and yellow color palette magical arch.

5. Enchanted Garden

Mesmerize the guests with this dreamy theme of colorful flowers, pretty lights, a fairy-tale gazebo, lit-up trees, and a golden arch.

6. Zombie

Transform your venue into a haunted house with this zombie theme using fog machines, black mirrors, creepy candles, zombie cutouts, hanging hands, and a zombie feast.

7. Mad Scientist


Throw a fun mad scientist homecoming party with big hair, lab coat, safety goggles, periodic table banners, and bingo boards; do some creative activities like slime balls.

8. Vampires

Recreate this dark and bloody theme with fake blood, coffins, hanging bats, a black chandelier with spider webs, red drinks, and bloody candles; ask guests to dress up as vampires.

9. Arabian Nights


Make your homecoming exotic with this magical theme using Moroccan music and d\u00e9cor, rich textures, sumptuous food and drink, lots of colors, and luxury.

10. Super Mario

via: nsf2019

Bring the characters of this classic game into life with a Super Mario theme using banners, miniatures, customized cupcakes, and game stations while dressing up as a game character.

Seasonal Wonder

This has to be one of the most popular homecoming theme ideas going as you get to enjoy four different seasons at the same time! Let's go through our top favorite ideas to have the best HoCo.

1. Fall Festival

Enjoy a fall festival-themed HoCo with the orange and purple balloon decorations, hanging Halloween pumpkins, scarecrow entrance, festive snack table, and fun games.

2. Summer Beach Party


Transform your backyard into a summer beach with artificial sand and bonfire, use props and funky decorations, play fun games and enjoy colorful summer drinks.

3. Winter Wonderland


Create your own wonderland with this fascinating theme using gazebos and arbors, cover everything with white silk sheets, add lit-up white Christmas trees and fancy candles, and create a snow effect to give dreamy vibes.

4. Colors of the Wind


Give your venue colors of the wind with this mind-blowing theme using Pocahontas and Meeko backdrop, wicker tables, dried floral arrangements, cute, customized cookies, and cupcakes.

5. Jungle Adventure


Go on a wild adventure with this jungle theme by converting your space into a jungle; hang earth-toned balloons and cutouts from the ceiling, use fake animals and create a sunlight effect with color-changing bulbs.

6. Polynesian Sunset


Celebrate this theme using vibrant colors, beach trees and tropical flowers, artificial huts, boats, and sunset; create a water effect and background music setting.

7. Spring Flower


Show your inner horticulturist through this theme by decorating absolutely everything with exquisite flowers; arrange a competition for making flower garlands and ornaments.

8. Firework Festival


Make everyone feel the magic of the fireworks with this classy theme; create a firework display, and play fun games like making firework fruit kabobs and rockets.

Special Day


Wanna go over the top of the game and create a homecoming night that the students will never forget? This theme is what you're looking for! From colorful carnival festivals to mysterious masquerade balls, this theme has it all!

1. Carnival


Turn your school ground into a carnival with an explosion of colors and festive sights all around; make a cotton candy arch at the entrance and set up fun games and rides.

2. Masquerade Ball


Have a dark and mysterious homecoming with a fancy masked ball; transform your backyard into a castle with chandeliers and hanging ornate masks.

3. Game Night


Throw a fun homecoming with this game night party theme by arranging indoor games, hanging game banners, setting up candy bars, and some light snacks.

4. Neon Party

Enjoy an epic dance night with this neon-themed HoCo; use neon lights and loud music, decorate the entrance with multicolor balloons and neon arches and hit the dance floor.

5. Celebrity Day (Dress as your favorite celebrity)

Turn your homecoming into a star-studded red-carpet event by impersonating your favorite celebrity crush, creating banners and cut-outs of Hollywood actors, and dancing.

6. This Year\u2019s Oscars

Recreate your version of Oscar's night with golden decorations, fake trophies, a red carpet, a theme-based photo booth, and movie props. Arrange a small Oscar award ceremony by nominating the \u201cmost intelligent student\u201d, \u201cthe one that always arrives late\u201d, \u201cthe best classmate\u201d, etc. You can create dozens of categories!

7. Uniform Day

Become a uniformed professional of your choice and get in character with police, nurse, doctor, pilots, firefighters, burglars, military uniforms, and whatnot.

8. Pajama Party


Host an epic pajama party with an indoor campout, photobooths, cloud balloons, banners, and props; pick out a few fun crafts, have a disco ball, and serve camp-style food. Attending your prom in an elegant pajama sounds great! (and comfortable!)

9. Board Game

Transform your space into your own Funland with this incredible theme; opt for a theme-based backdrop and decorations, play games like scrabble and monopoly, and enjoy light snacks and drinks.

10. Rio Carnival


Treat your guests to this dazzling party night with electrifying party music, spectacular costumes, and furious Samba.

11. Mardi Gras


Surprise your guests with this festive theme; decorate everything in green, purple, and gold, use feathered masks, party hats, streamers, noisemakers, and groove to jazz music.

12. Saint Valentine's Day

Add a V-day twist to your homecoming with this romantic theme; set up a heart-shaped photo booth, decorate everything with red flowers and balloons; arrange a romantic movie and couple dance performances.

13. Christmas Party


Create cherishable memories with this cozy theme using gnomes and straw ornaments, lit-up Christmas trees, decor everything in red and white, and ask everyone to wear only red dresses.

14. Easter

Pull off a hoppin' Easter party with decadent brunch food, candy-filled baskets, abundant flowers, bright colors, fun crafts, and games.

15. Reading Day

Turn your space into a fun library; dress up as your favorite book character; create the bookshelves, theme-based backdrop, and props.

Other Ideas


Still not able to choose a homecoming theme? If your peers happen to be big fans of the music and drama industry, the following ideas will undoubtedly make rounds among teenagers!

1. Casino Royale

Enjoy this thrilling and glamorous theme with your friends; wear dress code, host games, and enjoy a night of music and delicious cocktail nibbles.

2. Broadway


Throw a Broadway-themed party with The White Christmas-inspired cocktail recipes, theater-based snacks, themed charades or scenes, and playlists you need for your seasonal soir\u00e9e!

3. Outerspace


Make your homecoming enchanting by turning your room into a galaxy studded with a space station, astronauts, planet earth, and whatnot; incorporate inflatable aliens and rocket ships; wear space suits.

4. Hollywood

Recreate a glamorous Hollywood-style HoCo with luxury cars, red carpet, designer clothing, fun games, and activities like trivia, karaoke, and movies.

5. High School Musical

Have a blast high school musical-themed night with red and yellow decorations; enjoy freeze dance, do the limbo, and use pom poms, inflatable guitars, and sweatbands.

6. Vintage Flair


Go vintage with this theme and create a retro paradise with decorations, photo polaroids, traditional games, and music.

7. Bohemian

Plan this eclectic Boho-themed party and upcycle old bottles into lovely decor using florals, twine, and clear twinkle lights.

8. Football

Transform your school\u2019s backyard into a football area using theme-related cutouts and props; wear customized kits and arrange football matches.

9. Animal Kingdom

Have a memorable homecoming with a natural setup and miniature animals; decorate with earthy items and wear customized animal costumes.

10. Halloween


Throw a Halloween-styled homecoming with creepy cocktails, detailed decor, themed karaoke, black candles, and fog machines; play fun games and activities.

11. Circus

Enjoy a multi-sensory experience with colorful d\u00e9cor and vintage circus music; hire performers such as a fire-eater, gymnasts, and clowns; create mini concession stands.

12. Monsters

via: Chadolfski

Enter a World of bloody monsters with this theme; stock up with monster-themed decorations, delicious cookies, and customized costumes.

13. Camouflage


Treat your friends with this theme using camouflage curtains, hunting blinds, and steamers; add fun games like face painting, treasure hunt, and water relay race.

14. Bollywood

Enjoy a spectacular Bollywood-inspired homecoming with vibrant colors, dramatic outfits, and over-the-top celebrations brimming with nostalgia, glitz, and glamor.

15. Road Trip

Bring the travel experience to your backyard with this super fun theme; set up a toy racetrack and cars as a table centerpiece, laminated maps with model gas pumps and traffic lights, and mini luggage.

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