Women's Day 2021: Creative Gift Ideas for Mothers and Wives

International Women’s Day is just around the corner, gentlemen! If you had no idea about it, it’s high time you started planning your gift. If you already know, then good for you! Let’s get to the business!

Looking for original, creative ideas for a women’s gift? Whether it’s for your mother, your girlfriend, your wife or even your friend, a gift is always a great way to show appreciation and acknowledgement to a woman for her participation in your life. However, choosing the correct gift can sometimes be a tough task simply because all women are different and special and have different preferences. But this guide will help you! Just continue reading!

Women’s Day 2021 is Coming


International Women’s Day takes place and is celebrated in different countries around the globe, and is all about recognizing women’s existence, their contribution to society, to the family, and their achievements. Needless to say, women had to fight very hard for their rights and to occupy the place in society they deserve.

For all these reasons, choosing a beautiful gift for a mother, a wife, a girlfriend or a friend is crucial. We developed this article in order to give you great women’s day gift ideas for you to be able to please them on their special day.

Beautiful Women’s Day Gift Ideas for Wives


Ok, so Women’s Day is near and you have absolutely no idea of what to give your wife. This list contains 5 interesting women’s day gift for wife and she’ll absolutely love.



Who doesn’t love jewelry? Almost all women do. Sometimes they do not wear it every day, but the sole idea of having a beautiful ring or necklace inside a drawer is amazing. You will see the joy on her face as soon as you give them jewelry. You can choose a delicate necklace, a stone ring, a pair of shiny earrings or whatever best fits her. How can you know what’s better? Easy! Pay attention to what she uses or take a look at her current collection.



This accessory is always necessary and every woman has at least a pair as protecting ourselves from the sun is vital nowadays, especially the eyes. Giving her a pair of polarized sunglasses will be an excellent idea! There are many different frames and colors. Dare to be creative! She’ll be amazed!



Ok, again, who doesn’t love makeup? Whether she wears a lot of makeup or just a little, whether she wears it every single day or just for special nights, makeup won’t fail. Replacing old makeup for new ones or simply adding something different to the kit is always welcome. To choose the correct color or the correct brand, just take a quick look at all the makeup she has. You’ll surely find what needs replacement or what brands she preferred.

Makeup Organizer:


Ok, maybe your wife does have a lot of makeup and doesn’t need anything new at all because she loves buying it herself. Well, what about organization? Sometimes we need our makeup to be neatly organize but we don’t know how to do it. A makeup organizer will be the perfect solution for this.

A Bath Bomb:


These have become extremely popular these times. They come in different delicious scents and shapes and are usually too expensive to spend on just one bath, but not too expensive for a gift. If you want to give your wife something to pamper her, a bath bomb is a perfect choice.

Unique Women’s Day Gift Ideas for Mothers


So after checking some ideas for your wife, now it’s your mom’s turn! Take a look at this amazing list of women’s day gift for mother ideas.

Spa Gift Card:


Our mothers have taken care of us for so many years, sometimes leaving their own needs aside in order to fulfill ours. Isn’t it a great attitude giving her something that will allow her to just relax and enjoy a pampering moment? By giving her a spa gift card, she will be able to choose whatever she prefers: a massage, a body treatment, a facial, or whatever! However, if you do know what she would like, you can just give her that special session.

Spa Kit:


If going to the spa is not something she might want, why not giving her a kit with different luxurious products? You can arrange a basket that contains body scrubs, shower gels, bubble bath, exfoliating sponges, bath bombs, body lotions, and whatever you want to choose!

Weekly Planner:


You know how mothers have the heroic ability of handling many things at the same time, right? Well, taking care of many tasks on a daily basis can become confusing. If that’s your mother’s case, then choosing a beautiful planner might be wise and a thoughtful gift.

Photo Frame:


Moms love their children when there are babies and kids, and miss them when they already left the family home. You can give your mom something to be able to have you near her every day: a photo frame. Maybe you can choose your most recent picture with her, or use one from your childhood. Whatever you choose, this gift will be a 100% success.

A Bag:


It can be a shoulder bag, a tote bag, a handbag, a cross body bag; whatever best fits her preference. In order to know what to choose, think of what she often carries. Does she carry many items? Does she carry her laptop? These will help you decide!

We have introduced you to some very creative gift ideas for the women in your life. Although there are two different lists for you mother and wife, of course you can exchange them and give your wife something from the mother’s list or the other way round. Some other gifts that can be useful for both of them as well and have not been included are flowers, chocolates and, of course, a dress! Because every single woman loves to have a new dress in their closet waiting for the next event! At www.ever-pretty.com we have a wide variety of dresses that adapt to every woman’s age, size, skin tone and style. But most importantly, they adapt to your specific budget!

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