Here Comes Homecoming

young students in a party

The 2018-2019 school year is almost here, which means homecoming is on its way and it’s time to start thinking about your homecoming plans. What are you going to wear to homecoming? Who will you go with? Friends? Your crush? Homecoming, unlike prom, is open to everyone including underclassmen and school alumni. Typically taking place…

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What to Wear on a Vacation to Italy Part 1


Remember the magical Dutch village we introduced before? This time we find our Ever-Pretty beauty Larisa in Alberobello (Italian: [ˌalberoˈbɛllo]; literally “beautiful tree”), a fairytale small town in the region of Puglia, southern Italy. Larisa added it to her bucket list a long time ago and finally made the trip! Shutterstock Image You will think…

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What Color Should I Wear?

what color should I wear

With so many options to pick from, choosing a color to wear can be tricky. So we are here with a color guide to help you select the ideal tone for your next event.  Shutterstock Image 1. Determine Your Skin’s Undertone Undertone means exactly what it sounds like. The tones underneath the surface of your…

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Maxi Dresses That Will Take You From Day to Night

U.K. summer weather can be unpredictable, to say the least. Lucky for you, there’s a dress that’s ready for whatever the season throws at you – a maxi dress! Maxi dresses are incredibly versatile and easily customized. Take your look from day to night instantly – and be ready for any weather – in a…

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